How to Use Bitcoin to Pay for Stuff Online – Have You Tried Using Bitcoin To Pay

Are you interested how to Use Bitcoin to Pay for Stuff Online – Have You Tried Using Bitcoin To Pay a translation? This book takes you on a journey to the future of money and the blockchain universe.

Starting from the basics, it moves on to explaining everything you need to know to make up your own mind on the potential, strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. Understand the inner workings of Bitcoin and the Blockchain step by step. What are the challenges and potential solutions? Get ready to know everything you need before using cryptocurrencies. What are your options to store them? How do wallets differ from one another? Where and how can you spend them?

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Make up your mind on whether Bitcoin has what it takes to be real money or currency. Through a historical perspective, discover what constitutes good money and a good currency before reflecting on whether Bitcoin can be money or currency. Sense the bigger picture surrounding Bitcoin. How do political, economic, and regulatory forces affect Bitcoin and how does Bitcoin affect them? Given Bitcoin’s strengths and weaknesses, what role is it likely to play in the future?

How to Use Bitcoin to Pay for Stuff Online – Have You Tried Using Bitcoin To Pay

Ever heard of auxiliary proof-of-work and its pitfalls? This part of the book unleashes what blockchain means for your business and for society. How does it reinvent our identity, basic income, and our democracies? This book strikes the perfect balance between the inner workings of the technology and its potential.

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How to Use Bitcoin to Pay for Stuff Online – Have You Tried Using Bitcoin To Pay

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How to Use Bitcoin to Pay for Stuff Online – Have You Tried Using Bitcoin To Pay

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I first took a peek at Lyconet earlier this year back in February. Launched in response to ongoing criticism of Lyoness’ accounting unit investment scheme, the purpose behind Lyconet was to completely separate the affiliate side of the business from that of the MLM opportunity. Unfortunately nothing much has materialized on Lyconet since my first look at it. Even today a visit to the Lyconet website is a complete waste of time. No compensation plan details, no information about Lyconet itself, what it’s all about.

As it stands almost a year after Lyconet was announced, the Lyconet website is a complete and utter failure. I’ve meanwhile been waiting patiently for a copy of the Lyconet compensation plan to materialize in order to formally review Lyoness’ new angle. A Polish copy surfaced a month or so back but, while it was translatable, we learnt that the compensation plan might differ from region to region. Going to the effort to pull apart Lyconet’s compensation plan in the event of the US version being different didn’t seem like a good use of time. Finally a copy of Lyconet’s US compensation plan was recently sent to me by a BehindMLM reader.

It’s twenty-one pages in length and just as headache-inducing as Lyoness’ original compensation plan was. Nonetheless, I’ve done my best to break it downa and see where Lyconet’s new direction differs from Lyoness’ previous compensation plan. In the interest of readability, I’ve separated the relevant components of the plan below via heading. Towards the end of this review you’ll then find a conclusion summarizing my thoughts on it. Shopping only customers are out Despite it not having anything to do with the accounting unit investment scheme, Lyoness made a big deal about the shopping part of their previous compensation plan. This was primarily due to non-affiliate shoppers being seen as the retail arm of the income opportunity. With Lyoness themselves only providing access to discounts, that point has always been a topic of debate.

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Nonetheless, Lyoness didn’t charge non-affiliate shoppers a signup fee, so the issue only existed within the context of the entire income opportunity. On its own there was never any issue with Lyoness’ shopping portal. In Lyconet, non-affiliate shoppers have been eliminated. Again, this commission is available to anyone who signs up to Lyconet or Lyoness as a customer, therefore eliminating the non-affiliate class from the opportunity entirely. Shopping Point Deals and generous discounts on products sold in the Loyalty Mall. Signing up as a Lyoness shopper is of course still free.

How to Use Bitcoin to Pay for Stuff Online – Have You Tried Using Bitcoin To Pay

Once a Lyconet affiliate is commission qualified, the period of qualification is twelve months. Note that meeting the commission qualification requirements within that twelve month period will reset the period an affiliate is qualified for another twelve months. Meeting one of the above qualification requirements in January would qualify an affiliate for commissions until next January. Whether intentionally or otherwise, if they met the same requirements in June of that year, they’d then be qualified until June the following year. The commission qualification period is always counted from the last month an affiliate met one of the above two qualification criteria requirements. These Units are booked weekly into the Balance Program and the Marketer receives compensation on a weekly basis.

Balance Program appears to be the current incarnation of what was previously the accounting unit investment scheme. Here the Balance Program differs however, as it runs of the currency of points, rather than direct investment into units by affiliates. As with the old accounting unit scheme, there are five levels. What level a unit is created in depends on how many Shopping Points an affiliate has generated in any given week.

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Of note is that commissions in Balance Category 2 are Balance Category 1 payouts by a factor of three. Balance Category 3 is a little over thee times that of commissions in Balance Category 2. Balance Category 4 is ten times that of Balance Category 2 and similarly Balance Category 5 is ten times that of Balance Category 5. Subsequent Units Subsequent Units are required to fill up any of the Balance Category binary models outlined above. Personal Units are generated by an affiliate and their personal Lyoness customers. The first, eleventh and every tenth unit thereafter created by these shoppers counts as one unit each for an affiliate. National, Continental and International Balance units If the Lyconet compensation plan wasn’t already confusing enough for you, things get even more complicated when one considers there are four levels within Balance Categories commissions.

wkbaran Aug 7, 2016

Before we get into what any of the above actually means, it’s important to note that, like the Balance Program, Lyconet’s Career Program also revolves around the generation of Shopping Points. I’m not sure why Lyconet mention the Loyalty Program, as I figured that was part of the Lyoness shopping network to begin with. A Loyalty Program created by Lyoness where Members shop and receive Benefits according to the Lyoness GTCs. In a nutshell, the Career Program rewards a Lyconet affiliate based on shopping point generation by themselves, their customers and three levels of affiliate recruitment. Also note that commissions calculated from Shopping Points generated by recruited affiliates who qualify at one of the above levels, are reduced based on the level difference they qualify at.

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Shopping Point generated by that affiliate and their downline. With any of the above levels, a Lyconet affiliate is promoted the month after they qualify. If the affiliate fails to qualify again the month after initially being promoted to a Career Level, they are confirmed at the level below the one they initially qualified for. This downgraded qualification confirmation still applies for six months. The question of whether Lyoness sell products and services to retail customers has always been a huge grey area. On paper, Lyoness provide discounts to third-party merchant products and services. Lyconet themselves or simply by signing up as a Lyoness shopping member.

The affiliate opportunity doesn’t need to be explained but regular shoppers also earn commissions down two levels of recruitment. This means they are no longer retail customers, even within the grey area context that saw them counted as such under Lyoness. The end result is that by introducing Lyconet, Lyoness itself as a company no longer has any non-affiliates purchasing products and services through their portal. Everyone is in one way or another participating in the income opportunity and this is a problem. In MLM you need to have readily identifiable non-participant customers otherwise you’re just asking for trouble.

Moving onto Balance Program, here we have the continuation of the accounting unit investment scheme. The shopping side of Lyoness has never been in question. You shop, get a cashback and if you spend thousands of dollars you get a unit. Previously affiliates had invested directly into accounting units, receiving a ROI once enough new units had been invested in.

How to Use Bitcoin to Pay for Stuff Online – Have You Tried Using Bitcoin To Pay