Hawaii state authorities allowed to build a telescope on the "sacred land"

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Moscow, June 21 – AIF-Moscow.

During a press conference, Governor of the US state of Hawaii, David Ige, said that the authorities had decided to continue building a 30-meter telescope atop the sleeping Mauna Kea volcano, the Associated Press reported.

What kind of dangerous asteroid that threatens the Earth, scientists have discovered?

The fact is that many locals consider the volcano to be sacred. According to Hawaiian mythology, only leaders can ascend the mountain. Several observatories and 13 telescopes have already been built on the volcano. The construction of the new telescope began about five years ago, but because of protests by local residents, the work was suspended. Earlier, the court allowed the construction of the facility.

He said that the construction of the telescope will be conducted with respect for the values ​​of the local population. On the eve of the builders began to clear the area, they tried to prevent the activists, one of them was detained.

“This is not an oil rig, but a telescope that will allow us to learn more about the origin of life in the universe,” noted Ygé.

The telescope will be located at an altitude of 4050 meters above sea level, it will be created from a mirror system and will become one of the largest ground-based telescopes. It will allow to conduct observations in different ranges and will give scientists new opportunities for studying space objects.


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