Here’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Palace Skateboards

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Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue. Nuestros ingenieros están trabajando rápidamente para resolver el problema. The ingredients are simple, healthy and make an impact on your healthy and energy levels. They’re also really tasty and full of puns! An Indigogo campaign has been setup to fund the first production run of the bars. The incentives of the kickstarter are mostly around the bars in a subscription format, in addition to getting an opportunity to submit a clip to the product launch skate video!

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I was able to get a sample of the bars, and they’re really good! The texture is great, they don’t crumble like other fruit based energy bars, and the addition of quinoa in the Switch Mango Push makes for a really satisfying crunchy texture! Johnny Lozano is a skater and in addition to working as an attorney, also writes a food blog at the Berrics called Salad Grinds and Bean Plants, which for nearly a year has been showing off some amazing recipes and even more puns! Kevin Mark’s is at the Skateboard Hall of Fame 2018 tonight.

Here’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Palace Skateboards

His Look Back Library exhibit second to none, and the curated covers are always relevant to the events. Just a sampling of the 2013 Skateboard Hall of Fame inductees. Christian Hosoi, Laura Thornhill, Tom Sims, and Greg Carroll. 2016 included the band Suicidal Tendencies who received an Icon award as did the brand Powell-Peralta. Skaters received awards in a decades category, Steve Alba took the 70’s and one of our favorites, Ed Templeton of course received an award for the 90’s. Ryan Lay has something special coming this week, so lets get hyped on his Welcome part in the Fetish video! Alex Olson is vegan plant based for health and the animals.

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Anywhere within manmade architectural structures and anywhere that I am able to, in the streets on this blue globe. I started skateboarding persistently since I was 14 and for more than 20 years of pushing wood, it changed my perspective of life. As a form of protest, it made me socially and consciously aware of the environment going on around me. I’ve been a freegan since I was 15, but since 2013, I’ve not consumed any sorta carcass. What is you favourite thing to skate and why? Ledges, gaps, banks, stairs, rails and just about anything that i chance upon along the concrete and asphalt ways of human traffic, just because.

What shoe are you skating in now? All of the kicks that i skate in with are by vans, which is owned by the vanity fair corp. If all of this was just a fad, i would have opted out a long time ago. I look forward to in life. Please, respect that piece of plank under your feet which is made out of centuries old maple verniers.

Respect what you eat and the clothes you have on. Be a conscious skateboarder and consumer. Recycle and repurpose whatever you can salvage. Never stop questioning, never stop thinking and never stop being. 20 years of skating photo is hella rad! Don’t forget a mailing address so we can get you some rad stickers.

Here’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Palace Skateboards

The Slam City Skates Connection

The shoe has a lot of cushioning and grip in the soles. Andrew first came onto my radar in the year 2000 at Tampa AM. My first impression was that of a young, confident, jovial, and well rounded skater. We soon started flowing him Killing Machine hardware. And from there I would see him around the country at skate events where he always had a smile on his face. What year did you start skating? How did you fall into being a skater?

They skated and it made me want to skate. First board I bought was a Paul Zitzer Germ Birdhouse board, Grind King trucks, Birdhouse wheels, probably generic bearings and Jessup grip. Do you recall the first skate mag you saw? Magazines were never my thing growing up, although I used to LOVE reading all the Big Brother articles. Your favorite part from the SHEEP video? Those lines at Hubba Hideout were beyond awesome.

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I remember being so stoked on the Smith pop out and the way he winds up for the nosegrind. He has always had one of the coolest styles because he looks like he is about to crush whatever he’s going toward but then when he gets on he’s light-footed. Your favorite part from the MOUSE? Then he vanished and as a kid I had no idea what happened to him and would get so stoked seeing even just one trick from him. So when he got sober and had a comeback I was so stoked.

I’m a fan of Mouse era Guy and modern day Guy. Run down a list of all the sponsors you’ve had over the years? Fairman’s has been there for me through thick and thin. Thanks to everyone there and Dave for always taking care of me. Rp Bess and Charlie Thomas took great care of me.

The Cake Bake Shop

I got way more out of skateboarding than I ever deserved on the skate career side. How many video parts have you put out and when was the last one? Probably around 5 or 6 parts. The lastest was a part for Theeve trucks, but they took it down and since they paid for none of the footage and I edited it with a friend of mine, I just put it up on Youtube because I was semi proud of that part.

At this point, a park that has good flat-ground, a ledge, a rail, and a nice long quarterpipe. How did you deal with the harsh Pennsylvania winters? I grew up on a farm with a barn so I used to skate in that during the winter. What sort of jobs did you work before your present position at NHS? Worked in a vending machine warehouse. Nothing super insane, but it all helped me realize I didn’t want to do that forever. I think I’m most impressed with your karaoke job.

What’s New in the Second Edition?

One of my best memories of NYC was singing karaoke with Josh Stewart and Jack Sabback. What is your go to song to sing? But I don’t do much karaoke these days because I’m rarely out at a bar that late anymore. Any good stories from the karaoke job? He was not good at all, but he gave it everything he had.

Here’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Palace Skateboards

Always wore all black, chubby little fella. The one time I saw him driving around in a yellow Ford Focus. It was just such a funny juxtaposition. What skate nerds have you sung with? Not with a ton of nerds but I’m seen some rad people sing. Clint Peterson did Sinatra and everything about it was amazing.

He was well under 21, not even sure if he was 18 and we ended up getting him into the bar so he could hang with everyone. Alright Shortbus, just lay low and we will all be able to hang. What is your current job title and what sort of tasks do you work on routinely? I’m the Brand Manager for Santa Cruz Skateboards.

Here’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Palace Skateboards

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I’m in charge of marketing, product line management, and overseeing what we are doing. I basically make sure that our brand is something we are happy with from what you see on your social media down to the boards under your feet. Our art department is awesome and the guys are cranking. Which team riders are the most fun to work with? They are all fun for different reasons.

The ams are so hungry and pushing the envelope. The pros are so talented it’s crazy and sometimes you need to pinch yourself to remember how people can be so humble and so good at skating. Dressen is the nicest human in the world and Jason Jessee is a one of a kind. I do sidelines stuff for TV on Street League, I do Phoenix Am webcast, and then I do Tampa Am and Pro. It’s a really rad gig and I love the people I work with on that front. Who is the best skateboard announcer in your opinion?

You cannot get better than Tim O’Connor. He’s witty, he shows no mercy, and he’s such a great human being. When did you find veganism and what was your path to getting there? I honestly think it started for me at a young age. Middle school is when I got into bands like Earth Crisis that had a message and felt strongly about animal liberation and stuff. I lived in rural Pennsylvania though and it was before the internet was accessible and riddled with great information about it. Do you truly see yourself as an alcoholic?

I went to an AA meeting when I finally stopped just to be sure. I could relate to so many of them and I just knew that the writing was on the wall. Do you now identify as straightedge or just as someone who doesn’t drink or do drugs? When I turned 30 I decided I could finally call myself Straight Edge. It’s been almost 7 years since I have had a drink and my straight edge friends assured me that as long as I didn’t claim it when I was younger it was all good to call myself that now.

To me it is more about being able to tell my kids that. There are very few vegans in the skateboard world and even fewer who are willing to be vocal about it. Are there other ways you are vocal about your choice to be vegan? I am always happy to talk with people about it, but I don’t like when people give me shit about not eating meat so I try not to give people shit about eating it. Can you point to one film that you would recommend a person watch who is considering going veg or vegan?