Bezos spoke about the future infrastructure of the cosmos – impressive details

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From 4 to 7 June in Las Vegas, the conference was held Amazon – Re: Mars. Jeff Bezos, the company's founder, spoke about his desire to build infrastructure in space so that it would help the next generations, reports.

Last month, Bezos introduced the ship Blue Moon, designed to fly to the moon. According to the entrepreneur, he will be able to take the Earth satellite as early as in 2024, when NASA plans to do this. Also, the head of Amazon is known for his statements that in the future people will live in "giant space colonies." Now, during the conference, he announced the need to create infrastructure in space in the near future.

"Starting Amazon in 1994 with a small capital was easy, because the transport system already existed at that time. Today you cannot start a space company at home. The entrance price is too high, and the reason is that there is no infrastructure. The infrastructure is always was expensive, "said Bezos.

Earlier, the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, decided to donate $ 2 billion to those who need them.

Recall Jeff Bezos showed a 3D model of a spacecraft for a flight to the moon.

Ilon Musk also showed a photo of the new manned ship Crew Dragon. The spacecraft will transport astronauts to the ISS.


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