A head of a wolf who lived 40,000 years ago was found in Siberia – photo

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The find was made by a resident of Yakutia Pavel Efimov, who handed it over to the local Academy of Sciences for study, reports petescrypticcrosswords.ca.

The wolf perfectly preserved soft tissues and brain. Doctor of Biological Sciences Albert Protopopov is sure that this unique discovery will help trace the evolution of animals.

"We will compare it with modern wolves and try to reconstruct its appearance."

The team of Russian scientists have already joined the researchers from Japan and Sweden, who help with DNA analysis.

Earlier in the Kiev region, archaeologists dug out the estate of the times of Kievan Rus

The length of the head is about 40 cm. Why it turned out to be chopped off and where the body of the wolf could be is not yet established. Scientists suggest that in the era of the late Paleolithic people already knew how to make tools that could kill such a predator.

Recall, archaeologists found in France a stone with mesolithic patterns.

Also, archaeologists have found the weapons of the legendary vampire Count Dracula.


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