"Indigenous" residents of Donbass "protect" Donetsk from Ukraine: these shots will never show Skabeev and Kiselev

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A video from the “capital” of the “DPR” was posted on its Twitter account by a blogger Sometimes and better ….., reports “petescrypticcrosswords.ca”.

The purpose of posting this video, which captures the Kadyrovtsy people having fun on the central square of Donetsk, is once again to show what kind of "civil war" is going on in Ukraine. Show which "militiamen", which "miners and metallurgists" fought and continue to fight in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions for the "Russian world".

A lot of really indigenous people of Donbass, for whom the “civil” war was and is the most real intervention on the part of the aggressor state – the Russian Federation, wrote on social networks of the same “indigenous” Luhansk and Donetsk residents.

The indigenous people of Donbass, the "militia", in the center of the city of Donetsk. Civil war, already more than 5 years … pic.twitter.com/lOXMqrcgWU

– I've been better … (@ptn_pdr) June 16, 2019

Moreover, the Russians, having started this war, seem to have decided, along with the main one, to perform a side task: to reduce the number of "human garbage" in their country. That is why marginals of all stripes were sent to the Donbass – natives of all regions of the Russian Federation who were a "headache" for the law enforcement agencies of this country and prevented law-abiding citizens from living.

However, now we can say that the Russians have not been able to fully solve either the main or the secondary problem. As for the latter, those Russian marginals who survived during active hostilities chose to return to their homeland, realizing that the Kremlin is trite using them as "cannon fodder".

And, returning, they not only did not change their way of life, but, having merged with Russian crime, they began to use the combat experience gained in Donbas, adding to the Russian police a “golovnyak”.

Recall, the Ukrainians shocked the photo, as a terrorist Girkin came with the Russian army in Donetsk.

Girkin also admitted how he personally gave orders for the execution of Ukrainian patriots.

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