Fresh trail from a powerful explosion discovered on Mars

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Employees of the University of Arizona (USA) while studying images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) orbital reconnaissance aircraft, discovered a recently appeared crater on the surface of Mars.

According to, it has not yet been possible to precisely date the crater. Scientists believe that he appeared on Mars between September 2016 and February 2019.

Photo: NASA / SDO
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The crater was formed by the impact of a small celestial body, which crashed into the surface of the Red Planet. The explosion torn soil material, resulting in a crater with a diameter of 15-16 meters.

Scientists estimate that the diameter of the meteorite was about 1.5 meters. If he had entered the denser atmosphere of the Earth, he would hardly have reached its surface.

The trail from the impact on the Martian soil is clearly visible in the image taken with the help of a high-resolution HiRISE camera. The new crater looks like a dark spot on the landscape.

The researchers note that it is not similar to other craters left by small meteorite strikes. That is, some very rare event took place on Mars – for at least 13 years of MRO observations, scientists did not find anything like this.

Perhaps the celestial body was formed from some more dense rock, which allowed it to reach the surface and leave a rather large footprint.

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