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With the Uni-decor program you will be able to create your own 3 dimensional settings using the full range of unicer ceramic tile products. Its main advantages discover ideas about Uni the easy-to-use tools and the multiple tile laying options. We are convinced that you will find this tool extremely useful.

Check out the tutorials and have fun creating your own 3D spaces. Create your setting intuitively, using the multiple tools available: wall and floor tile series as well as furniture for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and offices. This version allows you to accurately try out multiple tile laying options and import CAD plans for professional projects, as well as a wide range of other more advanced options. Ceramics will create wonderful and spectacular optical effects on your walls while playing with light and radiating metal reflections that capture your attention. New technologies allow us to create a line of decorative ceramic tiles that stimulate our senses. Thus, this becomes the ultimate solution to create unique environments where avant-garde style takes power and faces the walls of your home with proposals to decorate lounges or rooms. In fact, you can make your home unique with little imagination and a bit of good taste.

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Kitchen decoration, mosaic design for decorative coverings, interior designers, kitchen tiles, slate-like stoneware tiles, sales of ceramic products for home decoration. Pure white magic becomes the best idea to light up your home, a way of escape, a tone that leaves open the possibility of playing with colours to create very different rooms with facings and floor tiles hat transform the darkest bathrooms into wide and bright spaces. Renewing the image of your home has never been so original and creative. You can decorate the walls of your lounge or rooms, kitchen or bathroom with ceramic tiles that reborn and put an end to the traditional style of tiles. If you want something completely different for your home, if you want full of style and colour stunning designs for environments, then face your walls with the best models in decorative facings. This new collection of ceramic tiles will allow you to create subtle reliefs and optical effects that fool the eye.

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Join our Newsletter and receive flash sales and special offers in preview. More than half of our campsites offer a waterpark! Hurtle down the giant slides at break-neck speed, chill out in a hot tub or stretched out on a deckchair beneath a sunshade, or dive into one of the various indoor and outdoor pools!

Homair guarantees your comfort and privacy in each of its 8000 fully equipped and functional mobile homes whilst also safeguarding the key elements of an outdoor holiday: being close to nature, conviviality and affordable prices. Find inspirational ideas for your next holidays! From Cradle to Grave: What Shaped Evolution? Sea urchin roe is an acquired taste. Served as sushi, uni — the Japanese word for this delicacy — is actually the reproductive organ of the sea urchin. Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Baja California. As a part of her doctoral dissertation at UC Santa Barbara, marine ecologist Sarah Teck explored how sea urchin quality could be quantified and used to predict fishermen’s behavior.

She and her colleagues found that understanding the local dynamics of this fished resource can make management strategy evaluation and planning more effective. The findings appear in the journal PLOS ONE. Our work quantifies some of the rich information that sea urchin fishermen have known for years about this valuable resource,” said Teck,who is currently a UC MEXUS-CONACYT postdoctoral fellow at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California in Ensenada, Mexico. Over a three-year period, Teck examined more than 2,500 specimens from sea urchin fishermen working throughout the seasons in the Santa Barbara Channel.

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Using California Department of Fish and Wildlife data, the researchers identified a predictable pattern: When the quality of uni improved, fishermen got better prices, so they fished more. The scientists also documented patterns of fishing across the seascape. Numerous factors determine the behavior of fishermen collecting these organisms from the wild, including weather and seasonal supply and demand. However, the study found that a significant predictor of sea urchin fishermen’s behavior stems from the animal’s seasonal reproductive cycle. We always knew that sea urchin fishermen follow the ‘gold’ — and fish more when the product is better,” Teck explained. But we were surprised to find that the organism’s reproductive cycle explained such a large percentage — between 69 and 92 percent — of the variability in catch, price, effort and value within the industry. Sea urchin divers respond to the resource quality — in this case, the timing of the reproductive cycle.

However, the study also provided evidence that the sea urchins’ reproductive cycle in Southern California differs significantly from published patterns in the north, where statewide fishing regulations initially were developed. According to Teck, recent shifts in the marine environment — such as extreme warming events, sea urchin disease outbreaks and kelp loss in certain areas — likely have played a significant role in the recent 46 percent reduction in sea urchin catch statewide. Although the general patterns from our data may be considered common knowledge within the sea urchin industry, we have identified a method to predict the performance of the fishery based on a simple measure that can be used for management purposes,” Teck said. An adaptive management scheme applied on a smaller spatial scale may be more effective — especially given the extreme and rapid ecological and environmental changes that have occurred in the region in recent years. Materials provided by University of California – Santa Barbara.

Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Quality of a fished resource: Assessing spatial and temporal dynamics. University of California – Santa Barbara. How the quality of red sea urchin roe — uni — influences fishermen’s behavior. Retrieved July 21, 2018 from www.

The genital gland of a sea urchin, the so-called gonad, is found inside the urchin. This organ stores nutrients, and contains milt and roe during the spawning season in spring. Below are relevant articles that may interest you. Have any problems using the site?

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Insurance products are subject to eligibility criteria. Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is listed on the Financial Services Register. Limited, 260 Bath Road, Slough SL1 4DX. Assignment Planning Planning should be a crucial part of your overall approach to academic writing.

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By planning your assignments thoroughly, you ensure that your work has a consistent, balanced structure and your arguments follow a logical flow with respect to the assignment question. Presentations During your time at University, you may be expected to deliver a presentation which will form part of your course assessment. Finding Resources The University library contains over 370,000 books and ebooks which can be found by searching the library catalogue. Use these details to find the book on the shelf. Staff and students also have access to a wide range of online electronic resources including e-books, e-journals, journal databases and subject-specific resources. Referencing Referencing the sources of information you use is an essential part of academic writing and your research so it’s important to get it right.

Discover ideas about Uni

Treatise of Algebra (1685)[edit]

Referencing is the acknowledgment of all the sources that have been cited in your assignment, whether you have quoted them directly or paraphrased. Online Submission We know that when a deadline is approaching, submitting your final piece of work can be stressful enough without unexpected hitches, so try not to leave your submission till the last minute. Remember to give yourself space to breathe by preparing in advance and following the hints and tips below. Before you begin, read the guidelines first and keep in touch! Before you begin, if you have any doubts about your expected submission through Learning Edge, please ensure you follow the guidelines you have been provided with.

These will either be located within your module handbook or detailed within your module area within Learning Edge. If for any reason you can’t locate your submission drop-box or if you don’t understand what you need to do then simply contact your tutor for further support. Why is it you get a technical problem right at a critical moment? If you have given yourself time, you should be able to try another PC if you run into problems. It is often the case that tutors will allow multiple submissions to an online drop-box, so you may be able to use this to your advantage.

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Check with your tutor and if this is the case, try submitting your work, even if not quite finished yet, to the drop-box a few days before the deadline just so you’re up to speed with the process before your final submission. Waiting until 1 minute before the deadline isn’t the time to start figuring out how everything works! Remember at the second stage of submitting to Turnitin you can check what you are about to submit just to be certain you’ve attached the right file. Have you ever encountered a Learning Edge or Turnitin issue during submission? Turnitinstatus is the official feed for Turnitin system status, you may find that Learning Edge is fine but Turnitin is unavailable.

Checking this feed will help you diagnose an issue around Turnitin submissions. If you have a more general issue around the online submission process and Learning Edge a good starting point would be to consult the Ask Us service and see if your question can be answered there. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can simply type in your question and we will discuss it with you in real time using our live chat facility. Dissertations A dissertation differs from an essay at undergraduate level in that it will focus on a subject that you choose for yourself. However, while original thinking may be expected, it is unlikely that your dissertation will be based on a completely new topic. You are more likely to take an original perspective on an existing topic. Here you will find a range of resources to help you with planning and writing your dissertation, however you should also discuss your ideas with your tutor who will be able to give you further advice.

Launch our online interactive toolkit for Dissertations. Apps The following are just some of the apps that we may be useful whilst studying. Remember that apps are provided by 3rd parties and not associated with or supported by Edge Hill University. Go Conqr is a social learning platform. It allows you to create Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes, Slides and Notes to help you learn more easily. Users can follow study and discussion groups as well as individual users, giving them access to further relevant learning resources. 2Do is a list and calendar based time-management app.

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It can be used to create multiple tasks, checklists and projects. The user can set reminders for tasks, which can be re-ordered, filtered or focused according to the user’s changing needs. Trello is a project management tool allowing users to create workboards for projects and designate workflows. Tasks can be assigned to other users to facilitate group project work. Syncing allows all users to keep up-to-date on outstanding tasks and those completed by themselves or others. Wunderlist is a list-based time-management app.

Tasks can be added with attached notes and files. Reminders can be set and task-lists can be shared. Tasks can be synced across all devices and shared with other users. Documents can be annotated, and worked on by multiple users. Evernote allows all your notes to be kept in one place. Notes can be filed into notebooks and stored in multiple formats.

Frequently used notes can be pinned for easy access. Note format and structure is very flexible, and as with Evernote tasks can be synced across devices and shared with others. Instapaper allows the user to save and store web articles, which can later be read offline. Saved content can be adjusted for ease of reading, and sorted and filed to allow the user to keep track of their documents. Saved articles can be tagged to allow for easy searching and Pocket recommends stories based on the user’s interests. Like Instapaper, Pocket has a text-to-speech function for users who prefer spoken word to text learning. Digital Footprint It is important to be aware of your presence online, and to create a positive image of yourself for future employers to see.

Discover ideas about Uni

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Our online toolkit will help you to consider how to use a variety of digital tools effectively to achieve this, as well as looking at the importance of online etiquette and online security. Launch our online interactive toolkit for Your Digital Footprint. The team are all current third year or Masters students and between them they bring a great variety of subject knowledge from their individual disciplines together with a wealth of experience from studying at Edge Hill, using all of that to support other students on their own University journey. The support they provide revolves around getting the most out of your Library, locating and using physical and virtual resources for your studies. During term-time you can book a 15 minute appointment with a Student Advisor, between 11am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Time Management It is important to manage your time at University if you want to meet your academic deadlines and still have a life. Learn time management skills and techniques with Lynda.

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