Edit files and commit them

You’ll find that most of your Git-related operations can and need to be done on the commandline. Git application, edit files and commit them will include the commandline tools. I can how to generate a public key.

4392747 for a discussion of the different protocols. The same cycle, with a few differences, is what we will work through on the commandline. Getting a copy of a repository onto your local machine is called cloning. Don’t be afraid to commit project. Now you’re in the working directory, the set of files that you currently have in front of you, available to edit. By default, the new branch is based upon whatever branch you were on.

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You can also choose what to base the new branch on. These changes will only be applied to this branch when they’re committed. You didn’t actually need to create your new amend-my-name branch until you decided to commit. But creating your new branches before you start making changes makes it less likely that you will forget later, and commit things to the wrong branch. Git has a staging area, for files that you want to commit.

On your machine, you can edit a number of files and commit them altogether. Staging a file in Git’s terminology means adding it to the staging area, in preparation for a commit. It’s not your files, but the changes to your files, that are staged. Make some further change to attendees_and_learners. Some of the changes in attendees_and_learners. Git work out what needs to go where.

It’s always better to be explicit though. The repository you cloned from – yours – can be referred to as origin. The new branch is called amend-my-name. Delta compression using up to 2 threads. However, it’s still a good idea to be explict. That way you’ll be less likely to get a surprise you didn’t want, when the wrong thing gets pushed.

When you’ve made all the changes that you’d like me to accept though, it’s time to send me a pull request. And if I like your changes, I’ll merge them. You could of course have merged your new branch into your master branch, and sent me a pull request from that. In fact the same thing goes for other branches on my upstream that you want to work with.

Keeping them clean isn’t strictly necessary, but it’s nice to know that you’ll always be able to pull changes from upstream without having to tidy up merge conflicts. Once again, I may have merged other people’s pull requests too. So now we have replicated the full cycle of work we described in the previous module. You already know how to commit changes. You can abandon changes in a couple of ways.

Edit files and commit them

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This checks out the previously-committed version of the file. Git operations is to be avoided. It offers plenty of scope for mishap. If Git tells you about a problem and you force your way past it, you’re inviting trouble. It’s almost always better to find a different way around the problem than forcing it.

Copyright 2013, Daniele Procida and contributors. Built with Sphinx using a theme provided by Read the Docs. Feature Requests Q:  What new features will you add? A:  At this point I am mostly done with metapad. I have released the source code under the GNU GPL. Q:  What is the point of having dual font support?

Q:  How do I make metapad the default text file viewer? Find any text file using Explorer. Hold down shift and right click on the file. Select the special “Open with” menu item.

Check “Always use” and use “Other” and browse for the metapad executable that you unzipped. Use explorer to navigate to the Send To folder. On Windows 7, Vista or XP type “shell:sendto” in the Run dialog or the Explorer location bar to access the “Send to” folder. Then use the right-click context menu entry or File » New » Shortcut to create a new shortcut to metapad.

This is what I intended metapad for. Rename the copy from “Copy of Notepad. Now when you use applications that depend on Notepad, metapad will take over. To run your old Notepad for any reason just choose Run on the start menu and type “notepadx”.

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I also created an install script available here which will install metapad as notepad. Instead of the more cumbersome send to method above you can add a metapad menu item to the top of the context menu for all file types. Just download this file and follow the instructions inside. A:  This is actually an operating system issue.

The main part of both text editors is what is called an Edit window. Q:  Why aren’ts there help topics available with metapad? This metaFAQ is the second source of information for metapad. If you cannot find a solution to your problem in either of these two sources then I can probably help you personally. Q:  How do I control the format in which the date is inserted into my metapad documents? A:  The format of the date can be altered by going into the Control Panel clicking Regional Settings viewing the Date window sheet and editing the Short Date Style. Q:  Is the feature of creating a log file that appends the date and time, a capability in the original Windows Notepad, still available?

Q:  The printing capabilities in metapad suck. How can I get more printing options? A:  Yes, the printing support in metapad is quite limited. It was thrown in as a afterthought. A future goal is to have much better printing support in metapad. Q:  What do the all the settings do?

Args: Command line arguments to be passed to either the primary or secondary viewer. When launching viewers: Allows you to customize how metapad acts regarding file saving when any viewer is launched. Exit metapad after viewer is launched: Quits metapad after launching a viewer. Secondary font: The font that is displayed when Primary font is disabled.

The width of the left hand margin. Enable read only menu item: Adds a menu item to the File menu. This advanced function allows you to toggle the read only status of the file you are working on. Language: Set the language for metapad’s user interface. Q:  How do I customize the Open dialog’s file filter? Files of type” field in the Open and Save As dialogs. To do this you must add a string to the metapad section in your registry.

Edit files and commit them

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To make this easier I have created an example which you can download here. Q:  Why is my Recent File list always empty? A:  Make sure that you have Save menu settings enabled. Q:  What is the difference between Find Next and Find Next Word? A:  This is a pretty cool feature. First position the main metapad window just the way you like it.

Now go into the advanced setting tab and enable fixed window positon. Now metapad will always start up in the saved position. Q:  What does smart select do? Try experimenting with it on and off and click on a string such as “beginning::ending”. A:  Smart Home is a feature mainly used when editing code.

Q:  What is the difference between Full version and LE? Q:  How do I replace notepad under Windows 2000 or XP? Now you can erase or rename notepad. Simply cancel any warnings that pop up. Some people will have to locate the file in the i386 folder that might be on your system. Try doing a search for Notepad.

System File Protection is in full effect. You can try the following to get around System File Protection. Be very quick or XP will replace the file and it won’t work. Make sure you don’t have the WinXP CD-ROM in your drive!

Q:  The full version says I am missing the system file RICHED20. A:  This file ships with all versions of Windows except for Windows 95. Microsoft Office will install it for you or you can try to find it on the web. Q:  I’ve set the tabs to something other than 8.

Microsoft has fixed this in version 3. DLL which ships with Microsoft Office 2000. Or you can use metapad LE which doesn’t have this problem. Q:  Why did the font switch from the default to something else in the middle of the file?

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LE which doesn’t have this problem. Q:  Why does Metapad take 3-10 seconds to start up sometimes? By default it scans programs every time you launch them. It would be nearly impossible to implement unless I wrote a text control from scratch. If you do this a lot I would consider using Word as your external editor. Right click on the shortcut and choose properties. In the shortcut tab there should be a field called Start in where you can enter a path to solve your problem.

Update: Here is how you can make metapad use your “My Documents” folder by default. My Documents” is a type of symbolic link to another folder on your system. Q:  How do Unwrap Lines and Commit Word Wrap work? Q:  Can you explain how the favourites work? Choosing Edit Favourites from the Favourites menu will automatically load metafav. Each line in this file corresponds to a menu item on the favourites menu. A:  Some versions of Windows allow this.

Window Color and Appearance then select Advanced Appearance Settings and the item called Hyperlink will allow you to change the color. Q:  How do I enable portability or INI mode to have Metapad store all settings in a local file instead touching the Windows Registry? A:  To enter this mode simply ensure that a file named metapad. Q:  How can I make metapad do ____ when I launch a file in a viewer? A:  In many cases you could write a batch file to run a program or do something to your environment before running a program. In special cases you might need something a little more fancy.

Q:  How do I spell check the stuff I write in Metapad? After aspell has completed, the window will close. Make sure to either select “Prompt to save” or “Automatically save” or you will have to remember to save the file before you spell check it. You can disable this feature by setting the viewer args to “check -x”.

Learn more about aspell options here. Q:  How do I replace notepad on Vista? Take ownership of the old notepad. Y” twice when prompted, and it worked like a charm! Q:  How do I replace notepad on Windows 7?

Accessories, then right-click Command Prompt and click Run as administrator. Command Prompt box, where it should run automatically. To restore the familiar Metapad purple icon, copy the following to a new notepad file and save it as any name with the extension . Open the reg file, click Yes to enter the info, followed by OK, and re-start the computer. The Start Menu Notepad shortcut and text file icons will have changed to purple, and the saved reg file can be deleted. Q:  When I start Metapad the window isn’t visible — how can I fix this? A:  The window is probably outside the visible portion of the screen.

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5 0 0 0 0 1h7a. 964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. Spoilers for Mass Effect 3 follow. The oldest race in the galaxy is sending all the commandos and fleets it can spare. They’re coordinated by Asari High Command, a core leadership of commandos and politicians from numerous asari worlds. Many respected asari scientists have used their long life spans to become leading experts in their fields.

Asari scholars often gain perspective on how cultural shifts affect society, grasping the larger contextual forces behind new proposals and using this to springboard into hypotheses years ahead of their time. The asari science team working on the Crucible consists of some of the keenest scientific mavericks in the galaxy, eager to contribute to its construction. The asari Second Fleet is largely composed of frigates and fighters, embodying the asari’s hit-and-run mindset with a nimble swarm rather than a slower collection of vessels. The Second is normally dispatched to protect colonies from pirate raiders or mercenary activity. The Second Fleet’s fighter squadrons are intensely competitive, racing to break new records set by other teams, but unquestionably loyal to each other in a fight. A group of asari mercenaries, “sent by a matriarch friend of the Commander,” have volunteered their services.

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They’ll ride with the Second Fleet, deploying to combat zones as required. Shepard passed a Reaper code fragment to Asari High Command. An isolated copy will help predict Reaper movements. The Sixth Fleet has more dreadnoughts than any other collection of ships in the Asari Navy. An almost superstitious dread has grown around its entrance into conflict, as any war with the fleet has never remained small. It was the Sixth Fleet that flew against the rachni in the beginning of the Rachni Wars, and it was the Sixth Fleet that liberated the first colony under siege in the Krogan Rebellions. Unfairly or not, its service people have a reputation for being sober, serious, and humorless.

The Library of Asha contains definitive works by asari on the art of war. These texts have been distributed as standard training manuals to all asari recruits. The Destiny Ascension is the flagship of the Citadel Fleet, a powerful asari dreadnought unlike any other vessel in the galaxy. Captained by Matriarch Lidanya, the Destiny Ascension evacuated the Council during the 2183 Battle of the Citadel but was crippled by attacking geth. Alliance fleets came in, taking heavy fire but saving the Ascension and the Council from destruction.