Here is the best photo gear to come out of CES 2018

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By signing up for newsletters, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This article needs additional citations for verification. The first CES was held in June 1967 in New York City. It was a spinoff from the Chicago Music Show, which until then had served as the main event for exhibiting consumer electronics.

The winter show was successfully held in Las Vegas in 1995 as planned. However, since the summer Chicago shows were beginning to lose popularity, the organizers decided to experiment by having the show travel around to different cities starting in 1995 with a planned show in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. In 1998, the show changed to a once-a-year format with Las Vegas as the location. 18 days to set up, run and break down.

This section appears to be slanted towards recent events. Please try to keep recent events in historical perspective and add more content related to non-recent events. The first CES was held in New York City from June 24 to 28, 1967. The 200 exhibitors attracted 17,500 attendees to the Hilton and Americana hotels over those four days. On view: the latest pocket radios and TVs sporting integrated circuits.

Philips unveiled the first-ever home VCR, the N1500 videocassette recorder. In a one-time experiment, the Summer CES 1993 was open to the general public. Capcom unveils Mega Man X for the first Time in North America. Microsoft demonstrated a preview version of Windows XP Media Center Edition at CES 2002.

The Blu-ray Group held at the January 2004 CES the first US press conference to promote the Blu-ray Disc format. The 2005 CES was from January 6 to 9, 2005, in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Best of Innovators” award for Personal Electronics. It is the only British company to have won this award. 8, 2006, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Sands Convention Center, the Alexis Park Hotel and the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. In a break from recent tradition, the 2007 CES exhibition did not begin on a Thursday, nor span a weekend. The venues also changed slightly, with the high-performance audio and home theater expo moving from the Alexis Park venue to The Venetian.

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The location for the main keynotes was the other major change for 2007. Previously held at the Las Vegas Hilton’s Main Theater, they staged for the first time at The Palazzo Ballroom in The Venetian. Bill Gates gave his ninth pre-show keynote address on the Sunday evening. Finally, Industry Insider presentations moved to the Las Vegas Hilton, with contributions from Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, CEO of Nokia and John Chambers, CEO of Cisco. In the gaming section for Windows Vista and DirectX 10, there were two games shown: Age of Conan and Crysis. The 2008 exhibition was from January 7 to 10, 2008, in Las Vegas with 141,150 attendees.

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Bill Gates gave the keynote speech, in which he formally announced his retirement from his day-to-day duties at Microsoft. Panasonic attracted much attention by releasing a 150″ Plasma TV, as well as a 50″ TV as thin as 0. Sunday schedule, and attracted 113,085 attendees. Among more than 2,700 exhibiting companies were approximately 300 first-time exhibitors.

The Minoru 3D Webcam, a USB webcam that is billed as the world’s first stereoscopic 3D consumer stereo webcam won the “Fans Favorite” award. 2009 Tournament of Champions on a new set at the Sony booth. CES 2009 suffered 22 percent or more attendance drop, which was attributed to the global financial crisis. 10, 2010, and attracted more than 120,000 attendees. Highlights include the Intel Infoscape, which is run on the Intel Core i7 processor.

Here is the best photo gear to come out of CES 2018

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576 cubes hooked up to 20,000 info sources, including 20 live video feeds. Visitors would touch one of the cubes, and an infobox displaying that content would come forward. The 2011 exhibition was held from January 6 to 9, 2011. CESWEB is reporting that their pre-audit numbers show an attendance of 128,949.

Here is the best photo gear to come out of CES 2018

Many tablets were introduced in 2011’s show, such as the Motorola Xoom tablet, winning Best of Show, which runs Android Honeycomb. 3D TVs were introduced by many giants, such as Mitsubishi’s 92-inch model of its 2011 lineup of theater-sized 3D Home Cinema TVs. Toshiba also unveiled its Glasses Free 4K 3D TV prototype. 3net, a 3DTV channel co-owned by Discovery Communications, Sony, and IMAX, was previewed.

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The 2012 exhibition was held from January 8 to 13, 2012. Microsoft released an official statement saying that CES 2012 will be Microsoft’s last appearance at the event. Inview claimed that its low processing and memory footprint means connected TV capabilities are available at low-cost, as the software is provided royalty free. 11, 2013, in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Over 3,000 exhibitors showcased a wide range of innovative products this year. CES 2013 was known for what was billed as an insane opening by Qualcomm.

Sony announced Sony Xperia Z smartphone, and Samsung Announced Galaxy S2 plus smartphone. Sony announces TRILUMINOS quantum dot display technology. Panasonic announces a wide range of smart TVs. The Panasonic’s Smart Viera HDTVs lineup includes 16 plasmas and 16 LEDs. The 2014 International CES was held during the week from January 7 to 10, 2014, in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The first Li-Fi smartphone prototype was presented at the show. LG debuted its webOS on smartTVs and new 77-inch curved OLED Ultra HD TV.

Samsung unveiled its curved TVs with two series of concave TVs. With demonstrations such as blending a Blackberry, ProtectCELL proves they will cover all damages. In the Intel keynote presentation, its CEO talked about three areas in which technology can improve: living, working, and playing. He also presented Intel Edison, a SoC of the SD card format.

Pebble announced the Pebble Steel smartwatch, which has a thin body, tactile metal buttons, and Corning Gorilla Glass. Laser diodes were unveiled at the show that are going to be used for high-beam headlights in Audi vehicles. The high beams will be lasers, though the low beams will be light-emitting diodes. 9, 2015, in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

The Internet of Things, impacting all other industries, has been recognized as the buzzword of the CES edition 2015. Wearables, involving health trackers, as the smartwatch, are getting more specialized and design is getting better, fitting better to the mass market. Robots and home automation devices were omnipresent. Every auto maker who had any kind of presence at the show offered a glimpse into some kind of intelligent, driver-free technology, from parking to advanced object recognition. Audi showed four generations of driver-assist automated car tech.

Unlike 3D TV, which has disappeared from the announcements at the CES 2015, 3D visualization is now more specialized and target the B2B environment, from modelization to immersive glasses and helmets for architects, healthcare specialists or gamers. 3D printing continues to grow and vendors make meaningful improvements in their products, while making them easier to use and less expensive. Samsung released several new 4K televisions including a massive 105-inch set that bends on command. LG unveiled the LG G Flex 2, second generation of its curved Android smartphone, and a new lineup of 4K televisions including one bending TV as well.

Sony showed off a 4K action camera which automatically detects the best parts of your footage and picks out the best clips for you. Toyota revealed it plans to release its fuel cell patents to the public royalty free. 4 million square feet utilized for the event. In 2016, there were only 22 CES Innovation Awards Honorees in the Tech for a Better World category. Even with tight security at the show, two prototype Razer triple-screen gaming laptops were stolen during the show. 12, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Many companies such as Amazon, Nvidia, and Google had a presence at the event.

In 2018, there were 31 CES Innovation Award categories. In a way of celebrating the 2018 Consumers Electronics Show, a Las Vegas strip club even decided to introduce the public to their creations, which were the world’s first ever robot strippers. Companies offering wireless charging solutions were popular at CES in 2018. Many vendors had shown off contact-based charging pads. Others demonstrated products delivering power at a distance. Wi-Charge has demonstrated first far-field charging product.