Remains Aware: Scientists Share New Facts About Man's Death

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According to the results of research conducted by experts from the Langone research center, working at New York University in the United States, it turned out that after death a person remains conscious for a while, even despite the complete cessation of activity of the organism, reports

The study took place with patients from Europe and the United States who actually experienced clinical death or resuscitation after cardiac arrest.

At the time of death, the human heart stops and stops the circulation of blood to the organs, in particular to the brain. This means that the brain must stop its work. Despite this, some patients stated that they had seen what was happening around them and distinctly heard how the doctors announced their death. It was impossible to doubt their words, as they fairly accurately described the actions of doctors, who somehow could not be known to them.

According to the researchers, the whole thing is in the brain, which does not stop its work immediately after the cardiac arrest. His cells begin to gradually die off, which ultimately leads to the termination of the body's performance. Sometimes for like it takes 5 to 10 minutes. In the course of this process, a person first ceases to see, and afterwards he can hear the world around him – this is due to the disabling of the brain areas responsible for vision and hearing.

As the researchers noted, patients who had serious emotional experiences before their death returned to this world literally transfigured. They found new meaning in their lives, became more altruistic, and began to devote more time to helping other people.

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