To get started, first select towns to display and then select categories of data to explore. Demographics each town you select, we will display data for the corresponding county. Project of the Connecticut Data Collaborative. Make Your Maps and Apps Come to Life Whether you’re in economic development, health care, retail, or real estate, Esri Demographics adds greater insight to your maps and more context to your analysis.

Esri Demographics helps you understand the unique characteristics of a population based on a specific location. Esri Demographics are accessible through ArcGIS Online as maps, reports, and data that you can use to enrich your maps and data. Map It Get web maps that provide a color-coded thematic representation at the national level down to neighborhood locations. Chart It Show demographic data in infographics that pop-up in your map. It’s a great way to illustrate information in an easy to digest and visually appealing format.

Enrich It Add Esri Demographics to your business data directly in a spreadsheet. You’ll get more out of your data by adding location-specific context. Report It Select from one of the many presentation-ready reports or create your own custom reports. It’s easy and fast and you can include maps, charts, and graphs.

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The best marketers you’ll come across don’t sleep until they have a better idea on their audience and segmentation strategy. It truly pays to have your message reach the right people at the right time. Each business has their own unique audience identity, but that segmentation might not pan across each social media network successfully. Instead, it takes better brand alignment, thought-out social conversations and meaningful connections with your core group of brand loyalists. But how do you reach this group without understanding the demographics of social media across networks? That’s why we’re here to help you dive right into the latest data. A note about our sources: Again, a special thanks goes to the folks at the Pew Research Center, whose social media study has proved invaluable.


How to Pull Your Own Social Demographics To get started, pulling your own social media demographics gives you a better idea of your follower-base before you plan any segmentation strategies. An easy way to do this is by starting a free trial of Sprout Social, where you can easily pull gender, age and location data of your own social audiences. Our data shows the types of people who currently follow you on social, which is a good indication of your ideal audience. Pair your personal data with the demographic data we’ve compiled here to hone your brand’s social media marketing and segmentation strategy. Facebook Demographics With an average of 1. 15 billion daily active users, Facebook is the market leader for social networking sites.

Your brand undoubtedly has a presence there, but how can you use it in new ways to reach different groups? Source: The collected data comes from the Pew Social Media Update 2016 report as well as the self-reported information from over 1 billion Facebook profiles of users over the age of 18 pulled from the Facebook Audience Insights Tool. Roughly 8 in 10 US adults have access to internet, which makes this user-base massive. But don’t discount your young demographic on Facebook, as the social network still reigns as the most popular channel. In fact, compared to the previous Pew social report, usage among each age demographic increased from 2014 to 2016. Facebook Location Demographics Knowing the location of your core demographic provides a distinct advantage to making your presence noticed.

Facebook now lets you select specific regions to see Facebook users located by country, state or region. Facebook Education Demographics Because Facebook was originally created for college students, it makes sense that college graduates lead the education demographics. Facebook Income Demographics When crafting segment targets, it’s important to consider the various income levels of your group. For most businesses, these targets are already planned based on your product or services. But knowing the income for your Facebook audience could help even more.

Within a six-month period in 2016, Instagram grew its daily user count by 100 million users. Now with more than 600 million active users on Instagram, it’s no wonder why the image and video social sharing app can’t stay out of the news. The introduction of Instagram advertising made it even more of a critical space to be for businesses. Knowing your core Instagram demographics can give you better insights into how you can approach the booming social platform. Source: The collected data comes from the Pew social media report and the Instagram Press Page.

Gender Demographics Instagram demographics have veered toward younger generations since its inception. However, new statistics from the Pew social media report show older generations are starting to embrace the app a bit more. Also, of all of those age groups, the dominant gender on the photo-sharing site is still women. Instagram Location Demographics While you might think Instagram users in the city might have more content to capture, rural and suburban users are on the rise. But like most location demographics around young age groups, the city spotlight still gleams. Instagram Education Demographics In the previous report from Pew, Instagram was one of the few social networks without its main demographic having some college experience. However, data collected from 2016 shows those trends have dramatically changed.

Instagram Income Demographics Instagram provides amazing carousel advertising and now multi-image options to show several views of your product or services. This is important toward highlighting the value of your product or service. But make sure you know you’re targeting the right income demographic beforehand. Twitter Demographics Twitter is still a big question mark for some users, but for businesses, agencies and enterprise organizations, it’s the lifeblood of social media engagement. Twitter is growing more popular as the top option for social customer service. In fact, our Sprout Social Q2 2016 Index discovered 34. Twitter can be that source of contact, but it starts with understanding who your demographic.

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Source: The collected data comes from the Pew social media report and Twitter’s About Page. Gender Demographics Twitter is a fast-paced and high-volume network, allowing users to share information instantaneously. From making professional connections to getting the latest news on Beyoncé, Twitter has various resources for different age demographics. However, younger generations still tend to stick to Twitter. Businesses that understand their gender demographics have a better advantage of reaching and properly introducing their products or services on Twitter.


The rise in social customer care means Twitter will still be valuable for years to come. Twitter accounts located outside of the US, it’s not hard to believe geo-targeting can be a major struggle for marketers and social advertisers. Twitter Education Demographics Like we mentioned before, Twitter’s age demographic skews toward younger crowds. And Twitter’s education demographics shouldn’t be surprising that it tilts toward users with college experience. Twitter Income Demographics Whether your product or service is a necessity or a discretionary good, a person’s level of income may determine if they can afford it. There are currently more than 467 million registered members and 133 million come from the US.

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But data shows men still access the professional network more than women. Pinterest Demographics Pinterest is a growing source for businesses and brands who are increasing their presence across the social media landscape. If this network isn’t at the top of your company’s list of platforms to market on, the Pinterest demographics data could change your mind. Source: The collected data comes from the Pew social media report. The latest data from Pew researchers show the majority of Pinterest gender demographics have not changed dramatically over the past years. Pinterest Location Demographics In previous social media demographics reports, Pew had found rural users beat out other location groups.

Messaging Apps Demographics With the core social media networks covered, there’s still plenty of smaller and justifiably important channels for marketers and advertisers to know. Messaging apps are extremely popular and are broken down into three categories among smartphone users. Both are used as stand-alone internet messaging apps and have their own core demographics. Gender Demographics There’s no doubt this new messaging style adheres to younger generations. However, other age groups still use these networks to stay in touch with friends and family. 29 year olds use messaging apps.

49 year olds use messaging apps. Messaging apps gender demographics show that men are bigger users than women. Messaging Apps Education Demographics These types of messaging apps are popular among younger demographics who study abroad or have friends from out of the country. Messaging Apps Income Demographics The newest data from Pew shows income demographics for messaging apps users tends to have little significance. Auto-Delete Apps Demographics Auto-delete apps have grown in popularity over the past few years with Snapchat leading the way.

Other apps like Wickr and even Instagram Stories use the same model of 24-hour content that auto erases. Gender Demographics Auto-delete apps have made quite the impression on younger demographics. Snapchat has more than 158 million users, and the vast majority are younger than 30 years old. 29 year olds use auto-delete apps.

49 year olds use auto-delete apps. Again, online men tend to show more usage for auto-delete apps, but not by much. Auto-Delete Apps Education Demographics With most auto-delete app users falling in their teens or twenties, it’s no surprise their education levels range across all levels. There are several college campuses that use Snapchat to promote university events, sports and campus life. Auto-Delete Apps Income Demographics The income demographics shouldn’t come as a surprise as most users are younger and possibly still in school. Anonymous Apps Demographics Lastly, anonymous apps are an even newer batch of messaging platforms that let users remain anonymous in group chats. Platforms like Yik-Yak and Whisper are popular anonymous messaging apps for smartphone users.

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Gender Demographics With the majority of anonymous apps still in the early stages, the amount of demographics data is less than other prominent social networks. 29 year olds use anonymous apps. 49 year olds use anonymous apps. Unlike other messaging apps, women tend to use anonymous messaging apps more than men. Anonymous Apps Education Demographics Anonymous apps like Yik Yak are popular on college campuses because of its hyper-local ability. The education demographics match this notion.

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All Social Media Demographics Now that we know each social media network’s specific demographics, we can look at total users per channel. Here’s how total online adults spread across each network. With Facebook representing nearly four-fifths of adults online users, it’s no wonder marketers still value the network for reaching new audiences. Total users grew across the main networks, but marketers can still find value in each channel. Daily User Social Media Demographics It’s also important to know that just because someone uses a network, doesn’t mean that they log on daily. In a perfect world, your brand would create a presence on every single social network available and drill into segmentation further for each.

Depending on your resources, that may not be feasible. So choose your networks wisely, and make the most of them once there. Round out that strategy with a social media tool like Sprout Social, and you will be headed toward lasting success. Sign up to have social media resources sent to your inbox every week. Alex York: is a writer, Senior SEO Specialist and your guiding light to all things content. When he’s not writing, you’ll catch him defending Ohio sports teams or endlessly scrolling through Netflix. I agree to Sprout Social’s Terms of Service.

I acknowledge that Sprout Social uses my personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Financial, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. The characteristics of human populations and population segments, especially when used to identify consumer markets: The demographics of the Southwest indicate a growing population of older consumers. The characteristics of a human population, especially with regard to such factors as numbers, growth, and distribution, often used in defining consumer markets.

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