Elizabeth Gore Discusses Legacy, District Goals

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The last 13 presidents of the United States — going back to Franklin D. Roosevelt, who signed into law the watershed Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act in 1934 — considered trade to be mutually beneficial for their fostering of economic growth and good relations among nations. President Trump sees the world differently. Cato scholars have written extensively on how Trump’s trade policy is motivated by a toxic blend of ignorance, petulance, and nationalist grievance. Podcast with Simon Lester, Colin Grabow, and Caleb O.

Why Does the Federal Government Issue Damaging Dietary Guidelines? There is a tradition of politicians involving themselves in science. From William Jennings Bryan’s attack on evolutionary theory in the Scopes Trial, to Al Gore and Donald Trump distorting modern climate science, politicians inevitably politicize science and almost always get it wrong. Why is the American health care system so dysfunctional and costly? At this point, it is apparent that officials simply don’t want to admit what it is now clear: there was never any good reason to separate them in the first place.

As negotiations stumble forward, we will likely continue to see embarrassing diplomatic foul-ups for three key reasons. Android may be dominant, but there’s no reason to believe consumers are being harmed. The summit meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Helsinki offers an important opportunity to repair the badly damaged relationship between Russia and the United States. Fed’s monetary policy stance are mainly achieved by means of adjustments to the rate of interest the Fed pays on banks’ excess reserve balances. In real capitalism there are no guaranteed profits. But corporate welfare eliminates this handicap for the well-connected.

Are We on the Verge of a Chinese Credit Crunch? If China were a Eurozone country, it would likely be regarded as the next victim of the bond vigilantes. Misunderstanding of how trade defecits and free trade works is not limited to one side of the aisle. Should Cryptocurrencies Be Regulated like Securities? Now Available Home Study Resources The Cato Institute offers a wealth of online educational audio and video resources, from self-paced guides on the ideas of liberty and the principles of economics, to exclusive, archived lectures by thinkers such as Milton Friedman and F. SEGMENT 1-The guys discuss how TXDOT is spying on your travel habits using Bluetooth, and other government spy tactics. Our Senior Political Advisor Joe Allbaugh joined us to talk about identity theft and the IRS.

We talk about if the Shoal Creek renovations held up through the flooding. The guys talk more about IRS identity theft and if America should adopt the metric system. Big news in Texas today as former Governor Rick Perry announces his presidential run. Joe Allbaugh breaks down Perry’s chances. SEGMENT 3-Rita joins us for the entertainment segment. She talks about Willie Nelson and his many film appearances, including his role in the upcoming Zoolander sequel. Taco Bell now offers alcohol in Chicago!

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Rita reminds us to be nice to the people who handle your food. SEGMENT 4- The Dallas City Council overturned their bag ban. The guys talk about the possibility of Austin following suit. They discuss the difference between your average grocery shoppers versus Whole Foods shoppers to coincide with the opening of their cheaper stores. Dennis Farris is sitting in with the guys this morning! We have new information about the murder of Samantha Dean.

The guys discuss traffic problems and how pedestrians don’t ever pay attention in Austin. The city of Austin is starting summer rates for energy billing and they released ways to reduce your bill. The guys talk about what the right temperature to set your home and office vs. Rita calls in and tells us the Top 10 Ultimate Life Experiences! Jenner breaking a Guinness World Record for number of Twitter followers in an hour.

Mike Clark from Natural Bio Health calls in and informs us about Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Ode to Billie Joe’ in honor of it being June 3rd. Talk about a Viagra pill for women gets everyone joking around. The guys start the show by recapping the aftermath of the tragic Memorial Day storm that swept across Central Texas.

They talk about the increase in traffic fatalities from last year, and discuss the 10 craziest baby names. The guys also wish Eric Raines a happy birthday and discuss the construction on Mopac. The guys talk about the Austin people coming together after the storms to raise money for the community. We partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network and the Salvation Army on Friday and raised about a quarter of a million dollars toward the storm relief efforts. Rita calls in to talk entertainment. Urban Cowboy is getting a TV show remake. Johnny Manziel threw a water bottle at a heckler and missed, and Kim Kardashian is expecting another baby.

The guys discuss the heat wave in India killing over 2,000 people, Texas Congress approving Campus Carry over the weekend, and the increase in kids surviving childhood cancer treatments due to less aggressive treatments. They talk about the new and upcoming movies, negative effects and personal experiences with smoking, and we hear the song Carlos from Angry Possum Productions made about Bob. Today we celebrate Fun Friday with giving. KOKE FM and the Austin Radio Network team will be collecting donations today at the Austin Disaster Relief Network location. Don Miller will be broadcasting from the collection site today with information on what is needed for the flood relief. More flooding is possible this weekend and the guys discuss the fake flood photos circulating the internet. Erin Hogan from The Horn joins us, broadcasting from their location at the Hays County Store.

Stephen Colbert Gets Bitcoin Right : Bitcoin

Bob tells us the secret to buying candy at CVS. And we visit Don again at the ADRN site. The guys discuss Eric Raines’ popped hamstring while preparing for Reckless Kelly’s Celebrity Softball Jam this weekend. The guys discuss the significant increase in the price tickets for professional baseball games. Politician Joe Allbaugh calls in to deny rumors of possibly being hired as campaign manager if Ohio Governor John Kasich decides to run for the 2016 presidency.

Greg Burger of Precision Camera joins us to promote their partnership with Boot Campaign. Precision will pay half the price of any pair of boots purchased from bootcampaign. Jimmy Carter joins us to talk about his upcoming trip to Hawaii and his hobby of photography. In the news, Jimmy talks about the tragedies of flooding waters, including the recent discovery of the body of a small child in Hays County.

Jimmy also talks about the success that new movies Entourage and Jurassic World will have in the box office during their opening weekend. The guys discuss the rising stardom of Chris Stapleton, who released his album two weeks ago and has written 11 number one hits for artists like Luke Bryan and Kenny Chesney. Lake Travis is at 629 feet after the storms over the weekend. City Manager Marc Ott has taken full responsibility for the situation by firing Snipes. Oprah has dropped in the ranking of most powerful women and new women have made the list. As new TV programs emerge, the guys try to decide what is appropriate and what crosses the line. The book chronicles Willie’s alcohol addiction, marijuana and religion.

As if we needed another reason to celebrate Austin! Jimmy Carter joins us this Wednesday morning. He informs us of the recent violence against cops in breaking news stories including a heroic K-9 officer. National news may neglect our officers but the guys discuss the importance of talking about these violent crimes. Jimmy reflects on the aftermath of the floods and the impact in Houston, which included a floating casket in the flood waters.

The dam in Ellis county is in danger of breaking. The guys discuss Baltimore as it continues to face shocking violence and as a result the population has continued to decrease since the 1950’s. K-9 officers, since the Ferguson Riots. Mayor Steve Adler calls in to talk about the storms over the Memorial Day weekend.

The guys talk prevention methods we have learned to prevent Shoal Creek from future flooding. Lake Travis is up 20 feet after the flood. The aftermath has left many Austin area residents in need of relief. The guys discuss the problems that come along with losing power. We talk with former Mayor Lee Leffingwell about the storms and some Austin history.

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Salvation Army spokesperson Jan Gunter calls in to tell our listeners that they are here to help the Austin area relief effort. She tells us ways to donate and where to seek support during these hard times. Jimmy Carter joins us to talk about these devastating storms. He tells us about the hopeful Lake Travis revival post-storm and the need to educate people, especially youth, about safety procedures during storms. He also tells us about the deadly Trace Adkins concert and reminds us to watch what we say on Twitter. Battery powered radios kept the Austin area informed during the storms. The guys talk about the flooding in Bastrop and after the recent fires, how much more devastation the city can take.

We catch up with Mayor Adler again to talk about the aftermath of this weekend’s storms. Our listener Leslie from Ding Dong, Texas, calls in to tell us about the tornado that blew through Saturday night. With all the bad weather the guys reminisce on the good ole days. The guys share their big plans for this Memorial Day weekend. Texas baseball continues to play well in the Big 12 Tournament. We give you a Memorial Day weekend montage and talk marijuana.

RF Simulations for AAβ Cryptosystem, an Asymmetric Encryption Scheme | Adnan | Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Bobby Boyd has COPD and informs us about his awareness event next Sunday May 31st. Willie’s Cut-N-Putt golf course in Spicewood. Kenny Chesney played Austin 360 Amphitheater last night and Jimmy tells us all about it. Bob talks about his nose-bleed seats to see the Eagles at Frank Erwin. Jimmy tells us about the Nissan ad featuring The Voice funny guys Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

UT seniors graduate this weekend and the guys take time to congratulate our Longhorns. Jimmy Buffet’s upcoming concert has a unique ticketing system. The guys talk about the ridiculous amount of money made by artists from concerts. New smart phone emojis baffle the guys. The guys start off the morning chat with what else but all this rain. They talk about the struggles of waking up in the morning. Poppa Henry Salas joins us for a talk about the dangers of social media for children.

The guys predict the horse race, Bob gives us a history lesson, and the guys discuss the progression of Larry the Cable Guy. Bob tells us about the Memorial Day weekend rain curse. The guys discuss government jobs and their flaws. Jimmy Carter joins us to continue discussion about the VA and the tendency for America to neglect our veterans. The guys say goodbye to the Legend. The Ed Sullivan theater will undergo renovations for Stephen Colbert to take over.

SEGMENT 4-Major James Crabtree and former POW Sgt. Ken Wallingford join us to talk about the importance of Memorial Day. They tell us what FREEDOM means to them and ask veterans to send videos to voicesofveterans. Wallingford tells the story of his 6 month capture in Vietnam.

Dennis Farris joins us this morning to replace Bob who is out sick today! The Eagles concert last night kept some of our guys out late. An F-zero tornado, whatever that means, struck Giddings yesterday afternoon. Former police officer, Dennis tells us his opinion about the Waco shootout and the current anti-police climate in America. Jimmy Carter joins us to talk about The Voice, Ray Charles, and killer guitar players including Brad Paisley.

Jimmy will be staying up tonight for Letterman’s last show and the guys discuss potential guests. 11 attacks as we prepare for the new tower to open. Ricky Brennes joins the guys to talk about the BEVO Foundation. You can get your picture with the big guy Friday and Saturday, 10 AM at DKR. Ricky tells a hilarious story about when Eric attempted to halter BEVO. Talk begins about Florida Congressman Al C. Hastings and how he believes men and women of Congress aren’t paid enough.

Madhukar Shirke

Nostalgia ensues when the guys think about how expensive it is to eat out nowadays. Bob reminisces on a science experiment gone wrong back in middle school. Troy’s students are done with finals and the guys talk about whether or not he failed anyone. It’s David Letterman’s last week of shows and it brings back memories of how he shaped late night television. Jimmy Carter is back today to talk about anything and everything! He starts off saying he’s on an ice cream hiatus until Blue Bell is back on shelves. More talk about the Waco shooting, and the shows Sons of Anarchy and Hells Angels are brought up.

Wilson’ from Castaway than Taylor Swift. It’s time for the Face Off with Susan Oswald, Troy Kimmel, Chip Roy and Jason Nassour! They discuss medical marijuana and the Waco shooting. A biker-gang shootout in Waco killed 9 people on Sunday.

The Guys discussed the White House decision to no longer send military surplus equipment to local law enforcement. American Pharoah won the Preakness Saturday after winning the Kentucky Derby, putting the horse one race away from the Triple Crown. Dick rode the big coasters at Fiesta Texas with his grandchildren on Sunday. The guys discuss the Billboard Music Awards celebrating The Breakfast Club’s 30-year anniversary. They review Faith Hill and Kanye West’s performances.

The guys try to decipher Louis C. Oh yea and Robin Thicke’s dog is a pothead! Jimmy Carter starts the talk about the ambiance of  Twin Peaks, and ties it to the  deadly shooting in its Waco parking lot. An APD officer was killed in New Mexico, which causes Bob to reminisce about when he met the fallen officer. On a lighter note they discuss drunken fools at country concerts and sporting events. Jimmy tells us who he thinks will win The Voice. Quick Hits of the day include smelly bathroom talk, old men still having the hots for women and recent movies.