If you are having trouble with any transaction

Having trouble with your cube processing? Many people seems to have trouble getting their cube processing to work properly. SCSM 2012 but if you are having trouble with any transaction suddenly fails. Shaun Ericson at Cireson had this issue at a customer and opened a MS Support Case to get this issue investegated.

Fortunately they found a solution that Shaun shared with the rest of the people on the MyITforum maillist today. I asked Shaun if he was ok with me sharing the solution with all of you here on the blog, which he was. Disclaimer: This solution was developed for a specific customer by MS Support after extensive troubleshooting. It might not apply to your environment.

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Use it at your own risk. If you are experiencing these issues it’s still best to contact MS Support to get it properly investigated. Make sure to enter the FQDN of your SSAS on line 3. If you are having trouble with the cube processing and tried these scripts, please drop a comment below and tell us how it worked! 22 Responses to Having trouble with your cube processing? I’ve seen this issue before and in that case customer do all this manually.

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But I think this is only temporary solution, because this trouble will repeat again and again. Yeah, this might not be a permanent solutions, but I’ve heard several cases where this has been enough to get it all going for quite a while again. Has any had this happen to them as well though? You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression. Did you manage to solve this Raphael? I’m having exactly the same problem as Raphael.

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It happens whether I run the script as a whole or line by line. Did you solve your problem Raphael? After a little fiddling I resolved my problem. I’d changed the name of the Analysis Services DB when I installed the SQL feature. The script started to run properly.

I have tried this soulution because one cube processing was failed always. Service Request Dim’ was being processed. Any Idea How I can fix this? Did you ever figure this out? I am having an issue were the cube processing jobs were stuck at running for over a day. I stopped and disabled the jobs.

The cube stayed in this state for several days. There were basically 3 suggestions I came across which were to re-run the Load. I’m assuming this step can take awhile? I don’t want to wait around after work for 2 hours like one poster suggested, so I will go home.

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I hope I can come back in the morning and enable my cube processing. This worked very well for me few months. However, I noticed few days ago that cubes running forever again. I run exactly the same script , but it looks nothing is happening. It starts processing one dimension and than nothing. I confirmed I stopped and disabled the Cube Processing jobs. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot.

If you are having trouble with any transaction

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Transactional Analysis  has had a tremendous impact on my life. It’s changed the way I think about who I am and how I relate to others. Over the next few weeks I intend to explore this theory and how we can all use it to change our lives for the better. 8 year-old child, a mid-west farmer, and an M. TA has grown a lot since Berne founded it but I am going to start off by looking at the roots of his theory.

In later posts I will discuss each area further and will keep it simple here. Berne’s original theory started with the core pillars of ego states, transactional analysis proper, strokes, time structuring and games, and script. If that sounds a bit complicated already then lets take them one by one. Ego States Berne stated that an ego state is a way of us experiencing the world.

It’s a way of understanding how we relate to ourselves and others. There are three ego states, Parent, Adult and Child. When I write about an ego state I will capitalise the word, when talking about a real adult, child or parent I will use lower case. Our thinking, feeling and behaviour when we are in each ego state will be consistent. The Parent ego state When we are in Parent ego state we think, feel and behave as our real parents or caregivers did when we were children.

The Adult ego state The Adult ego state deals with the here and now reality. It is the processing centre and important because it the only ego state that is not connected to the past. If I asked you how to make an omelette you  would  probably tell me from your Adult ego state. The Child ego state The Child ego state plays back thoughts, feelings and behaviours that we experienced as a child. From the excitement we feel at Christmas to the scare we have of being abandoned this ego state is rooted in the past. You can see straight off that out of the three ego states we could be in two of them are rooted in the past.

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This can spell trouble in our relationships and is one reason why much work in TA psychotherapy is done updating the Adult ego state with new information and challenging Child or Parent ideas that the client has that they mistakenly think are from their Adult ego state. I also need to mention that the description of ego states above is pretty simplistic. There are now many different ways of thinking about the ego state model and in later posts I will explore some of these. Berne said that we are all desperately seeking strokes from others and a lot of what we do is in order to be stroked. All of these acknowledge that the other person exists.

There are different ways of getting strokes. In a later blog post I will go into more detail about strokes and the stroke economy suggested by Claude Steiner because his ideas are very interesting and well worth understanding. A transaction is an exchange of strokes. Berne came up with three ways in which we can do this and gave us some rules to help us understand what happens when we use each method. A complementary transaction is one in which person A says something from one ego state that invites a response from person B from a  complementary ego state.

There are other combinations such as Child to Child and Parent to Parent etc but the important thing to understand is that whilst the transactions remain complimentary then the conversation can go on indefinitely. If you want to learn to small talk then it’s easy, just respond from the ego state the person you are talking to is inviting you to come from and you can chat forever! Crossed transactions In a crossed transaction the response to the stimulus is from an ego state other than the one that has been invited. Berne says that when transactions are crossed the the conversation stops until one or other of the parties changes ego state.

Ulterior Transactions Berne says that we can communicate on two levels. Sometimes the two things do not match. Sarcasm is a great example of this. So why is it important to understand these three ways of communicating? In TA therapy the therapist will be interested in what ego state the client is coming from and where the therapist is invited to respond from, it’s one way of knowing what’s really going on between two people and with awareness often comes enlightenment and change. Positive change is the goal of psychotherapy. Time Structuring Berne said that we all hate to be bored and desire strokes so much that we have a psychological hunger for structuring our time.

If you are having trouble with any transaction

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Although we desire intimacy we are scared of the vulnerability it creates for us. We stay away from others, no risk but no strokes. Very well thank you, how are you? The risk of being rejected is very low as is the value of the strokes received.

If you are having trouble with any transaction

Transactions tend to be safe, usually Adult to Adult and so we can give and receive medium level strokes whilst not making ourselves too vulnerable. When we pastime we talk about safe subjects that both parties know the rules around. It’s the sort of conversations you might hear at a party or in the pub. The strokes value is increasing as is the risk of vulnerability. So games involve us saying one thing and doing another in an attempt to achieve intimacy but resulting in a reinforcement of a negative belief we have about ourselves. Let’s take an example of how this  might look in everyday life. Bob and Mary are a couple.

Mark November 12, 2015 (6:34 pm)

Mary she is not helping at all. Both individuals give and receive freely without exploiting the other at any point. It’s what we all want and what feels most dangerous to us as we are at most risk of being hurt. Script Script is a central part of  Transactional analysis theory. Script can be seen as a well defined course of action that we decide on as a child.