Scientists have unraveled the nature of a giant crater in Yamal

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The purpose of the current expedition was an express study of the latest changes in the funnel. As scientists predicted, she began to fill with water. During the winter and spring, it was filled with ten meters, and this process continues, the press service of the governor of the YNAO reported, reports.

This fact confirmed the hypothesis that it is a gas outlet funnel, which later turns into a tundra lake.

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Vasily Bogoyavlensky, Deputy Director for Science at the Institute of Oil and Gas Problems, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, notes that most of the rounded tundra lakes on the Yamal Peninsula are of thermal gas origin, like the Yamal funnel. The process takes place in areas where paleomezlot and underground ice exist. In connection with global warming, heaving mounds are formed in these territories.

Vasily Bogoyavlensky: “These hills, up to two kilometers in diameter, and many tens of meters high, look very exotic against the background of the tundra flat terrain. Gradually, these objects are destroyed by high temperatures and form craters. However, a year ago, due to the formation of the Yamal funnel we learned that they could also explode. "

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