How can I see the estimated buy or sell price?

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I devote my time freely to this site and all adverts are free, so please help me out as much as you can! Any text in the Subject line will not be considered as part of the advert. Some people try to put the whole advert in the Subject line and only the first few words get through! Please do not use all capital letters, as it means I have to re-type the whole thing. Your advert will not appear in all-capitals.

If I have to do extensive re-typing, I may ask you to resubmit. No look-alike systems, and no Dinky toys, Hornby trains, or other peripheral stuff. Sorry, you have your own fansites! No links to ebay or other selling web sites.

Ebay doesn’t provide links to mine! If you wish, the photograph can be a composite of multiple shots, but there is only space on the page for one photo per advert. If you send me more than one photo, I will decide which one I think is most suitable, and will not change it, due to the work involved in processing it, cropping it, resizing it, and adding it to the site. Please do not send me a link to a photograph album on a web site so that I have to go searching for it amongst hundreds of adverts and then work out how to download it. Any photos not sent directly will be ignored, but I will still post your advert for you.

Please do not send me massive files over 10MB, consisting of mulitple photos which I won’t even be able to use! A single photo should be no more than 1MB. Do a bit of research first. These exist in their hundreds of millions! I no longer accept adverts for Meccano Magazines, unless they are pre-1930, or you have a compete set, or a very long uninterrupted run.

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Experience has shown that Meccano Magazines hardly ever sell. The reason being that all Meccano Magazines from 1916 to 1981 are freely available to read on the Internet, copies of all of them can be bought on DVD for a few pence, the magazines are not particularly rare, and they are heavy and cost a fortune to post. Maximum of five free adverts per person at any one time. This is an English language web site – adverts in English only please. If you have more photographs available, mention this in the advert.

State the condition, as it might not be obvious from the photo. Sensible offers’ usually means ‘I want too much money for this’! The buyer’s idea of a ‘sensible offer’ might not be the same as yours! A lot of adverts with ‘Sensible offers’ remain unsold and, I suspect, don’t get any response. I know of advertisers who have changed ‘Sensible offers’ to ‘Offers’ and their item sold straight away.

You will usually get a fair price, especially if you have competing offers. I will leave the price off adverts for items which are ridiculously overpriced. Nobody will be interested in them, and it is wasting my time, your time, and everybody else’s in publishing them. This is in your own interest as otherwise you will not get any replies! Be aware that the value of old Meccano sets is mostly in the boxes and packaging, as these are usually thrown away, therefore rare. The metal parts usually last forever, and most of these were made in their millions, or are still being made. So if you have a shoe box in the garage full of rusty or bent parts, it probably won’t be worth the price of the postage.

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Make the most of your photos by cropping out all the background from around the edges. If you want the buyer to collect, you should always mention where from. Buyer must collect” is meaningless without stating where from, as you could be in Outer Mongolia! As this is a UK site, and the UK has always been seen as the ‘Meccano capital’, buyers will probably assume that you are in the UK, unless you state otherwise.

Thank you for your adverts, and for making this the best and busiest Meccano advertising site on the Net! MJQUALITYTOYS – One of the UK’s leading suppliers of Meccano and many more toys. We cater for customers all over the world with our worldwide postal service. For a reliable source of Meccano parts, sets and rare items please add us to your favourite suppliers and subscribe to our email alerts for details on new items. Full range of reproduction and pre-owned original Meccano. Parts available from most eras, from Nickle to Nikko!

Parts often available in several conditions : ie Mint – Good – Poor quality. Please Ask for a quote for your wants. Delivery in the UK only at the moment. I trade mainly in Meccano spares, motors, literature etc. See my web site for prices.

How can I see the estimated buy or sell price?

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It appears to have all the original packing in very nice condition. Inspection welcome in Williamstown, VICTORIA, Australia. 10 sets plus many other parts including a large collection of gears of all sorts, plus masses of couplings for shafts, eccentrics, six motors, geared sections straight and curved, tins of small and necessary parts, many spare girders, sprockets and chain, etc. All this can be seen in the photograph. Mahogany sides with oak-faced ply top and bottom. Parts:  Red and Green built up over some years to more than 1950s set 9 content.

How can I see the estimated buy or sell price?

9 Outfit in de-luxe wooden cabinet. 10 outfit, housed in a handsome dark wooden box with 2 lift-out trays and key. Well presented and comprises of an extensive range of parts which have been checked for quality and completeness. Some parts have been lightly used and some have a little storage wear. 10 set in original wooden chest. Zinc Meccano that was made in 1970s. Set is in very good condition for its age.

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Some parts show little sign of use, and some nothing at all. Wooden chest has some scratches from storage but generally in good condition. Parts are packed in plastic bags and numbered. It comes with a Meccano booklet for different constructions.

All the parts are present and correct. The condition of the parts ranges from some that have been well-used to others that do not appear to have been used at all. In the main they are in good to very good condition. None of them is bent or broken. The lid is complete, all the edges are present and intact reinforced by red tape.

There is water staining to the top. The original label is present and its overall condition is very sound. For Sale:  Meccano number 10 outfit. Plus extra gears and electronics kit in wooden case. For Sale:  A mint French No. 10 Meccano set, which has been completed by the addition of a handful of unused Binns Road parts.

Although there is no cabinet, it comes complete with a full set of manuals and No. All the parts have been carefully packed into a cardboard box. I believe it to be complete. 9 outfit in original green wooden box, gold lettering, and original key. This stunning outfit has been checked for content and is found to be virtually complete with the exception of the manuals and 2 card small parts boxes.

As you can see the set has been well looked after. Complete and in generally good to very good condition with some mint parts. Being offered for sale for a gentleman without internet access. In a set 9a box which has been taped but is sound and repairable. This is a 1953 set 9 purchased from MW models. Parts are in very good condition and complete against the 1953 parts list. Additional photos are available by request.

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The rest has the occasional scratch, but for the most part is all straight and flat. 10 set plus a Meccano Transformer T20M and Electric Motor E20R dating from the 1950s. All are in their original boxes but none of the boxes are in very good condition. There are almost certainly parts missing from the No. 10 set and possibly some additional parts. In red and green built up from No. 6a, 7a, 8a – in original boxes as shown in photograph.

How can I see the estimated buy or sell price?

Water ripple effect stock photo. Image of reflection – 14449548

All parts lovingly cared for and in good order. Original 4 x building instruction books intact and some additional parts included. This is a 1929 set and virtually complete. The 2 main parts missing are the electrical manual and the wireline for clocks. Photos of all the parts are available by request.

Housed in original green enamelled cabinet. As far as I know it’s complete. Buyer collects or pays for postage and packing. 10 outfits all in 4 drawer chests. Several large models, digger buckets, dredger buckets, flywheels, several hundred assorted gears, Meccano dealers’ case and hundreds of pounds of loose Meccano parts. Seller does not have a computer nor email address. Please call directly at 306 293-2809.

Totally complete but with quite a few additional and rare parts. Comes with reversing Meccano clockwork motor, some No. 10 special model build sheets and period Meccano Magazines and No. I put the set together using the best parts I could find. I bought this set second-hand around 1970 and used it occasionally for making prototypes. I then gave it to my grandson but he’s more into computer games now.

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The manuals have got lost and some parts show signs of wear. The set is almost complete, though a few bits are missing. In very good condition, lots of parts unused and most if not all stringing cards present, some components still being tied on. 10 model leaflets being the obvious absences. Please email for a comprehensive set of photos.

How can I see the estimated buy or sell price?

As acquired the set had most of the girders and strips etc. The set has been hardly used and comes complete with a Frizinghall repro 4-drawer cabinet and a vast quantity of repro Super Model instruction leaflets. Also includes a mint, possibly unused electric motor. 9 Meccano set in its original box, completely unused with the factory wrapping still intact. Dates from the closure of the Meccano factory in 1979.

There are three polystyrene layers of parts which also have the wooden dividers on the back of them behind the wrapping. Each layer has the original ‘lift here’ paper tabs. The set also comes with the Meccano book of models editions 1-9. The box measures 21″ wide by 18″ deep by 4″ high and is in excellent condition.

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10 in replica three drawer cabinet. A few minor parts missing but many extra girders and strips. The whole set is in wonderful condition and has had very little use, all the flexible plates and girders are undamaged and many of the parts appear unused. 40, the 3 present are all new and unused! The 5 original small parts tins are present and properly numbered and in excellent condition. Based in West Sussex near Chichester.

Best to view and collect if possible. If not I can arrange UK delivery. Complete and in original box, still wrapped – box has wear-and-tear from many moves of our family home over the years. Parts still attached as per leaving the factory. Manual in the box is for the possible builds one can do once Outfit 9 has been converted into Outfit 10 – by the purchase of this 9A upgrade set. I guess one of the few in this condition. Everything is in the original wooden box still tied with the green yarn.

10 set in the collectable mid red and green colours. The whole set is in stunning condition and has had very little use, all the flex plates and girders are undamaged and the brass parts look as good as new. The set comes with quite a lot of extra parts: plates, gears, braced girders, etc. This is a very high quality cabinet with all the solid oak drawers accurately divided into compartments for all the various parts and components. 30, although you are more than welcome to collect from Ipswich, Suffolk. Feel free to phone me for further details and additional pictures on 01473730989.