Donetsk in the sixth year of occupation: in 2014, these people asked Putin to send troops, and that's what happened to them

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Blogger Erich Hartmann posted a video on Twitter-account, where shots taken in Donetsk in 2014 and more recently alternate, reports

2014 year. Donetsk residents participating in pro-Russian rallies are turning to Putin with requests to introduce Russian troops to the Donbass in order to “liberate the Donbass from Ukraine.”

Humanitarian paradise in Donetsk 2019. Eat padly barley porridge, it is useful for constipation

– Erich Hartmann (@ErichXartmann) June 16, 2019

Then, in addition to visiting Russian provocateurs, quite a few local residents took part in such meetings, first of all, pensioners. The latter, by some monstrous misunderstanding, associated the present fully controlled oligarchy and thoroughly corrupt Russia with the Soviet Union in the 70s of the last century, with the so-called “full stagnation”, which seems to today's retirees as the embodiment of heaven on earth.

And they paid dearly for it.

During the five years of occupation, the residents of Donetsk received from the Soviet Union the boorish “officials”, the transcendent bureaucratization of all walks of life and elements of “war communism” – censorship, curfew and the total lack of rights of the common man.

And "total addition" became a "pleasant addition" to all this "magnificence". And the huge queues for charity dinners, which a considerable number of elderly adherents of the "Russian world" do not allow to die of hunger.

Recall, the Donetsk separatists beg them to save.

Also, there were terrible shots from the "capital" "DNR".

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