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What’s better than an adventure with your four legged friend? When it happens at W Fort Lauderdale. Good Dog Hotel & Spa the joy of a luxury stay with your best friend and upon arrival, your pooch will receive a limited edition W Fort Lauderdale dog bandana.

However, there are other options available on property where our friendly pets are welcomed! Q: Does the hotel have a weight limit for my pet? Q: Is there a pet fee? The hotel requires a non-refundable deposit of 100. Q: Is my dog allowed on Fort Lauderdale Beach? A: The beach only allows pets during certain times and in designated locations. Q: Does the hotel offer pet walking services?

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We want to ensure your pets are in the hands of the professionals! Information for local dog walking services are available upon request. Q: Does the hotel provide my pet with any amenities? All packages come with the W signature BARK BOX. GWhat is your favorite way to unwind?

To get away from my ruff everyday routine, I run over to the W Fort Lauderdale beach with my daddies for some fun and relaxation – they’ve got beach lounge chairs and umbrellas to keep me comfy. I love Green Apples, Salmon, Tuna, Hamburger and Pineapple. But not too much since I’m watching my figure. I love ordering all of my favorites from the pet menu at Steak 954.

It’s the best place to check out all the action on the beach. I was born in Fort Pierce, FL. My daddies adopted me and brought me to Fort Lauderdale. My parents are both Show Dogs – I can thank them for my good looks! What kind of dog are you?

What are some unique facts about you? I don’t shed – nope not at all. I love to take naps – I could nap all day long. I love to meet new people and try to say hello to everyone I see.

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And I prefer a tinkle turf over a fire hydrant. Where do you go when you want to let your hair down? My favorite hangouts are the Living Room Bar and Sushi Bar at W Fort Lauderdale. I have lots of friends there that know me and it’s the only place on the beach where canines can cocktail.

Good Dog Hotel & Spa

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I can get on my hind legs and dance pretty well. I love to give hugs and kisses, shake and give high fives! In 1841 a railway link between York and Scarborough was being talked of and a Scarborough Architect John Gibson felt that the area above the popular Spa building could be developed. John Gibson passed the construction of this hotel to the newly formed South Cliff Building Company. Nobility and Gentry that he has entered upon the above new anti extensive Establishment, which he is having fitted up in a superior manner with entirely new furniture, and purposes being ready for the reception of Visitors on the 10th of June next.

The situation the Hotel is exceedingly beautiful, embracing from the rooms, balcony, and adjoining pleasure grounds extensive view of the Ocean and the romantic scenery of the Eastern Coast. Accordingly he felt that if he could manage the hotel well, it would be a success. This beautifully situated and extensive establishment commanding an uninterrupted view of the sea is now ready for the reception of families. The eminence which Scarborough has attained as the great fashionable resort in the North of England excited among the wealthy inhabitants an anxious desire to afford accommodation suitable to the high rank and increasing number of its visitors. The power of advertising not only served the Crown well, it encouraged more and more people to come and see the town which received so much attention in the press. In 1845, the same year that Sharpin signed the lease for his hotel, the York and Scarborough railway opened offering new adventurous and more affordable transport. Then gradually as the railways extended their services some visitors to the Crown were also choosing to travel by train.

Crown had at the time no ballroom. John Sharpin realised that having attracted fashionable visitors it was up to him to provide a special room where they could entertain. He planned this addition, a ballroom was opened in 1847 and was subsequently used by visitors for their private dances. I some how think you wouldn’t be able to do this today!

Good Dog Hotel & Spa

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John Brabazon, do the Hon Richard Brabazon, do F. Hyndburn House, Accrington: Miss Steiner, do Mr. In his original advertisements John Sharpin recommended visitors to attend musical concerts at the Spa Saloon. There was easy access from the hotel. Today if one crosses the road from the Crown, the original ornamental arch is still to be seen which is the entrance to the path through the gardens leading to the new much grander Spa building. When the lease of the Crown expired in 1857, John Sharpin was obliged to sell its entire contents which must have been a sad and nostalgic experience.

The Erection of the Crown Hotel maybe said to have marked the inauguration of the new and beautiful suburb of Scarborough known to modem residents and visitors as the South Cliff with its stately buildings and magnificent sea-views. Esplanade which was created to the hotel front. The elegant quarter of South Cliff— a semi-aristocratic preserve. John Sharpin now opted for a new lifestyle. Four years earlier he had become a member of the Town Council, been elected mayor of Scarborough and was thought at the age of 31 to be the youngest mayor in England. From there, he arranged a rapid succession of exhibitions, lectures, musical performances and readings for the benefit of residents and visitors. When John Sharpin died at his home in York Place Scarborough in 1898 at 76 years old, his obituary stated that he was a highly respected resident of Scarborough town.

29. The Sinking Ship

To many he was much more. He was a pioneer in advertising and had excellent business principles which brought the Crown to the position of eminence it has occupied ever since. An advertisement soon appeared which would seem to reflect a change of policy at the Crown. Business must move with the times if it is to succeed, then as now. Thomas Winn, wine, Spirit and Porter merchant announces the opening of his Crown Hotel Vaults where Burton Pale India Ales in the highest state of perfection are London and Dublin Porter. Robert Tindall, Bsq, Chairman George F.

The commanding position and capabilities of the Crown Hotel, alternate on the South Cliff. Scarborough are too well known to need description. It seems likely that the bar and stables were now managed independently. The only strange happens were the stealing of horses, notably by a Mr.

Jackson, the following appeared in the local paper. 10th instant, stated he was going to Brompton and neighbourhood on business, and has not returned or been heard of since. The Mare is 6 years old, shows some breeding has been slightly blistered on all fours, been turned away, and is rough in her coat, —- has a mixture of dun with the grey on her quarters. The Dog Cart is painted dark blue, pricked out with narrow red, and has blue plush cushions.

Sharpin’s name on the back in very small letters. In 1863 the house adjacent to the Crown, No 7 Esplanade, owned by Miss Moorson was for sale. It comprised 4 living rooms, plus 10 bedrooms as well as kitchen and servants quarters. The property was bought and easily absorbed into the Crown building without affecting the beauty of the original facade. Gone with the Wind’ — Margaret Mitchell’s epic novel about the American Civil War. Now we see the Esplanade, stark with white stucco and a grand terrace.

Good Dog Hotel & Spa

Its centre is the Crown Hotel, only here and there detached giant columns, and their wide spacing is so odd that one wonders if two have not been taken out. The end of the Regency type of architecture comes at once. This company also bought the Royal Hotel on St. Nicholas Street Scarborough and Raven Hall at Ravenscar near Robin Hoods Bay. They completely redecorated and furnished the Crown and gave a dinner to celebrate the re-opening.

Pompeian’ lines with bronzed columns and fountains which gave the soft and murmur sound of falling water. 1901 the proprietor and manager of The Crown Hotel was Mr. Douglas Gordon — late of the Gordon Hotels, both of whom were very well experienced in hotel organisation and administration. The sanitary system has been thoroughly brought up to date in every point of the establishment and a certificate to that effect attained from the Borough Surveyor. Among the more noteworthy additions have been several bathrooms and three ladies toilette rooms fitted in the most modern style. Ventilation has received close attention, all smells from the kitchen being entirely avoided.

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A new smoking room and lavatories have been added. The coffee room, a bright and pleasant apartment faces the sea. To add to the comfort of visitors, a handsomely appointed passenger lift has been fitted for the conveyance of guests from the lower to the upper floors. The suites of private rooms are very charmingly decorated, four of them after the style of the four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, a most harmonious scheme of embellishment carried out with extremely artistic taste. The years around the turn of this century were splendid for Scarborough.

Visitors were arriving in their thousands and the wealthiest of them patronised the new hotels. Visitors staying in hotels would be used to servants attending their needs and wants and would expect nothing less when staying away from home. Communication by internal telephones was to be a thing of the future but the electric bells which had been fitted to each room would summon a servant to deal with a request. The day started with tea served to guests in their bedrooms. This could have been a tedious task if trays had to be carried up from the kitchens, but there was a much more convenient arrangement.


It is unlikely that any of the guests would have had much idea of the amount of administrative work done by the manager, or of the long tedious hours worked by the staff to make the hotel function efficiently. Throughout the day’s activities, Crown guests would be smartly and suitable turned out, but, dressing for the evening dinner was the high spot of the day. The ladies would bare their shoulders and display their figures in the most beautiful and stylish gowns, and the gentlemen would complement the ladies in frock or dress uniform. After evening dinner, guests could join the others in the lounge for a game of cards or a gossip, or contribute to a musical evening around the grand piano. Crown would not so much be imposed as expected. Their clothing and personal belongings would arrive in huge trunks big enough to hold many changes and in wide varieties of style to suit their activities throughout the day and evening. At Scarborough wherever there is an open Space, the Corporation has acquired it for public use and enjoyment even though it may have been a bit of crumbling cliff a notice threatening trespassers would probably be removed to the museum as a curiosity.

There would be music at the Spa, and a rich programme of concerts, variety, drama and opera at the Londesborough Theatre adjoining the Pavilion. Frivolous young guests may have liked to watch Will Catlin’s Pierrots on their open-air stage on the foreshore site, or attend a film at a newly opened cinema. But it is likely that Mamma’s approval would be needed before a visit could be made to the Peoples Palace under the Spa Bridge. Pavilions by the Sea’ Tom Laughton describes the snobbish attitudes of Scarborough at the turn of the century. At this time Scarborough was a very class conscious town. The best people’ lived on the South Cliff, tradesmen and shopkeepers lived and worked in the centre of the town and the lodging and boarding houses on the North Side.

The king himself visited Scarborough, as did half a million of his subjects each year, most of whom arrived by train to enjoy the fresh air, the good food and the fun. The Crown also continued to thrive and followed the usual habit of providing courteous service of highest standards for its clients who accepted it with the usual habit of the affluent. There seemed to be no reason why it all should not last forever. Scarborough before the outbreak of the First World War in the summer of 1914.

The Crown was left intact, but the Prince of Wales Hotel was hit and so was nearby St. Public outrage led to willing enlistment and many young Scarborough residents were recruited, perhaps some of the staff from the Crown, and some never returned. If it was possible to interview Mrs. Lily Raper who was the manager of The Crown during the war and the years following, and ask her how they managed, undoubtedly she would say that it was not easy. The Sunday Church Parade — an awesome respectable throng where improper classes were excluded from the Esplanade.

Misses Dixon to take charge of the hotel. Miss Georgina controlled the restaurant and catering and Miss Nellie supervised the general administration. The two sisters who had been trained by their mother, herself a hotel manager, were to remain for 30 years until their retirement in 1955. You asked for memories of the Crown Hotel — I have them. The very mention of Christmas evokes memories of my childhood 73 years ago.

Or rather, I am about to be 73 at Christmas time and for many years, I think it was about 10 consecutive years in the twenties and early thirties, my parents and I spent the Christmas holiday, about a week I think, possibly 10 days, at the Crown Hotel. It is interesting to note that it was still not considered correct to print a tariff but that they considered it important to remind prospective clients of the presence of the resident orchestra which added prestige to the smartest hotels. Guests would have been musically entertained throughout the day, and especially in the dining room, as well as for dancing in the evenings. This facility remained in many of the big hotels until the 1950’s. The 1933 advertisement is more ambitious, and for the first time charges are mentioned.

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Evidently the Crown was still expecting only the most affluent members of society as guests the tariff would have been far beyond the means of most people. Clients who patronised the Crown in the last few peaceful years before the Second World War would enjoy the pursuit of their favourite sports and leisure activities. Golf was becoming more popular as was dinghy sailing and yachting. A new sea sport was aquaplaning which became quite a novelty in Scarborough in the thirties. This was the knack of balancing on a board which was towed behind a speed-boat. If Crown guests were not speeding across the bay in this manner they could have been amongst the crowd of spectators lining the Marine Drive to applaud demonstrations of this exhilarating sport.

Good Dog Hotel & Spa

These huge fish followed the herring shoals and were found alongside the herring drifters when they were hauling in their nets, and they also followed the trawlers when they were fishing in the vicinity of the herring. Tunny were usually caught in the evening light and at dawn and at any time on cloudy days. Crown apparently was open for meals and afternoon tea to non-residents during the 1930’s. I went out with other girls we had meals there. One Easter time we were at school over the holiday and I was taken to lunch there by a friend’s parents. I remember all we girls were given an Easter egg.

For the duration of the Second World War the Crown was requisitioned by the War Office for the billeting of men of the Royal Air Force. A frequent visitor to Scarborough at that time recalls watching Physical Training exercises on the beach, seeing them marched off to the Spa for Navigational classes, and especially, and with the humour that hindsight allows, being caught up in their rifle practice. There were several pairs of bunk-beds in each room where the men slept, and meals were cooked in the kitchen, and served at strict times in a communal dining room. He made a nostalgic visit to what had been the Map reading room and jogged his own memory to recall lessons taken there. Scarborough along with other coastal resorts, was making a determined effort to bring back the pre-war habit of taking seaside holidays. The family car was still a rarity, but the motor coach companies were competing with the railways in transporting the people both for day trips and for longer stays.