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Always wanted to create your own world? Then enter a fantastic world of awesome 2D mining game inspired by Minecraft “Mine Blocks” and start generating what you have in mind. Mine, build, craft and explore your world. To start a life in a new world, you should start by collecting wood, this will help you to create new tools and collect more resources. Instantly in the palm of your hand. C21 Systems delivers the perfect platform to Operate, Analyse and Improve upon all aspects of your operation.

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Engineering Software, C21 has it all plus much, much more. The key principles behind our great systems is our Strong User Focus. Our Management Software Suite is modular and scalable so you only pay for the features you choose. C21 is also mostly Cloud-Based, making your system very easy and fast to install and with very few of your existing IT resources being affected. Locally installed systems are also available if preferred. Experience the Power of C21 for yourself with a free, no-obligation trial. MACHINERY ANALYSIS Introducing our new ‘Plug and Play’ Data Capture Unit.

Live monitoring and analysis of whatever aspects you desire. It can even capture Analogue signals or capture your data from an existing PLC. PRODUCTION ANALYSIS Dashboard Driven, Advanced Production Analysis for any type of Production. Analyse and Track all aspects of your operation with full Drill-able Dashboards on your own PC or Smart-phone. Full, seamless analysis of any factors.

Machinery Analysis Full Plant Machinery analysis straight to your PC or Smart-phone. Dynamically generated ‘Home’ pages for every machine, with all key aspects at a click of a mouse. Capture Downtime Live and non-intrusively via several of our easy to setup methods to complete your quest for optimum plant utilisation. We work with Maintenance Crews to constantly improve our systems to be the most user-friendly solution available. As with all of our modules the User Experience is the Prime Focus.

This is especially important with maintenance planning and reporting. INVENTORY CONTROL Highly Efficient and completely Paper-Free! Our fully Live system with analytical tracking helps keep your stock at optimum levels without over stocking. Find and issue items easily whilst in-situ via our Apps. No need to return to a storeman or computer with full Photo-Identification of items.

Cloud Mining Inventory

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Your Maintenance Stores is the heart of your Maintenance Department. We believe our Maintenance Inventory system is THE BEST available. Photo-navigation Virtually Navigate your machinery to find machinery parts. Dynamically linked to your Inventory Control with Photo-Identification. Auto-Generated Parts List with Live status. Store all of your files and information in one central area. Machine Drawings, Diagrams, Settings, Procedures, Routines etc.

Create your own Induction Video, Video SOPs or Video Method Statements. Set your standards with a great training and knowledge area. C21 TV Broadcast Live to your workforce, in any part of the world. Multi-Channel broadcast system to send Live Charting, Information, Messages, Photos to any location, from any location. Departmental Pages available to allow your Business Managers to relay information Live, whilst choosing which channels to broadcast that information to. Simply plug in our C21TV module to any HDMI screen.

Cloud Mining Inventory

Select which channel to display via the remote-control. Our Software Suite is incredibly flexible and comprehensive making C21 ideal for a wide range of industry sectors including Manufacturing, Engineering, Processing, Mining, Retail, Service, Franchising, etc. Our clients include large-scale, multi-site companies as well as smaller operators and sole-traders. This is due to our scalable service and pricing structure. Contact C21 Systems for an estimate. Click below to download our Product Brochure. Click below to view a proven benefits analysis.

Alternatively, contact us to receive a Brochure Pack via mail. C21 Systems, proud sponsors of Lady Racer, Krystal Biffen for the ‘Kings Of Wanneroo’ race weekend at Barbagallo Raceway WA. Krystal grabbed a 1st place on Saturday and a very gutsy 4th on Sunday from starting last on the grid. 2nd Place Overall – 300cc Production.

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C21 Systems are proud sponsors of Chris Purnell Racing. An extremely talented driver and team. Chris’ Co-Driver is non other than Wallabies Legend, Tatafu Polota-Nau. Introducing our new Instant Production Analysis Unit. C21 Systems are very excited to introduce our new Stand-Alone, ‘Plug and Play’ data capture unit. Our standard unit allows any company to plug in eight sensors or contacts of their choosing.

Cloud Mining Inventory

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This captures all movements, Counts, Run-Rates, Utilisation, Waste, Start-up Times or whatever the client would like to track depending upon their operation. Dashboards are setup by C21 to suit whatever is being captured with analysis available direct to a clients PC or Smart-phone. The unit is upgradable to 16 inputs and can also read analogue signals. The unit can also read from most PLCs via Ethernet or Modbus. Yet another innovative product from C21 Systems! We begin 2018 with major upgrades throughout our systems.

Brand new, slicker Front-End look for our HUB. Upgrades to our Maintenance Modules and our Production Stores systems. As promised, C21 will always improve with technology to continually offer our clients the best systems available. Our man Stephen Soon in Singapore. New installation of Production Analysis, Maintenance and Stores Modules at a major Meat Processing Site in Regional Queensland, Australia.

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CLICK HERE to see our editorial feature in NZ Food Technology Magazine. Growing our New Zealand presence with a full page add in NZ Food Technology Magazine. Auspack 2017 in Sydney Olympic Park was an awesome show for us. An awesome response from many areas of industry. C21 Systems have sealed a sponsorship deal with talented lady racer, Krystal Biffen. Her Yamaha R6 will be sporting full C21 colours at the ‘Kings Of Wanneroo’ race weekend at Barbagallo Raceway, WA.

Photos in our C21 Racing section of this site. MACHINERY ANALYSIS Introducing our new Stand-alone, ‘Plug and Play’ Data Capture Unit. It can also read volt-free contacts, Analogue signals, or capture data directly from a PLC. Capture operational movements, Counts, Run-Rates, Utilisation, Waste, Start-up Times or whatever the client would like to track depending upon their operation. The unit can be made portable to enable movement to different areas of plant or can even be transfered between plants. Completely stand-alone with it’s own 3G or WIFI connection. Please contact C21 Systems for more information.

The IBM Professional Certification Program offers you the ability to earn credentials to demonstrate your expertise. It is designed to validate your skills and capability to perform role-related tasks and activities at a specified level of competence. Provide a reliable, valid and fair method of assessing skills and knowledge. IBM Professional Certification program has a complete range of certifications, from entry-level to advanced, that include many different job roles to suit your professional needs. Here are some links to help you get the most out of your certification.

If you have a question or are looking for more information, visit our knowledge center. Sign in to see all reviews and comparisons. Social Media profile and email address in accordance with the our  Privacy Policy  and agree to the  Terms of Use. Orange is an open source data visualization and analysis tool, where data mining is done through visual programming or Python scripting. The tool has components for machine learning, add-ons for bioinformatics and text mining and it is packed with features for data analytics. Orange is an open source data visualization and analysis tool.

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Orange is developed at the Bioinformatics Laboratory at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, along with open source community. Data mining is done through visual programming or Python scripting. In Orange, data analysis process can be designed through visual programming. Orange remembers the choices, suggests most frequently used combinations.

Orange has features for different visualizations, such as scatterplots, bar charts, trees, to dendrograms, networks and heatmaps. By combining the various widgets the design of data analytics framework can be done. Own widgets, can be developed and the scripting interface can be extended to create self contained add-ons, integrating with the rest of Orange, allowing components and code reuse. Orange runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and variety of Linux operating systems. Orange comes with mutliple classification and regression algorithms.

New ones can be build or there are features to wrap existing learners and add some preprocessing to construct new variants. Orange can read files in native and other data formats. Orange is devoted to machine learning methods for classification, or supervised data mining. Classification uses two types of objects: learners and classifiers. Learners consider class-labeled data and return a classifier. Regression methods in Orange are very similar to classification.

Both intended for supervised data mining, they require class-labeled data. It can also be used to test new machine learning algorithms. Orange is valuable in the classroom as it can be utilized in the teaching of machine learning and data mining . Orange is an open-source software package supported on MacOS, Windows and Linux Operating systems and serves as a platform for experiment selection, sytems of recommendation as well as predictive modelling. Orange also has add-ons for specialist tasks such as fusing data sets, teaching machine learning concepts, analysis of geospatial data, bioinformatics, image analysis, network analysis, time series analysis, natural language processing and text mining. Some of them include: reading of data, input of data into data tables, selection of feature, training predictors, comparing different learning algorithms, and visualization of data elements. The Orange software contains widgets for data input, widgets for common visualization which produce very interactive graphics, widgets for classification, widgets for regression, widgets for evaluation and those for other complex analytical functions.

Orange is easy to use and right off. Great functionality for classifications, clustering, forecasts and other predictive modeling. Add-ons for text, networking, geo, and bioinformatics. Standard neural, gradient descent, Ada Boost. Useful with Excel, CSV, other data types. Excellent basic tutorial videos on youtube. Great example workflows and data sets.

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Lacking support outside of documentation and tutorials. They really need a good user forum. Need better documentation on deployment with python scripts. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. PAT RESEARCH is a comprehensive B2B directory which provides Best Practices, Buying Guides, Reviews, Ratings, Comparison, Research, Commentary, and Analysis for Enterprise Software and Services. Make sure your prospects are getting it all and right!

Cloud Mining Inventory

PAT RESEARCH is a leading provider of software and services selection, with a host of resources and services. TADA turns complexity into a competitive advantageTADA unleashes innovative decision making and drives simplicity by aggregating existing information quickly and easily assimilating new information. Visualize and analyze data in ways that drive intuitive decision making. TADA understands your businessTADA uses the language of your specific business and standardizes the language across your network. This revolutionary mapping creates a digital duplicate of your company, ensuring easy adoption within minutes. TADA drives data consistencyTADA harmonizes inconsistent data across multiple silos. Our unique way of creating a semantic network allows us to quickly integrate data from multiple sources.

We create a 360 view of your business that allows team collaboration. TADA is intuitive and super fast Unlike traditional BI tools, TADA builds your digital duplicate, swiftly binds your data and creates unique insights that drive your decisions at 10X the speed. TADA is wildly affordable yet returns significant ROITADA reduces the need for large upfront investments in technology. A common operating picture with visibility across 4,500 IT applications reduced overall cost of poor quality to the business units. Guha is CEO of CGN Global with over 20 years of experience managing complex business challenges and defining unique approaches for business strategy and collaborating with other Senior Executives to drive strategic transformational change within global firms. Harsh is Managing Partner for CGN Global with over 30 years of experience in managing multiple global manufacturing businesses and creating new high growth businesses and has held senior positions with Schlumberger, General Instrument Corporation, Sumida Corporation, Avon Products and General Mills. Mark has over 35 years of experience and most recently held the position of Executive Director for a large manufacturing firm where he was responsible for corporate processes including operations planning, real estate, quality, capability building, and supply chain.

Cloud Mining Inventory

Jim has over 30 years of experience in the accounting field including auditing, tax and consulting with industry experience spanning law, healthcare, retail, construction, not for profits, the public sector, and manufacturing. Jake has over 12 years of extensive experience with strategic marketing and innovation initiatives within large corporations. He also founded and grew an innovation agency from 2 to 35 employees within 4 years, focusing on operations, business development, strategy and culture. Jim has 25 years of extensive experience in diverse mid-markets including growth advisory, mergers and acquisitions, capital sourcing, corporate sales and divestitures, and in-depth strategic and financial analysis. You can try it for free.