Crochet → Afghan Blanket | size: 46”x48” | Written PDF | US Terms

As many of you, that know my designs, will know, I love the idea of thousands of people, from all over the world, and many diverse ways of living, connecting through a common love of a crochet → Afghan Blanket | size: 46”x48” | Written PDF | US Terms and some yarn. The concept of the Cosmic cal is connection, and expansion.

Whether you see the universe and stars, or the web of life within this design, this is your journey and I hope it is one of love and gratitude. Cosmic consciousness, a consciousness of the life and order of the universe which is possessed by few men at present. It is a further stage of human evolution which will be reached by all humanity in the future. The idea started from some of the spiritual work I have done with Archangel Metatron, and what is known as Metatron’s cube, this is part of sacred geometry, and is often used in meditation and connection to higher levels of consciousness.

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There is lots of information out there on the internet, should you wish to learn more about this. This Crochet A-Long is sponsored by Stylecraft yarns. Stylecraft are my absolute favourite yarns to work with, and we have showcased some of their most popular yarns, in the most gorgeous array of colours, for you to hook along with us. There is an Official Stylecraft Cosmic Cal Facebook group to share your progress and for all the latest updates and news.

Crochet → Afghan Blanket | size: 46”x48” | Written PDF | US Terms

There will be 9 parts, each week that the cal runs a new part will be published. Starting with part 1 on Tuesday 17th April and ending with part 9 on Tuesday 12th June. Each Tuesday Morning at 10am GMT Stylecraft will post links to download the pattern in US and UK terms, and in Dutch, these will be photo tutorials. They will also post a link to the video tutorial, which will be on my Youtube Channel, you can sign up to get all my video tutorials.

I will also post on my Facebook page, and in my Facebook group, Helen’s Hookaholics, the link to my website, which will include translations in the languages listed below. A huge thank you to the translations teams from the Cal Crochet A-Long group on Facebook. We all work along together to make this gorgeous, rectangular, blanket. The pattern is free, and will remain free on my website forever, and is my gift to you.

As with all my designs, Cosmic Cal is covered by copyright, you may download and print for your own use, or share a link to the CAL with any of your friends or on social media, however you are not permitted to publish or copy any part of the pattern. Please love and respect me, as I love and respect you. There are 4 official yarn packs available for you to purchase, or you can go in your own colour direction. Those of you who are members of my Facebook group will know all about colour boards, these are the colour boards I made for inspiration for the official yarn packs.

Stylecraft Classique cotton Dk, this is the yarn pack I used for the photo tutorials. Classique is a gorgeous, soft cotton, that is a joy to work with, and will give you a blanket that will last for years. The colours bring power, and impact on the creative mind, allowing us to see that anything is possible. This pack is a limited edition, so when they are gone they are gone!


The Creation yarn pack includes: 49 x 50g balls and I recommend a 4mm G hook. It is my favourite yarn to work with, and comes in the most amazing range of colours. It is soft, and washes and wears well, to give years of joy and comfort. The colours bring a sense of nature and neutrality, allowing us to see that everything blends together. The Harmony yarn pack includes: 16 x 100g balls and I recommend a 4mm G hook.

A mix of Stylecraft Life Dk, Batik Dk, and Batik Elements Dk, these yarns are an acrylic wool blend. They are very light weight and soft with a mix of solid and mottled colours. Elements of the oceans and the land, the cool and calming blues and greens allow us to see there is always peace and tranquillity available for us to find. The Peace and Tranquillity yarn pack includes: 9 x 100g balls of Stylecraft Life Dk, and 12 x 50g balls of Stylecraft Batik and I recommend a 4mm G hook. Stylecraft Life and Batik mix approx. The soft pastel colours, with just a hint of depth from the Baby Denim allow us to see there is always love, there is always light, and even with a little darkness, we can make the light shine brightly. The Love and Light yarn pack includes: 31 x 100g balls and I recommend a 5.

The yarn packs will give you an idea of how much yarn you will need, depending on the type and weight of yarn, and the number of colours you choose to use. When can I buy my yarn? To find your local Stylecraft stockist click HERE for UK and HERE for International. I look forward, to you all joining us on this wonderful crochet a-long journey.

Remember you can ask questions in the Official Stylecraft Cosmic Cal Facebook group, or in Helen’s Hookaholics Facebook group, or by emailing me from the contact page. After many years of not being able to crochet, I have stumbled across this beautiful pattern. Would you have any recommendations as to what other colour would go in place of the green? Also your patterns are exquisite and I cannot wait to begin this. Thank you so much for the work you put into your written patterns and the video tutorials.

I was thinking of a lilac colour but just wasn’t sure if it would look ok. Do you have sonewhere i can find a guide on how much yarn is needed. Would like to do this but demands are too numerous this year. Will you do one next year? If so, please notify me early as it took a month to get my yarn kit for the last CAL. I am a high level intermediate crocheter.

Do you think I could do this later on my own? I normally do at least one CAL per year, and the intro and details are normally posted 6 weeks before we start. HI Helen, if I was to do this in 4 ply how many meters would I need? Have begun the new blanket with great excitement! Mandala Madness you did a chart for the various colourways each week, have I not looked in the right place? I love the Creation colorway, but I don’t like coton for a lapblanket. Could you please recomend the colors in special DK wich are closest to the coton colors.

Oh yes, I’ve already downloaded your swapping list. I love the look of these blankets and definitely want to crochet one. I just wondered why the Love and Light version is so much bigger than the other three. Is it because the pattern is a little bit different or is it just depending on the yarn? 3 of them are made with double knit and a 4mm hook, the love and light is made with Aran and a 5. It’s so easy I should have thought about that.

I like the big blanket so maybe I’ll also crochet with Aran but choose some other colors. I am hoping to join you ! Absolutely on my list of makes. Currently trying to finish 3 big blankets.

I have a couple of friends who are beginners. Do you think they will be able to handle this pattern? Maybe this will give me my crochet mojo back. The last thing I crocheted was your sweet Caroline. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy your CALS. I am not finding a guage listed anywhere. I can never use the hook size recommended so need to play with swatches.

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I finished my Big Earth Momma Mandala Madness last night and I was on the lookout for a new project. The picture set for Love and Light seems to show two different blanket color ways. The girls blanket seems to be more white, or at least lighter in color. What colors were used for the lighter one?

Helen, thanks for another great project. Only doing one at a time this time around doing two Mandal Maddness at the same time towards the end was a bit much towards the end. Will there be written instructions as well as the video tutorials? I don’t like looking at the screen all the time! How much are the kits please? They vary in price, click on the links at the bottom of the intro post and it will take you to the yarn packs. Hello Helen, will the videos be full Cal?

Feel so blessed to have the privilege of working on your beautiful designs. Thank you from all of us who appreciate your generously sharing your talent across boundaries, borders and languages! Once again you have me speechless! You’re gift to us with your patterns never fail to amaze me!

Thank you so very much for sharing with all of us! When I grow up, I pray I get a fraction of your talent! I’m loving the sacred geometry center of this and look forward to a new project with you! Where can I get the pattern. I can’t find the download for the introduction. I’ve ooh’d and aah’d over many different blanket CALs for over a year now. Yes, add me to your mailing list.

I LOVE anything and everything to do with crafting and creativity. Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping others to learn and achieve their dreams. You can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest, by clicking the little icons at the top of the page. I agree to Crystals and Crochet holding information about me in accordance with its privacy policy. Check your inbox or spam folder now to confirm your subscription. Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links.

I use all of the products listed below and recommend them because they are companies that I have found helpful and trustworthy. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything listed below! I don’t know about you, but it seems like babies are popping out left, right and centre in my life! My sister in law and best friend are both due this winter so my mind has been on baby blankets.

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A hand made crochet or knit baby blanket is the perfect gift to keep a winter or fall baby warm. This pattern is a quick and easy one. If you use a different yarn from what my pattern calls for, make sure that its machine washable since it will definitely be going through the wash many times. I have written out and posted the free pattern for this baby blanket below on this page. Bulky weight yarn in the colour of your choice. I used 6 skeins of James C. At the end of the last row, Ch1, turn and work around the border of the blanket evenly in single crochet for 2 rounds.

Make sure that you do 3 SC in each corner of the border. Saw this lovely blanket on the above noted website and would love to make it for my newest grandchild who will be arriving in February. Lengthening is not a problem, but, being new to the art of crocheting, I am not sure how many more chains would be required to widen the blanket to 30 inches. Would you please help me solve this dilemma? Looking forward to trying this one.

One is a newborn and one is in college. I am new to crochet but eager and enthusiastic. It was just what I was looking for! Yes, it would look great as a throw and since it uses chunky yarn it will build pretty fast!

I would like to make a large throw using the James C Brett wool you recommend. I am fairly new to crochet. How many should I cast on for the foundation row to make the throw? Hi Jane, it would depend on how wide you’d like the throw to be. Love it but used the 6 skeins of chunky weight yarn from Hobby Lobby and am getting 30 inches and not enough yarn for the edges.

Just so other people should know to buy extra yarn. I love this blanket but wanted something in worsted weight so I dropped down a hook size and it’s turning out beautifully! I think I just might make one for me. I’m doing it to fit a moses basket so slightly smaller in length but its turning out great. Love how it looks the same on both sides. Thanks Kaz, so glad to hear! Would love to try this but would it be ok to use regular yarn instead of chunky?

Will I have to chain more or use two strands? I would chain more instead of doubling up the yarn. Chain until the chain measures as wide as you would like the blanket to be. Also, how many rows make an inch and which are the rows to be repeated to get the pattern complete for each color stripe. 2, so yes I think 162 would be perfect. I would do each stripe as 2 rows.

Crochet → Afghan Blanket | size: 46”x48” | Written PDF | US Terms

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Love the look of this pattern but haven’t crochet in years so here goes, only problem what is the ply of the yarn as no James C Brett in available in Australia not sure what to use. Thank you for the pattern, I have my first great grandchild coming. Curious though, why grey not pale green, yellow or if you know the sex of the child pink or blue? Nothing should go under baby or between baby and harness, jsyk. This, however, would be a great blanket to cover baby with after buckling. Is this written in US or UK crochet terms. I am new to crochet and struggle to identify which is which.

Crochet → Afghan Blanket | size: 46”x48” | Written PDF | US Terms

I like the Bernat Blanket yarn. 00mm size N would that work I love the yarn. Bernat baby blanket is a beautiful yarn to crochet a baby blanket or an afghan. I like using the size 10.

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I made two of these for cousins who had babies. Am looking to make some more to raise money for my lady’s group. How many yards per skein was in the yarn you used? What size does your blanket come to? DO you have a video of the above? I may just finish an project and love the outcome. I am a third of the way through a baby blanket.

Love the way the pattern is drawn and that you explain the chain 2 as the first of the 4 stitches in the first bubble. I have noticed that a lot of these are used in many patterns in one form or another but some are not all the same or some are fancier. I read the pattern when it is in parentheses? I greatly appreciate all of it. LEELY ,hii thank you so much for the new pattern. No I’m sorry I don’t have a video tutorial for this blanket.

Thanks so much for this pattern! I’m working on making one slightly larger. I started with 162 in the chain, it’s measuring about 43. 5 inches and it looks amazing.

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The pattern is so easy to follow and does work up quick. Hi, lovely pattern is this what is known as the shell pattern? Hi there, this is a great pattern for beginners. It is not technically a shell stitch, more of a raised stitch. I would like to make it using Bernat softee baby yarn .

Hi Sheila, The foundation chain needs to be a multiple of 4 plus 2. That helps a lot thank you so much ! Just found this beautiful baby blanket and cannot wait to try this! I was wondering if I use a pound of love baby yarn from lion brand and bernat baby coordinates if the two together would give me a bulky weight yarn that you recommend for your pattern? I think it might be a little thick, but give it a try for a few rows, you may be surprised!

I am having a problem with these gaps along the edges I think it has to do with the chain 2 and turning but not sure. Am I doing this wrong or is there suppose to be gaps along the sides? The k hook is a little thick but I can work with it. What would be the next size that you would be a little less thick? After going over the pattern again, I was doing 1 dc at the beginning of row 2 -3 instead of 3dc now I am on track and having no problems. Thank you for such a pretty baby afghan pattern.

I will be a grandmother for the first time this winter. I will definitely be making this blanket for my new grandchild. I still have the blanket I brought my son home from the hospital in. The blanket is almost 40 years old. I didn’t have my son until 20 years after I made the blanket. So now with this blanket there will be 2 heirlooms to be passed down to my son’s grandchildren. Thank you for the lovely design.