How To Buy Bitcoin in Singapore

The Fastest, Safest and Easiest way to how To Buy Bitcoin in Singapore your bitcoins! Most Established and Trusted Bitcoin Machines Operator in Asia since 2014. We buy bitcoin daily from 10am to 2pm at Hong Lim Complex.

As Singaporeans we are excited to bring the one of the first Bitcoin Vending Machines to Singapore. We think this groundbreaking technology could flourish in Asia. Singapore is well suited as one of the freest economies in world and Bitcoin itself brings freedom to its users. If you wonder what Bitcoin is, there is an excellent guide on bitcoin. The Vending Machines are available 24 hours a day, 365 days year round! Our pricing is attractive, so we tend to sell out fast.

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We are closest to Exit F of Chinatown Station on the Downtown Line. Look out for the flight of stairs to the right of it with a “532” sign. Come on up the flight of stairs, we will be right there on the 3rd floor! Both buildings are linked on the second floor. Please see more directions below for Exit E. Once you exit Chinatown Point and come into Hong Lim Complex on the second floor, continue to walk past the food centre on your left.

How To Buy Bitcoin in Singapore

3rd and we will be right there! Please alight along Upper Cross Street, at the drop off point at the Downtown Line MRT Station. Come on up the flight of stairs,  we will be right there on the 3rd floor! Parking is available in Hong Lim Complex.

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Nearest parking level is 4A which is connected to the 3rd floor. Walk to the South Exit facing Upper Cross Street and turn left. We will be about 30 metres ahead. Please note that the first four flours of blocks 532 to 538 are considered block 531. We are at the part of Hong Lim Complex nearest to China Square.

Hong Lim Complex which is nearest to the junction of Upper Cross Street and South Bridge Road or the “Sook Ching” Corner or where the UOB ATMs are located. Look for the florist and go the nearest flight of stairs that indicates block 532. We are right on the 3rd floor when you come up the stairs. Please send us a message on Facebook.

Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road. First level opposite AXS machines and photo booth near to the taxi stand. We are just 1 min walk from the Taxi Stand of Tiong Bahru Plaza. Once alight, walk towards the Money Changer and Tino’s Pizza on your left. We are located opposite the AXS Machines and Photo Booth, which are near to the Taxi Stand. Look out for the back door of Tino’s Pizza. First level next to the taxi stand.

We are just next to the Taxi Stand at Tampines 1. Once alight, walk towards the wall next to the taxi stand. We are located near to the taxi stand. Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?

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Trade bitcoins in 16291 cities and 248 countries including Russian Federation. If you have forgotten your username, try logging in with your email. We may receive compensation when you click certain products. Before jumping into this page, an important disclosure. The US is home to most of the world’s largest Bitcoin companies, so it’s no surprise that it’s easy to buy bitcoins in the United States using nearly any payment method: cash, credit card, or bank transfer. If you need bitcoins fast, then buying with a credit card or debit card is a good option. Another payment option for US customers is using a connected bank account.

How To Buy Bitcoin in Singapore

How To Buy Bitcoin in Singapore

The fees are less for this method–1. We may receive compensation when you use Coinbase. Please visit Coinbase for its exact pricing terms. 150 worth of bitcoins, you won’t need to verify your identity. This convenience makes small purchases quick and easy. We may receive compensation when you use Coinmama.

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Please visit Coinmama for its exact pricing terms. Users can fund their accounts via bank transfer, SEPA, or bank wire. We may receive compensation when you use Coinbase Pro. Please visit Coinbase Pro for its exact pricing terms.

We may receive compensation when you use CEX. The most common method of payment for purchase is cash deposit. Top up your mobile phone in the USA. It offers low fees and is a very private way to purchase coins. We may receive compensation when you use Wall of Coins. Please visit Wall of Coins for its exact pricing terms.

How To Buy Bitcoin in Singapore

Users can browse a wide range of offers at various prices. While Gemini is available in most US states, US residents should check Gemini’s areas of operations page. It supports deposits from US, European, Canadian, British, and Japanese customers. Fee on OTC brokering service is only 0. It is currently available in the USA and Canada. We may receive compensation when you use Changelly.

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Please visit Changelly for its exact pricing terms. Bitcoin is a digital currency that has been around for almost a decade now. It was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, but the developer’s true identity has never been verified. It took some time for the world to embrace Bitcoin, but it eventually found its way in to the U.

Here is a comprehensive insight into the history, legality, and mining of Bitcoin in the U. Bitcoin has been in use in the U. It has not always been considered as a legal currency, but its decentralized nature made it difficult for the government and financial regulators to control its use. There are three crucial events that define Bitcoin’s history in the U. This classification came in 2013, five years after the unveiling of the cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin would be liable to taxation by the Internal Revenue Service as it was categorized as property. The third significant event in Bitcoin’s history in the U. 2016 when a federal judge ruled that the virtual currency is money just like any fiat currency. This came following the prosecution of Anthony Murgio, who was accused of running an unlicensed Bitcoin exchange platform. District Judge Alison Nathan ruled that Bitcoin qualifies as money citing a similar ruling earlier in 2014 by U. Over the years, Bitcoin has become more entrenched in the U. Assessing the Popularity of Bitcoin in the U.

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One of the main characteristics of Bitcoin is that is does not hold any intrinsic value as it is a digital currency. The uncertainty associated with it, coupled with the fact that it has been in existence for barely a decade, means that many companies and stores have been reluctant to embrace it. However, this has been changing over the years, as there are thousands of companies and stores that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment today. It was the first online retailer to accept Bitcoin in 2014 following a partnership with Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It accepts Bitcoin, as a form of payment for virtually every item in its inventory. The company accepts Bitcoin in exchange for products and services such as apps, games, and movies.

Bitcoin transactions are conducted on the company’s online store as well as on Windows and Xbox stores. This company has been accepting Bitcoin since 2013 for services such as space travel. Although most Bitcoin holders turn to crypto exchanges to get the digital currency, tech-savvy holders prefer to mine it. All of the Bitcoins that have been generated to date were mined using special software.

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Miners need powerful computers and other related gadgets to facilitate mining. They also need to be tech-savvy as the process involves coding and software development and management. This is because the mining process requires a lot of power. As such, although anyone can mine Bitcoin from anywhere in the country, there are certain states that have been classified as preferable thanks to their affordable energy rates. Miners and researchers have recommended five states for their affordable energy rates: Louisiana, Idaho, Washington, Tennessee, and Arkansas. Developers are optimistic that it will be easier and cheaper to mine Bitcoin in the U.

How To Buy Bitcoin in Singapore