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This item is not eligible for international shipping. Your password will be reset and sent to your email account. I own the smoky teal set and have had it for several years. Washes perfectly and continues to stand up to dogs laying on my bed! Just purchased the titanium and now can alternate sets! Fabric is good cotton, not flimsy voile cotton like on my comforter.

The king size is plenty large as expected n color is very pretty. Nice to get a product as you expect! I have remodeled my home and this is one item I couldn’t wait to purchase when my home was complete. This quilt completes the serene look in my bedroom I was after. The quality, color, and softness is perfect. I searched for months for a new coverlet, never quite satisfied with what I found.

The Dream coverlet is perfect – soft, well-made, appealing colors, durable. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. In the cooler months I will put my down comforter on. It’s soft, lays well on bed, without being bulky. I also like the non-descript designnot too busy, as I was looking for something more simple. You will not be disappointed in this quilt! Well this would be my 4th or 5th Dream quilt over the years.

I have given two away to friends who have loved mine on my bed. My first color was the birch that is like an ivory without all the yellow. And I just got another birch because it is so light and got a few stains over the years. I haven’t used it yet but I know it will be all shiny and new once I break it out.

I have the bay blue and got the grey one since I seem to have grey sheets and cases. Is your Dream Quilt reversible to the same quilt pattern or is it a plain cotton lining? What’s the cotton count of quilt? Is there any shrinkage to be expected when machine drying the Dream Quilt? The Measurements we show under Product Details on our website are after wash and dry. Care instructions state tumble dry low. Is their a lot of weight to this quilt?

My husband finds traditional matelasse a bit heavy especially for summer. The Dream Quilt has a mid-weight fill for all-season comfort. The overall weight for the Twin size is 5. 00 lbs and King is 7. The Dream Quilt in king size is 101X90 after wash measurements. The standard sham is 20X26 and continental sham 26X26 after wash measurements. This comforter and sham features an energetic kaleidoscope-inspired diamond print.

Smooth 230 thread count long-staple cotton shell. Luminous sand-washed silk is quilted into hand-stitched waves of texture, creating a three-dimensional Eileen Fisher quilt. Quilt has extra-wide silk binding with mitered corners. Get the inside scoop on exclusive sales and new arrivals!

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If you are not completely delighted with an item, we’ll take it back for exchange or refund. You will be receving an email confirmation soon! Click on image for larger and additional views! Click on image for additional photos! Panel Front, MOP Buckle, with EXTREME Low Back! Gotta give this woman credit for her daring even for just buying them!

Where the heck are you gonna find one? This is probably your ONLY opportunity to add these to your collection. CHIGOT Flapper “Hair” Evening Cloche or Wig! Of all the things I sell, I think 1920s flapper headpieces are my favorite. I still have a few rhinestone tiaras that are in my private collection, and I am close to adding this to my own collection as well, so think fast. These hair flapper cloches are quite rare especially this one signed “R.

Chigot” complete with the original silk lining and a small piece of the original price tag attached. There is nothing I can find to tell me who R. A in London and the MET in New York City. Most importantly, I have found a dress that was designed by Hubert de Givenchy in 1963 for Grace Kelly that was executed by Marie Therese.

Garnet Waves Scarf

I also read that Marie Therese “made other dresses for Grace Kelly during her time as Princess of Monaco. Also listed in the Furs, etc and 1850-1920s sections. Also Listed in the 1850-1920s Category. From the Wadsworth Athneneum’s Costume and Textile collection this gown has been in a personal collection for about 30 years. She was carefully stored and treated like a member of the family. I have been in this business for well over 25 years myself, and it’s rare now that a gown takes my breath away when I see it.

1900 MAURICE MEYER, Paris Art Lace Opera Coat! 18th Century Traditional French Costume Quilted Muslin Blue Embroidered CAPOT MARADAISE or LE BALLON Hat! Certainly a rare shape and certainly quite old. Also Listed in the Museum Category.

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6173 – Antique Japanese Maiko Geisha Wig with Flower and Silver Ornaments! I sold one other antique Japanese Geisha Wig recently, and even though they are rare, I had this ONE other one to sell. But this is the last of them at least the last I have now. I wish I could give you more information on this piece.

I would say definitely pre-1940s but really I don’t know. It’s certainly not newer than that even though I’ve seen others that look similar that are newer it’s the interior of the wig that shows it’s age. Some of these wigs are coated with a heavy wax substance to keep it’s shape this one doesn’t have that thick stiff wax so looks a lot more natural. Maiko is an apprentice geisha in western Japan, especially Kyoto. 18th Century Alsace or German Lavish Gold Metallic Embroidered Child’s Cap or Bonnet!

From my research, these were actually referred to as “gold caps”, and this type of headwear was common in Germany and surrounds. 1980’s VICTOR EDELSTEIN, London Black Velvet Gown with Champagne Colored Duchess Satin Swing Jacket Trimmed and Lined in Black Velvet! I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of the Victor Edelstein midnight blue velvet gown worn by Princess Diana when dancing at the White House with John Travolta in 1985. 1869 EXTREMELY RARE Warp Print Silk 3-piece Trained Ballgown! I confessI’ve been holding on to this gown for years now.

I’m told it’s a warp silk print. 1905 Battenburg Lace Coat with Velvet, Pleated Chiffon and Patterned Silk Lining! This is one of those antique pieces that you have to see in person to believe! You get LOST in the detail as it’s layer upon layer of gorgeousness. Made by the Kapo Manufacturing Co, 114 Bedford Street, Boston, Massachusetts!

I have been holding on to this for 12 years now as it’s just so incredibly rare and special. 1878 EMILE PINGAT, Paris 2-piece Heavy Black Silk Satin Bustle Gown in Near Mint Condition! I can’t believe the condition of this gown! I doubt it was ever worn, and then it was stored in some amazing place that didn’t allow for anything to harm it. This coat comes directly from the descendants of the woman in the photo. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to find TWO of these dresses!

Linen Blend Suit with Matching Original Beaded Blouse! Best I’ve Seen in or out of a Museum! Bob Bugnand was born in France and worked as chief designer for Jacques Heim and Robert Piquet. For those of you who have vintage clothing worthy of a museum, this dress should be added to your collection! What I remember most from this party is how much I loved my dress.

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Helen Rose did this outfit for me. It’s pale green, and the coat is lined with the same beading as the dress. We had to pay for those dresses back then. 1960’s HELEN ROSE Couture Pink Beaded Dress! Helen Rose was one of the few top Hollywood Designers from the 1940s-60s. She costumed over 200 films for MGM, was honored with 10 Oscar nominations and two Oscar wins!

Garnet Waves Scarf

Garnet Waves Scarf

She designed wardrobe for a long list of stars. ALL MUSEUM ITEMS BELOW AND ON NEXT PAGES ARE SOLD! Maillot with Two Large Cutouts at Hipbones and Tied Together with Off-White Knit Tie with EXTREME Low Back with Plastic Strap! 1891 Maison Lipman, 2, Rue de la Paix, 2, PARIS, France 2-piece Trained Dinner Gown of Ivory Brocade of Pastel Flower Sprigs!

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NOTE:  It was brought to my attention that the dress may have been shortened, so the price has been greatly reduced to reflect. ALICE SHELDON MATHEWS married to Mr. ALBERT BLAKE DICK of the AB Dick Company on January 25, 1881! This gown came from an auction lot at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in Chicago in the late 1980’s. Incredibly the buyer purchased this  wedding gown at the auction. When they went to the cashier to pay, they were told that a steamer trunk came with the lot.

Also Listed in the 1850-1920s and Wedding Categories. From the Estate of Actress Edie Adams! Hmmmm I think Alaia might have been stealing a bit from Mainbocher. I tried to convince myself that I would have someplace to wear this gown at some point and I’ve kept it in my private collection for years. I now realize that “she” deserves to be seen and appreciated, and not just tucked away by me. Habit a la Francaise” French Frock Coat of Dark Taupe Cut Velvet with Magnificent Polychrome Floral Silk Embroidery Along with Ivory Silk Embroidered Waistcoat! 1770’s Polonaise of Museum Quality Floral and Striped Brocaded Silk Polonaise with Original internal Drawstrings!

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From large estate of early Museum Quality clothing comes this gorgeous open front polonaise gown! And even though he is the expert, he had determined that this gown had been tied with the bow in the front. However, I believe it might have been tied as you see it in the low slung back. I could certainly be wrong but I like it! And I have a line drawing from c. Also listed in the 1850-1930s section. 1958 Attibuted to BALENCIAGA Brown Silk Floral Dress with Gathered Back and Matching Silk Overcoat!

I sold another labeled Balenciaga dress with a similar gathered extraordinary back. 1958 Attibuted to BALENCIAGA Golden Floral Empire Dress with Watteau Back and Sheer Overcoat! I’ve seen enough couture and not couture clothing in my life to know that “attributing this to Balenciaga” seems a no brainer! Would have been one fancy wedding! This dress is the BRIGHTEST I have EVER SEEN! These are ALL gold sequins in various sizes, configurations, direction and slight opaqueness. 42″ long from shoulder to hem.

Watered Silk Faille Light Tan Fabric! PLEASE NOTE: the Buckles are for Show only. You need to login to do this. When the main characters in a show are both female, or if there are only Two Girls to a Team, it almost always leads to a case of this trope. The two ladies will have some sort of relationship with each other, whether they’re best friends, sisters, on the same team, or even explicit lovers. Compare the mannish one and the sweet-naive one of the Four-Girl Ensemble.

Important Note: While this is usually a straightforward trope, examples can still get subjective in regards to whether or not one of the girls is tomboyish enough, the other is girly enough, or whether they’re different enough. 3 to justify deleting an example invokes the very same negative stereotypes mentioned above. When you post an example be sure to explain how one is a tomboy and how the other is a girly girl. Sanrio’s Cinnamoroll features two girls in the group: the quick running sports buff, Chiffon, and the fashionista, Mocha. Played with in Ano Ko Ni Kiss To Shirayuri Wo with Mizuki and Moe, respectively runner and manager of a tracking team.

Annie Leonhart and her roommate in the Military Police Brigade, Hitch. While Annie barely owns more than a few plain hoodies and spends her off-days working out, Hitch is noted to enjoy wearing makeup and dressing up in fashionable clothes on her days off. Russia’s two sisters, Belarus and Ukraine. In regards to genderflips, there’s Girl!

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Korea as the tomboy to Girl! The Hetaween 2011 event has Seychelles and Monaco. During an extra in the fourth volume, Hungary plays this to both Ukraine and Liechtenstein. Minamo Kurosawa and Yukari Tanizaki are the adult version of the trope.

Minamo is easily recognizable by her short, dark-colored hair, while Yukari is the English teacher and has a more traditionally feminine appearance. Though her abrasive manner and childlike behavior are a stark contrast from what you’d typically expect. Her best friend Hina is a little girl who is usually seen in skirts, is a cripplingly shy crybaby, and is afraid of bugs. Tama and Miwa form another pair. Romantic Two-Girl Friendship going on with girly and feminine Kanako.

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Berserk: Before it went From Bad to Worse for her and she became an Apostle, Rosine was the tomboy to her best friend Jill’s girly girl. Karin and Yuzu’s are Polar Opposite Twins. Karin is the Deadpan Snarker with an interest in sports and whose friends are all male. Loly wears short dresses and ties her hair in bunches, but is outspoken, argumentative and violent. Menoly is a short-haired, trouser-wearing girl who is thoughtful, passive and subdued. Both are still tomboyish, regardless, especially compared to Girly Girl Orihime. Marika and Akane from Bokura no Hentai.

The protagonists of the oneshot, Born This Way, play up the Lipstick Lesbian and Butch Lesbian version of this trope. Butt-Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman — a two-part OVA series. Candy Boy: Yukino is more girlish in behavior than her sister Kanade, in perhaps one of the more subtle examples of this trope. Shader has a crush on Fiore and appears to be jealous of her relationship with Joshua. In Cross Ange, Ange is the tomboy who engages in lots of fights, while Momoka is the girly girl who takes care of Ange. The humor in Dekoboko Girlish revolves around this.

Oriko is tall and masculine looking to the point where most people mistake her for a boy. Her friend Natsuo is cute and girly but looks far younger than twenty. Detective Conan: One may think Sonoko is Ran’s girly girl and her older sister Ayako’s tomboy but Ran thing is more complex than that. Miwako is the tomboy to Yumi’s girly girl. Miwako is the tomboy to Kobayashi-sensei’s girly girl.

Garnet Waves Scarf

Both are Identical Strangers to each other, however, and that’s why Yumi was surprised when she met the soft-spoken and girlish Kobayashi-sensei, who she confused for being Miwako, for the first time. Dirty Pair: This is practically a given for any Lovely Angels teams. Bulma and Lunch vary on which is the tomboy and which is the girly girl depending on which of Lunch’s personalities is dominant. If Lunch is in her blonde form, she’s a gun-crazy kleptomaniac and Bulma is a fashion-conscious non-combatant. In the Buu arc, Shorttank and Tsundere Videl and her Ms. Bulma and Chi-Chi also play with this trope.

In the middle of the series, after Lunch has been chucked out, Bulma is the adventurous wrench wench while Chi-Chi is mostly concerned with being a good wife and mother. Eyeshield 21 plays with this in the form of Anezaki Mamori and Suzuna Taki. On the field Mamori is the sweatpants wearing, calculating team manager who makes calls alongside quarterback Hiruma, while Suzuna is The Cheerleader. Hikaru has a mild version of this going on. Hikaru is somewhat tomboyish relative to Tsubasa, wearing more masculine clothes in the opening and being better at sports, but taken on her own she’s still quite feminine. Yankee who has been known to bring a lead pipe to school to threaten people who pick on her friends.

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Kagura Sohma and Tohru Honda also have these dynamics, to a degree. Kagura isn’t that tomboyish, though: she’s more of a Genki Girl. It goes as far as making the symbols on their mascots’ foreheads cutesied-up versions of the Mars and Venus symbols. Honoka is the smartest girl in school and into chemistry. This is mostly a superficial example of the trope. Nagisa has short hair and plays lacrosse, but her room is pink and full of stuffed animals, while Honoka’s is a fairly plain traditional Japanese style room.