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Christians Are God’s Chosen People NOT Jews! Christians NOT Jews Are God’s Chosen People! Interview With Putin Banned – Read It Here! IRAN: Another War For The Jews? Iraq: A War For The Jews?

Is Biden Good For The Jews? Jews Murder Gentile Babies In USA! North American Union Promoted By Jews! Should US Bail Out Jewish Bankers?

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State Of Israel: Not Biblical Prophecy! Stop The Jews From Rebuilding The Temple! The Jewish Thought Police Are Here! US State Department Is Run By Jews! Will Jew-Owned Fed Reserve Bank Kill Ron Paul? Will The Jews Provoke WW III In Kosovo?

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WHAT DOES A SON-IN-LAW have to do with Trump’s foreign policy? Much in every way: chiefly, because they’ve been connected at the hip for umpteen years. But over the past thirty years Trump developed notable properties in New Jersey. You don’t build anything in Jersey unless you play ball with the Jewish Kushner Dynasty, of which, Jared, heir to his father Charles’ endeavors, is a major player.

Chess, According To A Four-Year-Old And A Six-Year-Old

With the help of his brother’s Silicon Valley connections, Jared built Trump’s social media campaign. Trump feels very warmly about Israel, Netanyahu told CBS in December. Is it because Trump is in hock to the Kushner Dynasty due to Trump’s costly properties in New Jersey? You don’t build in Jersey unless you play ball with the Kushners. 100,000 to Trump’s Make America Great Again Super PAC. Political pay-offs confer a special place, even high places of dubious scruples, like the White House of Jewmerica.

But Jared Kushner is a Likudnik. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. The Jewish version goes thus: The more presidents change the more Jews take control. Kushner and friends are urging Netanyahu to attend Trump’s inauguration. Court Jew will be close at hand. And: Will Trump Defy The Jewish Lobby? Don’t Move The Embassy Mr Trump!

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If you LIKE my Articles and Videos please help! PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely. AND – Many thanks to Margaret C! I got back from my 5 day quiet retreat last Tuesday, December 27.

I feel good about the future of my ministry and plan on continuing. AND, I DO appreciate the prayers coming from so many. Please consider sponsoring me to your city! I have been trying to tell Brother Nathanael that Trump is no good for America, or the world. Trump gave hope at times that he was against Jewish hegemony. But the truth is that he too stupid to understand how the Jews, and the world really work.

In the end, he will become one of the biggest puppets ever for Israel, and the Jewish agenda. It didn’t matter whether Clinton, or Trump won the election. Whether either candidate understands the Jews in the world or not, both are under the finger of the Jews. Having a clueless idiot like Trump under their finger is a dream for the Jews, and very bad for America and the world. Why do you keep saying negative things about Mr. Our enemies can do that for us, much better than we can.

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So what if a squirmy little Jew is whispering sweet nothings into his ear? Trump has something called a brain, and discernment, something we haven’t seen for a long time, from our leadership. Give Trump a chance, for heaven’s sake, he isn’t even in the White House yet. He has so many enemies right now, stop tearing him down. Perhaps you’d like to have queen bee Hillary come back, waddle up, and place her ample bottom on the throne? Screeching Hillary, have you forgotten so quickly?

US foreign policy will be completely right wing and lopsided favoring Israel. This will in no way help the US’s reputation internationally as a peace broker but will prove to the world that Tel Aviv calls the shots, we have all seen Mr. Trump stand up to everyone and everything, but when Israel is on the table he becomes the little poodle they expect him to be. When the AIPAC speech was announced last Feb I was done. 9 being Yellen the felon still prints riches for her pals everyday at will.

Or here’s some real bravery — IDF soldier with a gun, Palestinian girl with a bike. Bad match up, I say, but hey that’s how they work. You get the goy’s son to fight the real battles but girls on bikes? Leave it to the cowards of the IDF! Anyone — Whats the over-under how many times CNN gonna play this tonight? Think I should forward this to my mayor IDF-Rahm?

Cryptozoology? No need for an apology

Should bring him a smile from his ole shitkickin’ days back at the ranch when daddy had a thing for hotels, eh? I don’t think Trump is an idiot. I think he knows very well what he is doing. I don’t think Bush was an idiot.

And watch this excerpt if you’d like to jump straight to exploring these maneuvers in FCP X:

It’s the Jewmerican public that’s dumb. So dumb that they’ll buy into anything fed to them from the television. They moderated 3 out of 4. The only one I could get to stick was a one liner that said nothing.

They will always work both ends against the middle. Few understand them and their proselytes like Brother Nate does. Jewish said are in every aspect of everything. All of them and their Israel-first policy need to be purged from America because they are truly traitors. May God bless you Brother Nathanael and protect you. May His Holy face shine forever on you and your ministry. I sometimes wonder if it is already too late to make all these people retreat.

They are not going to let go so fast, so help us God. It amazes how resilient this Tribe is, the stuff these have gone through the centuries is unbelievable. And they still stick to their guns and utter hatred toward Christians, with the climax being now before the Antichrist. I was definitely concerned about this happening. He is surrounding himself with a lot of Jewish bankers and other high ranking Jewish people. If he does not have Hillary and many other in our Government arrested they will sweep right back in once he gets out, but this time worse I think.

I guess all we can do now is wait and watch and see. Have you never heard of Andrew Bacevich? Reproofs are medicine while flatteries are nauseating potions. Why Is No Candidate Offering an Alternative to Militarized U. They’re CRIMINAL somethings that will induce MORE deaths of the civilian Palestinian population. Kushner is whispering in daddy-in-law’s ears. As I wrote above, I am COMMITTED to keeping my online ministry alive AND well.

My Street Evangelism is right on course due to sponsorship of my travels. BUT, my online ministry is not faring so well financially. I am now at the edge of having to borrow from Credit Cards. Another offer is sitting on my couch. I hate to open it since INTEREST catches up real fast. 5,000, I will write out a notarized, official IOU and PAY IT BACK within a year.

Dr. Mindy Van, DDS

Please email me: bronathanaelyahoo dot com. 5K but it’s what I can do at the moment. I love Israel’ because my father did in Trump. I love her because due to her citizens, rather dual citizens, I have great wealth, position, power’. Along with this I have had beautiful ex-wives who have given me beautiful offspring, particularly females to become Jews and receive wealthy Jewish and such prominent husbands’. Much return for a small outlay and lo they have in their clutches no less than the somewhat popular President to be of the smaller Israel, the United States of America.

Whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reaps’. This truly can be said to all those Christians in the U. Judaism that they hold the belief Christ would love those Jews who hate Him more than He would lavish love on any of those Christians for whom He died. On a recent website run by lovers of Israel and basically rebels of the gospel of Christ, a Greek Orthodox man said he was almost weeping to discover among all of the rebels, one person who rightly stood for Christianity and thus of necessity, had thrown out Judaism of any kind.

This has seemingly always been the stance of the Greek Orthodox Church. It was the belief and action of all true Christians for nearly one hundred years after Christ was born. Jews and Judaism as against Christianity. John walked out of a bathhouse when they said Papias had entered. Alexandria, as the Canonical Scriptures were’. Many English Divines have supported this view very strongly. Although you have seen so great signs and wonders done among the people the Jews, yet this notwithstanding, the Lord hath forsaken them’.

This verse now in Barnabas explains what all of these American Christians refuse to see in their ridiculous beliefs concerning the Old Testament Law and the Prophets. For what concerns the things that are written about him, some belong to the people of the Jews and some to us’. Taking the time to think it through, will ensure a true comprehension of the Old Testament about the promises of restoration to Israel. Those targeted to the natural people of Israel then, the people of natural circumcision, of the natural Theocratic nation would see their Israel restored to its land then, in the percentage of a remnant who found restoration. In addition, the promises for us in the true Church of Jesus Christ, His new people of the new Israel through Christ as under the Abrahamic Covenant, are also all set out in conjunction with the promises then to the old nation of Israel. The two classes of promises are natural and spiritual.