The Falcon 9 launch vehicle launched from the Vandenberg cosmodrome in California

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Moscow, June 12 – AIF-Moscow.

The launch of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle with three Canadian satellites RADARSAT Constellation took place on Wednesday from the California cosmodrome Vandenberg, and the launch launch is broadcast by SpaceX.

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Falcon 9 is launching a series of three Earth sensing satellites into orbit, the weight of each device is about 1.4 tons. Devices must be successively placed into orbit 54 minutes after launch.

The creation of satellites involved more than 125 Canadian companies. It is noted that the RADARSAT-1 system operating from 1995 to 2013 and since 2007 the RADARSAT Constellation system will replace the RADARSAT-2 system. The latter is intended for meteorological observations, in disaster management and monitoring of marine navigation.

The first stage of the launch vehicle is already making its second flight. In March, she took part in the test launch of the newest ship Crew Dragon.


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