Scientists have figured out why you want to yawn in the heat – interesting facts

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A team of scientists and students wanted to test the hypothesis that yawning occurs when the human skull heats up to a certain temperature, reports

The suggestion implied that the reflex removes warm blood and replaces it with a cooler one. The temperature of the brain can vary from a number of reasons, such as stress, damage to the cerebral cortex and patterns in the sleep cycle. Participants were asked to place cold (4 degrees Celsius), warm (46 degrees) and room temperature (22 degrees Celsius) compresses on the carotid artery. After all, through her blood flows to the brain, neck and face, changing its temperature. They held a compress for five minutes, after which the scientists used a tomograph to check whether the temperature of the brain has changed.

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The publication notes that it is not possible to accurately measure brain temperature without an intervention procedure. After that, participants watched a video of 63 seconds in which nine different people yawned. After viewing the video, they filled out a questionnaire in which they answered questions about the desire to yawn before, during or after the video. Since yawning is “contagious,” scientists thought it would help to check whether the temperature of the blood in the head somehow affected the reflex.

As expected, the researchers found that cool blood was responsible for reducing the desire to gape. Sixty participants felt the desire to do it while watching the video. So it turned out that the group of those who cooled their blood was much less likely to yawn than those who kept a warm or room temperature compress.

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