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Red Sox owner John Henry: ‘We need to win’ Red Sox owner John Henry believes with the right approach, his team can be “very successful” this season. What would happen if a baseball game went 50 innings? Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the President of Angola. The neutrality of this article is disputed. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

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Angolan politician who served as President of Angola from 1979 to 2017. Eduardo dos Santos, born in what is today the district of Sambizanga in Luanda, is the son of Avelino Eduardo dos Santos and Jacinta José Paulino. While in school, dos Santos joined the MPLA, which marked the beginning of his political career. Due to repression by the colonial government, dos Santos went into exile in neighbouring Congo-Brazzaville in 1961. From there he collaborated with the MPLA and soon became an official member of the party. In 1970, he returned to Angola, which was still a Portuguese territory known as the Overseas Province of Angola, and played a significant role in the Angolan struggle for independence.

Eduardo Young

Eduardo Young

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MPLA’s Department of Health at this time. After the death of Angola’s first president, Agostinho Neto, on 10 September 1979, José Eduardo dos Santos was elected president of the MPLA on 20 September 1979, and he took office as President of Angola, and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces on 21 September. He was also elected as President of the People’s Assembly on 9 November 1980. UNITA, led by Jonas Savimbi and supported by South Africa and the United States, never fully recognized the legitimacy of MPLA as the ruling government of Angola and triggered several armed conflicts over the years to express its opposition.

The war was also marked by intense foreign intervention, since the Soviet Union and Cuba backed the MPLA government and the US and South Africa supported UNITA as a way to limit the expansion of Soviet influence in Africa. On 29 and 30 September 1992, after 16 years of fighting that killed up to 300,000 people, elections were held in Angola, under United Nations supervision. In 1993, while Savimbi and UNITA refused to give up territory won through battle, the United States, involved in settling peace talks between the two rival parties and leaders in order to work out a power-sharing arrangement, decided to withdraw their support from UNITA and officially recognize dos Santos and the MPLA government as the official ruling body in Angola. The death of UNITA’s leader Jonas Savimbi in February 2002 enabled the resumption of peace process. On April 4, the Angolan army and the rebels agreed to a ceasefire, and peace was officially declared on August 2. In 2001, dos Santos announced that he would step down at the next presidential election.

However, in December 2003 he was reelected as head of the MPLA and no further presidential election took place, despite these being announced for 2006, then 2007, and finally 2009. José Eduardo dos Santos reportedly escaped an assassination attempt on 24 October 2010 when a vehicle tried to intercept his car as he was returning from the beach with his family. His escort opened fire killing two passengers in the vehicle, and weapons were found on board. This incident has not been confirmed by any other source. In the 2012 general election, his party, the MPLA, won more than two-thirds of the votes. As dos Santos had been the top candidate of the party, he automatically became President, in line with the constitution adopted in 2010. In September 2014, José Eduardo dos Santos announced the end of the cumulation of the position of provincial governor with provincial first secretary of the MPLA.

This measure aimed to improve the operation of the provincial administration and the municipal administrations, as a way to adjust the governance model to a new context and bigger demand for public services. As President, dos Santos continued the task of economic and political reconstruction begun by his predecessor. In the early 1990s, dos Santos progressively abandoned the Marxist ideology and established a liberalised free-market economy in Angola, setting the country on the path to becoming sub-Saharan Africa’s third largest economy, following South Africa and Nigeria, the second largest African oil producer and a top destination for foreign investment in Africa. In November 2006, dos Santos cofounded the African Countries Diamond Producers Association, an organization of approximately 20 African nations founded to promote market cooperation and foreign investment in the African diamond industry. José Eduardo dos Santos’s role in the development of the oil sector was praised in London, during the opening of the first annual world conference to support the national business sector, which was held in October 2014.

The role of the President José Eduardo dos Santos, in the growth of the Angolan economy, was the topic of a lecture held on August 28. The Angolan economist José Pedro de Morais, the lecturer, stressed the various pragmatic steps taken by the Angolan Head of State, in all stages of the complex context of the country. Dos Santos announced on 11 March 2016 that he planned to retire in 2018. This timetable would mean that he would leave office after the next election, scheduled for 2017.

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In December 2016, the MPLA chose João Lourenço, the Minister of Defense and Vice-President of the MPLA, as the party’s top candidate and therefore its presidential candidate for the 2017 election, indicating that dos Santos would step aside prior to 2018. Dos Santos became wealthy when he first took power, but only began amassing his incredibly large assets during and after the Angolan civil wars. When the ceasefire occurred and large portions of the economy were being partially privatized, he took control of several emerging companies and industries. He helped arrange similar takeovers of several other natural resource industries.

Eduardo Young

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Eventually the Angolan Parliament made it illegal for the president to have financial holdings in companies and organizations. In response to this, Dos Santos supposedly began arranging for his daughter to receive the financial kickbacks and assets from these companies. Along with this, the government budget had grown over a decade to 69 billion dollars in 2012 through oil revenues. The International Monetary Fund reported that 32 billion in oil revenue simply went missing from the government’s ledger before being tracked to have been used on “quasi-fiscal activities”.

Eduardo Young

José Eduardo dos Santos was named “Man of the Year 2014” by Africa World magazine. According to the newspaper, the choice of the Angolan leader was due to his contribution to the great process of economic and democratic recovery of Angola since the end of the war. Dos Santos was praised for the major role he played in favour of the country’s independence and his commitment to the promotion of peace and democracy in the country, through negotiations with opposition movements designed to put a definite end to the civil war. A University of Namibia Engineering and Information Technology campus in Ongwediva is named after former Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos, himself a trained engineer by profession for assisting Namibia with attaining her freedom from oppression. José Eduardo dos Santos married three times and has six children from his wives, and one born out of wedlock. His first wife was the Russian-born Tatiana Kukanova, whom he met while studying in Azerbaijan.

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With Maria Luísa Abrantes Perdigão, one of his children is Angolan artist Coréon Dú. He is currently married to former fashion model and air hostess, First Lady Ana Paula dos Santos, whom he married in 1991. He and his family have amassed a significant personal fortune. In mid-2017 dos Santos twice traveled to Barcelona in Spain on weeks-long visits that were rumored to be related to a medical problem.

The government acknowledged that the first visit was related to his health. No official explanation was given for his second visit, from 3 July to 19 July. Apart from Portuguese, he is also fluent in Spanish, French and Russian. Biography at MPLA website Archived 2011-01-22 at the Wayback Machine. The Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Abu Dhabi. Noticias do Brasil, Portugal e países de língua portuguesa e comunidades portuguesas. Profiles of people in power: the world’s government leaders.

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Louise Redvers, “Angola: Who’s who in the palace? Especial dia Internacional da Mulher : Coreon Dú “A mulher angolana que mais admiro é minha mãe Dra. Angola’s ruling family is worth billions. What happens when dad steps down? Angolan president returns from second trip to Spain, condition unclear”, Reuters, 20 July 2017. In the mean time the Soviets had this individual Comrade José Eduardo dos Santos, who spoke fluent Russian and was married to a Russian women, was the perfect candidate to assure the Russians, Angola would not jump ship”. Wikimedia Commons has media related to José Eduardo dos Santos.

Recipients of the Order of the Companions of O. Argentine businessman who is his country’s largest real-estate developer. He is the chairman of Inversiones y Representaciones S. Through IRSA, Elsztain runs most of the shopping malls in Argentina, including the country’s largest mall, the Alto Palermo in Buenos Aires. In addition, he and the Argentine government jointly own Banco Hipotecario. Eduardo Sergio Elsztain was born in Buenos Aires in 1960. His grandfather, Isaac Elsztain, had left Russia in 1917, after the Russian Revolution, and settled in Argentina, where he purchased various properties.

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He founded Inversiones y Representaciones S. Elsztain married psychologist Mariana Carmona in 1991. They have had four children and live in the neighborhood of Belgrano, where he has lived all his life. A devout Jew, Elsztain built a synagogue next door to his home. Several of Elsztain’s firms, including Cresud, Grupo Dolphin S. Their business partnership ended in 2003. Elsztain lived in New York in 1989-90.

Eduardo Young

Soros became a leading investor in IRSA. The partnership with Soros became profitable for both parties, as the Argentine economy recovered during the 1990s from the severe stagflation of the previous decade. In addition to Soros, Elsztain has also worked closely with U. Michael Steinhardt, and Hollywood mogul Edgar Bronfman.

IRSA became a leading local real-estate development firm during the 1990s, purchasing 13 up-market Buenos Aires office buildings and a leading local shopping-mall developer, Alto Palermo S. As of September 2012, Elsztain had purchased several businesses in Brazil and, more recently, in Israel and the United States. In 2010, IRSA bought 11 percent of Hersha Hospitality Trust, which owns 77 U. Elzstain owns the Llao Llao Hotel in the tourist resort of San Carlos de Bariloche in Río Negro Province, Argentina.

Elsztain was a Trustee and Member of Acquisition Committee of Hersha Hospitality Trust from 2009 to 2011, and a Trustee of Hersha Hospitality Trust from August 2009 to September 12, 2011. He has served as an Executive Officer of Golden Minerals Company and as President of IRSA Investments and Representations Inc. As of 2005, Elsztain’s brother Alejandro was managing IRSA and Cresud, his brother Daniel was in charge of the malls, and their cousin Fernando was managing the real estate. IRSA’s major enterprises have relied on Elsztain’s ability to spot the potential in dilapidated properties and renovate them. IRSA built commercial and office space. Elsztain is Chairman, CEO, and a Member of Executive Committee of IRSA, titles he has held since 1991.

He is Chairman and a Member of the Executive Committee of Cresud, titles he has held since 1994. He is Chairman and President of the Executive Committee of Alto Palermo S. Elsztain is one of Argentina’s leading owner of cereal and soy fields and an influential member of the country’s four rural organizations, Sociedad Rural, Federación Agraria Argentina, Confederaciones Rurales Argentinas, and Coninagro. In addition, Elsztain has been Non-Executive Chairman of Austral Gold Limited since 2007. He has been the Chairman of Alto Palermo S. 2000 and its Director since 1994.

He also serves as the Vice-Chairman of E-Commerce Latina S. He is the President and Chairman of the Board of Consultores Asset Management, which he founded. Elsztain made his initial investment in Ganden through his public companies. Elsztain currently serves on the Board of Directors of Endeavor, an international non-profit development organization that finds and supports high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

He is also the President of Fundación IRSA and Museo de los Niños del Abasto. Board of Directors of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, and of the Group of 50, and he has attended the G20 Business Summits. Endeavor, which aids entrepreneurs in emerging countries. Elsztain reportedly became a regular visitor to the presidential offices at the Casa Rosada.

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In August 2012, Elzstain began building a large shopping mall, Distrito Arcos, in the neighborhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires, without applying for authorization from the city’s legislature or going through any of the legal steps necessary for construction projects. The opening was suspended by court order for one year, and ultimately took place in November 2014. 288 million in the market to finalize a capital expansion. Among other things, the reform includes mortgage-financing breaks for citizens. Along with Jewish leaders Ronald S. Lauder and Jack Terpins, Elsztain met with Hugo Chávez in August 2008 to discuss anti-Semitism in Venezuela and the welfare of the country’s Jewish community.

Success of an Argentinian Jewish philanthropist”. Wealthy Argentine businessman bails out IDB Group”. Amado Boudou announces public mortgage loans plan”. Archived from the original on 2014-05-12. Eduardo Elsztain: el dueño de la tierra”.

The Jewish-Argentinian savior of Israeli tycoon Nochi Dankner”. Dot Buenos Aires: la reinvención del shopping center”. Elsztain busca hacer negocios en Israel”. Richest Jew in Argentina comes to the aid of Israel’s Nochi Dankner”.

Cinco grupos pelean para lograr la bendición K en la puja por Telecom”. Eduardo Elsztain, el escandaloso pasado del “nuevo” empresario cristinista”. Tycoon loses control of IDB, Israel’s biggest holding group”. Judge Orenstein Rules That IDB Belongs to Elsztain and Ben-Moshe”. Un empresario argentino invierte en un grupo israelí”. Eduardo Elsztain Named Chairman of WJC”. New Executive Committee of World Jewish Congress”.

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Presidente Cristina Kirchner recibió al titular de IRSA”. El shopping Dot niega responsabilidad en inundaciones del barrio Mitre”. Abre el shopping Distrito Arcos, en Palermo”. Eduardo Elsztain después de una reunión histórica con Chávez”.

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