ILDASM Protection

Unencrypted connection strings compiled into an application’s source code can be viewed using the Ildasm. NET application can have one or more web. Windows application can have an optional app. Strings section of the configuration element of ILDASM Protection application configuration file.

Child elements include add, clear, and remove. The following configuration file fragment demonstrates the schema and syntax for storing a connection string. The name attribute is a name that you provide to uniquely identify a connection string so that it can be retrieved at run time. NET Framework data provider, which is registered in the machine. This is useful in scenarios where you do not know elements of the connection string ahead of time, or when you do not want to save sensitive information in a configuration file. The external configuration file is then referenced by the main configuration file.

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Do not include any additional elements, sections, or attributes. This example shows the syntax for an external configuration file. This example refers to an external configuration file named connections. 0 introduced new classes in the System. Strings section, which contains connection strings used by Visual Studio. When retrieving connection strings by provider name from the app.

Windows application, the connection strings in machine. The name of the connection string. The name and location of a particular application configuration file varies by the type of application and the hosting process. Retrieves a connection string by name. Returns null if the name is not found. Assumes one connection string per provider in the config file. The values shown here have been truncated for readability.

You can configure additional protected configuration providers by adding them to the machine. Uses the RSA encryption algorithm to encrypt and decrypt data. The RSA algorithm can be used for both public key encryption and digital signatures. It is also known as “public key” or asymmetrical encryption because it employs two different keys. It uses the Windows built-in cryptographic services and can be configured for either machine-specific or user-account-specific protection. User-account-specific protection can be used with services that run with a specific user identity, such as a shared hosting environment.

Both providers offer strong encryption of data. Configuration namespace provides classes to work with configuration settings programmatically. Cryptography namespace contains classes that provide additional options for encrypting and decrypting data. Use these classes if you require cryptographic services that are not available using protected configuration. Some of these classes are wrappers for the unmanaged Microsoft CryptoAPI, while others are purely managed implementations. The connection string can only be decrypted on the computer on which it was encrypted. You must set a reference to System.

Read about this change in our blog post. Obfuscation And Code Protection In ASP. NET web application or custom web control that should be distributed to customers worldwide, you need to protect your code from pirates, unlicensed users and competitors. As first step in protection, you may decide to convert website project to type of web application project in Visual Studio.

This dll is sufficient to run complete site and now you can distribute web application without providing of source code . These dll files can’t be read with text editor but be aware that compiled dll doesn’t protect code although is compiled. You can try it yourself, to decompile any . Net assembly download Red Gate’s . Net code from reverse engineering First step to protect your intellectual work is to use code obfuscation. Dotfuscator professional edition is better but it costs a lot. Notice that all levels of obfuscation only create chaos.

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1299, but this price is probably small compared to value of your business. NET Reactor is complete code protection system. Except obfuscation and string encryption, . Creators claim that their system is not broken from 2004.

As you know, largest software companies like Microsoft, Oracle or Adobe can’t fully protect their software from pirates. Or maybe better to say they don’t want to protect it completely. Notice that too much protection could be annoying for your honest customers. Try to avoid using of system too much.

PART 1: What makes it stand out?

If your users will use ASP. NET application on shared hosting it should work in Medium Trust. Reversing is impossible without employing the appropriate tools. There are numerous software tools available out there that can be used for Reverse Engineering, some freeware and others are commercialized.

Thus, understanding the differences between these tools and choosing the right ones is critical. It is up to you to decide whether your reversing projects justify spending money on software. NET CLR implementation is not detailed and it changes during each version, we need a stable approach without dependency to the precise memory layout. This tutorial requires a thorough understanding of MSIL code instruction because this article is intended as a malfunctioned instruction in orderly patching of the executable.

The Reflexil installation process includes a couple of steps. First of all, we need to download this. Reflector just by importing its linking DLL file. This DLL file can be downloaded from www. Therefore, open the reflector IDE and go to Tools Add-Ins.

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The Reflexil that we have downloaded earlier would be in DLL format, residing in a folder along with other supporting files. So, all we need to do, is to import the Reflexil. We can manipulate the Reflector functionality along with the Reflexil features that we shall examine in the next section. We can now overcome various limitations of Reflector such as .

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NET byte code editing and re-saving the assembly without the assistance of the Visual Studio IDE. Reflexil is especially a plugin or add-on for Red-gate Reflector, conceived to extend the functionality of Reflector. The Reflexil project is typically a . NET assembly editor, exhausting the open source Mono.

It has the following outlined advantages. Code injection support with intellisense: It is possible to directly open the assembly source code into Reflexil rather than the Visual Studio IDE using code analysis and modification. This is the real beauty of Reflexil that is comprehensively utilized by Reverse Engineering. It also gives an impression of intellisense during code editing much alike Visual Studio 2010 editors.

As you can see in the previous figure, we can update or insert code as well as re-compile it by choosing a specific compiler version. PE entry Verifier: Reflexil incorporates the PE file verification utility to confirm the assembly development platform origin because every assembly is executed under the CLR and would have a PE file entry. Resource Editing: Reflexil is capable of modifying or updating the linked resources, especially control, images, languages and so on, by mounting their code in hex format. We can modify any resource just by specifyng the corresponding byte sequences.

Method attributes editor: Reflexil can easily modify any existing assembly methods signatures, scope and parameters entries. Rename, delete or inject entities: By utilizing code injection tactics, it is possible to insert, rename or delete a new specification such as class, methods, properties, fields and so on. IL instruction editor: Reflexil elude the auxiliary dependency over ILDASM in order to manipulate related MSIL code of an assembly. We can update any MSIL opcode instruction with great ease just by decompiling the entire IL code.

Strong Name Remover: Assemblies are typically protected by a strong name so that no one can misuse them. Reflexil is capable of removing the signed assembly restriction just by removing their strong name. It can also remove the supporting reference assemblies. Assembly source code deciphering: Assembly source code can be protected by implementing obfuscation tactics to obstruct code dissembling by presenting some bizarre instruction.

So, it is possible to de-obfuscate the source code of an assembly by Reflexil. The tools that are devised to dissassemble or patch the code such as CFF explorer, Reflector and Reflexil can be utilized both offensive and defensive intentions. It entirely depends on the user’s discretionary attitude, how they actually frame the features for their needs. Some unscrupulous ones exploit these tools to do Reverse Engineering and some however utilize them to audit vulnerabilities in the existing code. The following code program is being manipulated by Reflexil in the context of depicting both defensive and offensive Reverse Engineering approaches.

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As an analog, we have download or obtained a software program that in fact has a couple of bugs. But unfortunately, we don’t have the source code of this program to fix the bugs. Thus, we are employing Reflexil in this context to handle such inherent issues. Let’s consider the following software and analyze its output. We’ll identify a couple of glitches both in the functionality and user interface. This software is comprehensively substandard and is not fulfilling the client’s expectations.

We have provided only the executable of this malfunctioned software and we need to fix the following problems using Reflexil. In this scenario Reflector is not sufficient because this time we need to change and patch the byte codes for the proper functionality. This is a very exhaustive task that requires extensive opcode analysis. Thus, ensure that the Reflexil plugin correctly configured and first open the Reflector. Therefore open this software exe file. Finally, open the Reflexil from the Tool menu and now you will experience many more features along with Reflector.

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Sadly, we have the malfunctioned software. There is no output displayed in the output box after entering the value of centigrade. So the next point of checking is to confirm the calling of this method in the Button Click event method. Thus, decompile the button control code in the Reflector. Right-click over the first instruction value by selecting it in the Reflexil editor and choose the “Create new” option. The developer would have forgotten to change this value.

Find the relevant instruction that requires a bit of analysis as in the following. We need to change the instruction 515 ldstr values. Reflector just by expanding the Form1 and notice that the ldstr instruction is showing Form1 as its operand value. Just select this instruction in order to edit its value. All the user interface related glitches are fixed up until now. By examining the output, this software does not produce the correct output. Moreover, it is not converting the Centigrade to Fahrenheit values properly.

After decompiling the executable, we can easily notice the calculation mistake in the code. Hence, we need to replace this value with 32 to correct the functionality. Just select this instruction, right-click and choose Edit like to alter the values as earlier. Now change the operand value to 32 and click on Update to save it permanently. Finally, we have fixed all the detected glitches by Reflexil. Thus, select the executable in the Reflector left pane, choose Reflexil and click on Save as. We have patched all the bugs by reversing the instructions.

The final task is to confirm whether or not we have made the precise operations. Because we have made the modifications in the opcodes it is entirely possible that we are not complying with the . The simplest way to validate the changes is to verify the executable. This article intended to showcase the bug fixing process in existing software that is an inherent issue nowadays. It especially provided the working with Reflexil of one of the plugins of Reflector. It elaborates the features and functionality in detail of Reflexil in the context of Reverse Engineering of .