Found the secret "submarine Hitler" U-3523: published a video about the historical discovery – media

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The Daily Mail edition reports that a German U-3523 submarine was found off the coast of Denmark, on which high-ranking Nazis and possibly Adolf Hitler himself could flee to South America, reports Dialog.UA.

The submarine was found ten nautical miles north of the Danish city of Skagen and nine miles west of the position at which the British heavy bomber B24 Liberator destroyed it on 6 May 1945.

Further, a study of the seabed showed that the submarine currently lies at a depth of 123 meters, and the situation is very unusual – the front of the boat is buried in the sand, and the rear part rises above the bottom by 20 meters.

It is known that the U-3523 was equipped with the latest technology, so it could be under water for a long period of time, this would allow her to get to the shores of South America without being noticed.

The Danish Museum of Naval Wars stated that there was no evidence that she could carry Nazi leaders.

โ€œIt is rumored that it was of great importance for Germany, since it disappeared after the war ended,โ€ said museum director Gert Andersen. โ€œI think these rumors were fueled by the fact that U-3523 was a very modern submarine capable of traveling long distances and that some Nazis attempted to flee with jewels in the last days before surrendering. However, in reality, she was going to Norway, not to South America. "

In addition, Andersen showed a copy of the last telegram sent from a submarine on May 5, 1945, in which there is no word about precious goods or secret passengers.

Recall, for the first time, a photo proof of the collusion between Stalin and Hitler was published: they donโ€™t like to recall this in Moscow.


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