In Spain, found an ancient sarcophagus, which is afraid to open

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Spanish archaeologists unexpectedly discovered a lead Roman sarcophagus aged 1800-1900 years when conducting exploration work at the site of the restoration of a building in Granada.

According to El Pais, archaeologists were extremely surprised to find such a Roman coffin during restoration work in Andalusia. The burial was located under the building in Granada, which is being prepared for restoration.

Photo: Masaki Eda of The Hokkaido University Museum
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The lead sarcophagus weighs about 350 kg. He was discovered at a depth of 2.5 meters under the stove. For Angel Rodriguez, a leading archaeologist, at first the discovery was not a big surprise. Under the stove they expected to find the burial of the Christians or the emirate of the Nasrid dynasty.

However, it turned out to be a Roman grave. Pre-coffin dated II-III centuries AD. At that time, lead sarcophagi were not yet widespread. In addition, for Andalusia, they were very expensive and difficult to access.

Industry at that time existed only in Córdoba, 200 kilometers from Granada. Lead sarcophagi were made only in Cordoba. This suggests that the grave was arranged by a very rich family.

As for the coffin itself, it has classic dimensions: 1.97 meters in length and 40 centimeters in height. It is slightly wider in the head (56 centimeters) than in the legs (36 centimeters).

During the first inspection, no inscriptions were found on the surface of the sarcophagus. However, it is covered with a layer of clay and sand, which has yet to be carefully removed. Scientists are still afraid to open the sarcophagus. Now he is in the archaeological museum.

An interdepartmental team of anthropologists, archaeologists and restorers will be created for the opening. In the sarcophagus can be well preserved, it is typical for lead coffins, the remains and the remains of ritual objects.

"The objects inside it are unlikely to be valuable from a material point of view, since these jewels were left for the living," says Rodriguez.

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