Ethereum Phase Blade

All the items in this Rogue Tier 8 lookalike set are dropped in Ulduar 25 man. ONLY in the respective boss’s Ethereum Phase Blade Mode.

Comment by savagekrosa Wowhead forgot about some VERY important items – same look, 226 ilvl and they are purchasable with Justice Points, which makes this set much easier to get! Bind on Equip – you can get them from AH. Comment by Phaust I would just like to mention that Garona’s Guise, while being the same model, does not match the set in color as it is purple. Comment by Gunmoku There is a bizarre glitch with Garona’s Guise on Undead that it turns into the PURPLE version rather than the toxic green one. Undead and the helm turned purple.

I’ll be checking into this on the official WoW forums and report back with any findings. Comment by gewaltgerald so apparently the Garona’s Guise bug is heavily related to racial swaps. 5 head: when i went WoE, my gnome rogue changed to nightelve like always, and while i was nightelve, my helmet turned from the red-ish colour of t8,5 to purple. Now that justice thing sounds awesome! I am winning all the other pieces in a reasonably short time.

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Comment by Sylenced As of patch 5. 4, Garona’s Guise is now the right colour once again on ALL races. Comment by adis5005 I know this is a longshot but could someone please suggest a Polearm or Staff that goes along with this set on a Tauren Drood? 1 – Garona’s Guise is still purple on pandarens. Comment by Svandir Out of curiosity, do you think black ice from the eye of eternity 10-man would go well with this set? Tried using Shard of Azzinoth but weapon enchants make it completely unrecognizable. Been using Fang of Oblivion for now.

Comment by asloversgo Warp-Storm Warblade is absolutely perfect if you’re looking for a one-handed sword to go with this set. Comment by Kalyssa Very nice looking set! There is also a recolor you can get via rep with the Kirin Tor. Comment by galaxyx Are there any other shoulders that match this? Been running Ulduar 25 and the shoulders don’t exist for me. Comment by godmachine06 It seems this helm and all other helms that share the same model are purple on female pandas.

Comment by zerynax I have to say, the Blood Fury axe by far looks the best with this set, surprised nobody thought of that before. Also, if you go for the Red set, the Frostblade Hatchet goes really well along with that. 4 Garona’s Guise is still purple on female panderan. Comment by lampeskjermvask I’m surprised no one has mentioned Terokk’s Shadowstaff to go with this set. The green is pretty much dead on with the rest of the set and the pinkish-purpley orb in the staff also overrides any enchants.

Comment by Kikilicious I’m trying for this set right now. I am currently only missing the chest and shoulders, and I’m having bad luck getting them. While the daggers and tabard glow are slightly off color, they still look great nonetheless. Here’s the full item set in action. Comment by Shollaren I think the colors of Ethereum Phase-Spear fit the set pretty good on top of being a decent looking spear. Being a monk the spear sheaths downward and a bonus would be looking pretty sweet with Jade Spirit enchant.

It is a relatively new option as 6. 0 allowed for polearms and staves to be transmogrified into 2h maces. Comment by Teeleh I’m of the opinion that this set generally looks best without a cloak. Life and Death, which drops from Gothik the Harvester and Gluth in 25 man Naxxramas. Comment by Jazks For those of you looking for a staff and cloak, I went with Lightning Rod and Dark Phantom Cape. Comment by rhaza Which race looks better with this gear ?

Comment by Sookiejane Okay i cannot be the only person this is happening to. I have ran ulduar so many times i’ve lost count. At the least i’d say about 50. I have had the full mog set except the boots on monk for a while now, but the boots will not drop. Theres absolutely no reason for them not to, seeing as Ignus The Furnace Master drops them at a rate of 12. Comment by Cladias For those still going with this transmog, i suggest using this Scout’s Spy Cloak as a back with the replacement of these shoulders Primal Gladiator’s Spaulders for a badass look that fits. Comment by Adelline I personally use Warmongering Gladiator’s Drape of Prowess with this set, but I think that Cloak of the Makers looks quite nice with it as well.

Comment by sakera I was missing the shoulders for this xmog set, so I used Shoulderguards of Legion Domination as a replacement. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. You might want to proof-read your comments before posting them. Please post questions on our forums for quicker reply. Please log in or register an account to add your comment.

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So, what are you waiting for? Download the client and get started. Did I see Mail in their spells? Comment by Nynaeve Demon Hunters are a newly playable class to be released in the upcoming expansion pack, Legion. This is a hero class, and will start at level 98.

By the end of the starting experiences, the player should be level 100 and prepared to jump into Legion. They may eventually have that restriction lifted, as Death Knights did, but that would be well into the future. This requirement is currently set at level 70. These playable Demon Hunters are the Illidari who players fought in Black Temple and were imprisoned after the fall of their leader, Illidan Stormrage, Azeroth’s first Demon Hunter. Only the Night Elf and Blood Elf races can currently be Demon Hunters, since the playable Demon Hunters are those who were imprisoned after the assault on Black Temple. Demon Hunters begin with the title .

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Demon Hunters start out with four 20 slot bags. The starting gear sets are in more of a silver metal for Night Elf race and more of a golden tone for Blood Elf race, hence the linking of two pair of shoulders for each tier of starting armor. The Demon Hunter starting experience is a multi-pronged one. Currently the former is the only drop, even for blood elves. Demon Hunters currently have the class mount, the Felsaber. The Felsaber is obtained during the starting experience on Mardum, the Shattered Abyss. No word yet on what happened to the Demonsaber mount.

Demon Hunters can heal themselves with the Soul Fragments they rip from their enemies, either by running through or close to the Soul Fragments, as you would with a Monk’s Healing orbs, or by using certain abilities. You can find the Demon Hunter PvE Talent calculators here on wowhead: Havoc and Vengeance. You can find the PvP Talent Calculators here: Havoc and Vengeance. The Demon Hunter class Order Hall is a place you encounter during your starting experience. Demon Hunters use agility and, along with Rogues, Druids, and Monks, wear Leather armor.

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Whilst Demon Hunters can use a wide variety of weapon types, Warglaives can only be Transmogrified into Warglaives, One-Handed Swords, and One-Handed Axes. Demon Hunters can Double Jump allowing them to jump again while already in the air from the first jump, and they can Glide to spread their wings and reduce falling speed. Unlike the rest of the classes currently in game, Demon Hunters have only two specs, Havoc, a melee dps spec, and Vengeance, a tanking spec. Havoc uses a resource called Fury. Vengeance uses a resource currently called Pain. Both specs dual wield weapons, and the Artifact weapons for them in Legion are sets of Glaives.

You can read the overviews on these weapons, with limited backstory, on the blog on the wow site. These glaives of immense power cut through all that would stand in the Demon Hunter’s way. You can find the model options for this weapon here on wowhead. The Hidden Artifact Weapon Skin for Havoc is Guise of the Deathwalker from Downfall.

The Challenging Artifact Weapon Skin for Havoc is Flamereaper, obtained from Closing the Eye from the Mage Tower on the Broken Shore. Infused with the might and incredible resilience of a lost people. The Hidden Artifact Weapon Skin for Vengeance is Bulwark of the Iron Warden from the bosses found in the area unlocked by Twisting Nether. The Challenging Artifact Weapon Skin for Vengeance is Umberwing, obtained from The Highlord’s Return from the Mage Tower on the Broken Shore.

While Warglaives can be Transmogrified into Warglaives, One-Handed Swords, and One-Handed Axes, you might only be interested in Warglaives transmogrification options. Empowered Green Glaive, Empowered Orange Glaive, etc. Monster – Glaive – 2 Blade Silver – simple silver metal practice glaive style, wielded by Cenarion Hold Infantry, Cenarion Outrider, Demon Hunter Supplicant, etc. Blue and blue version of Glaive of the Fallen, wielded by Izal Whitemoon, Kyra Lightblade, etc. Purple and Gold version of Glaive of the Fallen, wielded by Altruis the Sufferer, Jace Darkweaver, Ariana Fireheart, etc. Purple and Steely, more glowing lines version of Warglaive of the Fel Hammer, almost the same, but not quite.

I hope Blizzard will add a few older models of glaives for transmogrification possibilities, as transmogrification options will be limited to the starting glaives and the 20 or so variants of the Demon Hunter’s current Artifact. Wie sagt man “Demon Hunter” auf Deutsche? Comment dit-on, en Français, “Demon Hunter”? Como se dice “Demon Hunter” en Español?

Como se diz “Demon Hunter” em português? Come si dice “Demon Hunter” in italiano? Demon Hunter” 를 한국말로 어떻게 말해요? Comment by wowwowy I am so excited! Comment by Urkoz It says Mail proficiency? Comment by deathxelf Once legion arrives, bye druid, dk, pala! Comment by Kranch A non-demon who hunts demons and others with demonic powers.

I’ll make the all conspiracy theory for you. We can say that demon hunters are nothing without the hunt too? Shadowsong was one of the random demon hunter names in Warcraft 3 RoC. As you can see here Maiev was a demon hunter herself. If you cannot beat them, join them. Comment by bazzyl I’ve been waiting for this class since Warcraft 3. Hope Blizz won’t screw it up for us. is fraud very high…

Comment by Maurvyn Is there something weird with the item sets? Not sure why we needed another Agi leather class. Seems odd to have so much bloat from one specific armor type. At least now you aren’t competing for loot, necessarily. Comment by yahitsme As a minor spoiler during the starting zone, if you die or allow yourself to be sacrificed to open one of the gatways, you discover that your character, much like Illidan, has a demonic soul which cannot be destroyed by normal weapons or magic. So enjoy that, I guess, you not only get to hunt demons, but become a demon yourself. Whatever moral or philosophical issues arise from this are up to you to deal with.

I see this , and i know we arent going to be able to mog it. But they should give us this option as a Demon Hunter to take this appearance with different color options for the Artifact weapons for the Demon Hunter. Considering this and or the Warglaive of Azzinoth is a Demon Hunter dream mog weapon at least, if not being an appearance for the Artifact weapon. Comment by Ravandice I’m gonna play this class purely so that I can finally have a Nether Bond. Demon Hunter Class is something that the game should have provided a long time ago , back when the sparks of TBC was in the news and we wanted a taste of what was and will be our life time Dream, but late is better than never i guess, although i really despise the fact that Blizzard is going through a contagious plague, we’ve seen earlier in most popular long Run games, which is : Digging up the Dead ! TBC lovers, is a Welcome Sight in the new Expansion’s Release, which begs the question: Are we gonna see her carrying out her old resentment towards the betrayer, or will they form some sort of truth and work towards a commong goal?

Old vanilla, until WOLTK , legendaries and artifacts to which’ stories we held on for a long long time, think of them as the crown jewel of the story’s beauty and grace, something that would never happen again and it was something that you either bear witness to or you would miss forever ! PVP: i can say that the game is going to a real fall out PVP wise, since the coming of the stupid expansion 5. Comment by smashingquasar How awkward will it be to run Black Temple with my Demon Hunter? Will it divide Outland by zero? So many questions about Legion that Blizzard still refuses to answer.

It will stay a mystery just like whether or not Satan has been designing the Ro’Shambo drop rate in the Tillers. Comment by Rankkor We were not prepared. I am kinda sad though, that we wont be able to use our wings as a class-exclusive mount. I was hoping that demon hunters would be able to use their wings to actually fly, similarly to the druid’s flight form, but alas, no such luck. Closest equivalent we are getting is gliding down, which is nowhere near as awesome. I can always hope they change their minds eventually. Comment by wisedada Demon Hunters are now immune to Blind.

We’re not sure how it was working before. They’re wearing blindfolds, for pete’s sake. Comment by Cr00xY IMO there are 2 big problems or mistakes blizzard is making in here. 4 now with DHs, while there are only 2 mail wearing classes.

Seems to me that making DHs mail wearers would be more logical and fair. This could potentially cause imbalance in drops and raid set ups. I thinks it’s heavily unfair for all the classes so far that DHs are gonna have only 2 playable specs. DHs, and totally unfair towards everybody else. Just ask any druid or paladin how they feel when they have 3 specs they like, but only 2 slots for dual spec. Comment by fameneiros I’m looking forward to the game or beta.

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Although some have never given me in 10 years. So stick with the only thing left me hope. Comment by Froopy Looking so much forward to play a DH! Comment by Bracia It’s too bad that like every new class, everyone and their mother is going to have one. Comment by ellishickey Made a bet with my mate in late MoP about what would be the new class in WoW, I said a Demon Hunter and he said Dragoon.

Comment by Tasdingo I think Blizzard should consider a glyph for permanent wings either for flying or just generally. Comment by Avvoltoio2 Why twin Blades of Azzinoth ? Comment by Derangera Demon Hunters are joining the Conqueror tier sets in Legion. Competing with Paladins, Priests, and Warlocks. Comment by Trevastated All Demon Hunters will also start with the title , to use as they see fit. Comment by Ellpower Really clean Vengeance Demon Hunter UI here.

A hunter who aims to hunt down demons. Proof: Their main cause is to destroy legion. A demon who uses demonic powers to hunt his enemies. Let’s see how confident you are against one of your own kind, dreadlord! Bonus quote from RoC: “Wings, horns, hoofs, what do we say, is this Diablo? Comment by Kranch Actually “Demon Hunter” means two different things and both of them are true for this class. Comment by dlponcelow OK, I’ve played Garrisons way too long.

Used to having garrison hearthstone and also one for an inn of your choice. So I have my Demon Hunter hearthstone for Mardum. So when I get to Stormwind I get a hearthstone for an inn in Stormwind. No way I know of to get back to Mardum, but not sure I will ever need to. Comment by Ryyo is there some kind of friendly fire bug with demon hunters right now? Immolation Aura as soon as i walked into the inn where they were spamming it.

2: ok well maybe it’s not just demon hunters idk what’s going on but i just got killed by a worgen hunter while idling in goldshire. Comment by scharky NO tauren Demon Hunters? That’s itI’m writing a very strongly worded letter to the NAACP. National Association for the Advancement of Cow People. Comment by Boxofbeer Each class in Legion has a long class hall quest chain — campaign. During that chain you’ll raise your power and power of your class hall.