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This will actually give an HTTP redirect, which is normally fine. However, when using google analytics this causes big issues because the original referer is lost so google doesnt know where you came from. This loses useful information such as any search engine terms. Leaving them in the query string leads to people bookmarking or twitter or blog a link that they shouldn’t. I’ve seen this several times where people have twittered links to our site containing campaign IDs. Anyway, I am writing a ‘gateway’ controller for all incoming visits to the site which i may redirect to different places or alternative versions. 7, which is version 7 of a homepage.

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I don’t think such a thing exists though. Home’ into ‘Shared’ so it was accessible. There must be a better way? Generally it’s not recommended with modern routing. NET feature that is no longer necessary in MVC due to the ability to go directly to the correct controller action using routing. I have a homepage that I wanted to be dynamic for certain complex conditions and so behind the scenes it shows a different route.

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Transfers execution to the supplied url. POST to GET request – but thats not necessarily a bad thing. Url’ for the rest and it works. 4: for compatibility purposes only, mvc sets this singleton value to context.

Edit: Updated to be compatible with ASP. Provided you are using IIS7 the following modification seems to work for ASP. Modified the code below to throw an exception – but no other solution at this time. Here’s my modification based upon Markus’s modifed version of Stan’s original post. This seems not to be working in MVC 3 RC.

I found out recently that ASP. Couldn’t you just create an instance of the controller you would like to redirect to, invoke the action method you want, then return the result of that? No, the controller you create won’t have things like Request and Response setup correctly on it. Request wouldn’t work because I wanted to add more data. POST, then streaming the results to the client. Note that I didn’t want to use ASP. NET session, database, or some other ways to pass exception data between requests.

Feel free to add some text to your answer to explain it further. Note this requires MVCv3 and above. Just instance the other controller and execute it’s action method. This requirement is presumably why the original question was even posted. You could new up the other controller and invoke the action method returning the result.

This will require you to place your view into the shared folder however. Plus you lose all the Action Filters. You probably want to try using the Execute method on the IController interface that your controllers must implement. That way you still participate in the Action Invoker pipeline. Yep I don’t like the idea of newing up a controller, I think your better off defining your own controller factory which seems like the proper extension point for this. But i’ve barely scratched the surface of this framework so I might be way off. Doesn’t routing just take care of this scenario for you?

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100 might go to view 7 and campaign 200 might go to view 8 etc. Why is that too complicated for routing? What’s wrong with custom route constraints? This is an antiquated feature that was only necessary in ASP. NET because the request came directly to a page and there needed to be a way to transfer a request to another page. Instead, you arrive at the controller action with the original request intact. This class can be extended to provide both incoming routes and outgoing URL generation, which makes it a one stop shop for everything having to do with the URL and the action that URL executes.

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7, you simply need a route that adds the appropriate route values. If I get round to doing this I’ll post it up, otherwise maybe somebody else might beat me to it! I achieved this by harnessing the Html. Not the answer you’re looking for?

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M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zM8 15. Why and how is it used? In the simplest terms, an ASP. NET HTTPHandlers are responsible for intercepting requests made to your ASP. They run as processes in response to a request made to the ASP. The most common handler is an ASP.

NET page handler that processes . Typical scenarios for HTTP Handlers in ASP. Can you please explain when you said The most common handler is an ASP. Or any link will be very-very appreciated.

PKKG Just take a look a this article: msdn. Classes don’t derive from it, they implement it. The low level Request and Response API to service incoming Http requests are Http Handlers in Asp. If you create a custom handler with a file name extension of .

If you choose to use an alternate file extension, you will have to register the extension within IIS and ASP. The advantage of using an extension other than . It can be declared at the computer, site, or application level. Administrators use the tag directive to configure the section. This was copied verbatim from somewhere, possibly 24x7aspnet.

It would be better if you answered in your own words. And this class run as processes in response to a request made to the ASP. NET page handler is only one type of handler. NET comes with several other built-in handlers such as the Web service handler for .


You can create custom HTTP handlers when you want special handling that you can identify using file name extensions in your application. RSS feeds To create an RSS feed for a site, you can create a handler that emits RSS-formatted XML. You can then bind the . When users send a request to your site that ends in . NET will call your handler to process the request. When an HTTP handler is requested, ASP.

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Thank you for your interest in this question. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Not the answer you’re looking for? NET developer should be able to answer?

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