In NASA announced the cost of the permit to the ISS for space tourists

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Jeff DeWitt, the head of NASA’s financial department, said in a press conference in New York on Friday that the cost of one voucher will be almost $ 60 million, reports.

For space travelers, NASA offers short-term missions of no more than 30 days. Flights will be operated twice a year with the help of US manned ships.

"Now we pay about $ 80 million for each of our astronauts, in the case of the commercial flight program, the price will be lower – about $ 58 million," said Jeff DeWitt.

According to him, in the end, prices will be set by the companies delivering astronauts to the station – Boeing and SpaceX. At the same time, tourists will have to pay NASA at about $ 35,000 per day on the ISS.

NASA scientists have previously discovered a strange find on Mars.

As NASA Deputy Director for the ISS, Robin Geytens, noted at the press conference, now the research activity is conducted at the station. The commercialization plan will allow private companies to use the ISS for profit: to engage in production, advertising, marketing.

It is assumed that this will give NASA the opportunity to focus on the program of manned flights to the moon by 2024.

"For NASA, this is not a profit, but it will cover some of our costs for maintaining the station," explained Jeff DeWitt.

Recall that NASA warned of the approach of a powerful magnetic storm.

NASA also for the first time "caught" a giant star flash.


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