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Clark’s costume in season ten reflects his outfit in the first eight seasons, but with a leather jacket and an additional embossed Superman shield. Clark Kent is a fictional character on the television series Smallville. Clark Kent has appeared in eighteen young adult novels. In the series, Clark Kent attempts to live the life of a normal human being, and struggles with keeping the secret of his alien heritage from his friends. He has an on-again, off-again relationship with Lana Lang through the first seven seasons, the trials of which are based on his lack of honesty about his secret. Clark Kent first appears in the pilot episode of Smallville as a teen with superhuman abilities that he uses to help others. In the season four premiere, Clark returns to Smallville.

He has been “reprogrammed” by Jor-El to seek out the three stones of knowledge so he may fulfill his destiny. In the season five premiere, Clark interrupts his training to return to Smallville, but when he fails to return to the Fortress before the Sun sets, he is stripped of his powers. In the episode “Hidden”, Clark begins an honest relationship with Lana, but is killed trying to save the town from a resident who hopes to kill all of the ” meteor freaks”. Jor-El resurrects Clark, but warns him that someone he loves will eventually have to take his place. In the season six premiere, Clark escapes the Phantom Zone — inadvertently releasing several of the prisoners in the process — and returns to Smallville, where he fights and defeats Zod.

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The other Phantom Zone escapees become Clark’s primary focus in season six. In the season eight premiere, it is revealed that the Veritas device does not allow others to control Clark, but rather strips him of his powers. The start of season nine reveals that Clark has begun training with Jor-El, which is shown by his wearing his family crest on his chest when in his superhero persona. Season ten begins with Clark stuck in the afterlife, where Jor-El informs him that a great darkness is coming to Earth.

Clark is unknowingly resurrected by Lois, who is now aware that he is “the Blur”. Jor-El also informs Clark that he is not ready to be Earth’s true savior, as there are inner demons that Clark must overcome first. With ‘Red Clark’ he’s completely aware of the consequences of his actions at the time, but he doesn’t care! Tom Welling on the effect of red kryptonite on Clark. Throughout the series, Clark gains and adjusts to new abilities, including X-ray vision in season one, heat vision in season two, and super hearing in season three. In October 2000, producers Al Gough and Miles Millar began their search for the three lead roles, and had casting directors in ten different cities looking at actors. After months of scouting, Tom Welling was cast as Clark Kent.

The pilot director, David Nutter, was looking through pictures of actors and stumbled on Tom Welling’s image. When he asked about Welling, the casting director said Welling’s manager did not want him to do the role because it could hurt his feature film career. After a conversation with Welling’s manager, Nutter got Welling to read the script for the pilot, which convinced him to do the part. When Tom Welling auditioned for the role he was not sure how to prepare. While waiting for his turn, he realized that the character is one thing above all else: ” a high school kid .

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To Welling, simply acting like he was a normal teenager, instead of like a super hero, was the perfect way to embody the character. Welling realized that by doing that, the special effects and other production elements would fill in the holes and perfect the character on screen. Honestly, I don’t really have too much time to worry about the future. It’s almost a blessing in disguise, because in a sense Clark doesn’t know what’s going to happen . Tom Welling on his lack of Superman knowledge.

Clark: The New Adventures of Superman aired on television, which featured Clark learning about his Kryptonian heritage, Welling immediately turned the show off. Early in the series, Clark was still learning how to handle his life, by learning to control his powers and find the best solution for everyone. His main priority was to fit in with his friends at school and be an average guy. Initially, Clark’s biggest problem was the fact that he could not share his secret with anyone he cared about. According to Welling, “He is burdened with a lot of responsibility. He hasn’t been able to choose whether or not he has these abilities. If you can’t fight them, you might as well join them he was choosing the lesser of two evils to go with Jor-El.

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I think a combination of those two things would probably sum it up. A lot of times in your life, you get to a point where you go, ‘I just can’t fight this anymore. There’s nothing I can do about it, so I better get up out of bed and go to work! And in a sense, that’s what Clark had to do. A significant moment in the character’s story came when Clark decided to play football in season four, providing conflict between him and his father. Writer Darren Swimmer refers to this moment as a ” callback to ” in season one. To him, when Clark defies Jonathan and joins the team anyway, it signified the moment where Jonathan finally decided that he can trust Clark to not hurt anyone.

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Writer Todd Slavkin viewed it as Clark finally emerging from his father’s shadow. Clark to mature more in the sixth season. Clark was able to see how others achieved the same goals, but used alternative routes that perhaps crossed moral lines. This taught Clark to start thinking about things from his opponents’ perspectives. The idea Gough and Millar came up with for their show’s version of Clark Kent was to strip him down to his ” bare essence “, discovering the reasons why Clark became Superman. The thing that we’ve tried to portrayis that Clark doesn’t always make the right decisions, and by not making the right decisions, he brings further consequences on himself.

Whether it’s running away from Jor-El at the end of season two, or choosing humanity over some sort of Kryptonian mission, those decisions get him in more trouble, and cause more people to suffer, or in Jonathan Kent’s case, to die. Welling agreed with Gough’s opinion of Clark’s fallibility, stating that the mistakes Clark made showed his humanity. Above: The imagery used in the pilot episode, where Clark is strung to a scarecrow pole, drew early comparisons to Jesus Christ and his crucifixion. Even though Clark could make the wrong choices, season five’s “Aqua” helped illustrate the concept that Clark was ” good to the core”. The episode showed how protective he could be over someone, even when that person annoyed him. In this case, he was trying to warn Lois that Arthur Curry may not have been the man she believed him to be.

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Just like his comic book counterpart, Smallville’s Clark Kent was a symbolic representation of Jesus Christ. Established early on, the pilot episode contained a moment when Clark was crucified on a scarecrow post during a high school hazing. This was extended to the end of season nine, where Clark sacrificed his own life in the finale, in order to send General Zod and the rest of the Kandorians to their own world. In doing so, Clark fell off a building ” in full crucifixion pose, driving home the point that he is sacrificing himself for the good of the planet”. In addition to religious allusions, the crew used color schemes and camera movements to create their own themes for the characters. Since the show was told from Clark’s point of view, particular visual elements were utilized to illustrate a particular characteristic.

When he was safe at home the colors used to illustrate the environment were warm and gentle, with an earth tone, while the camera movement was gentle as well. Clark’s relationships with the other characters evolved over the course of the show. Clark’s relationship with Lex Luthor was symbolic, as the two shared a yin and yang type of relationship. Lex saved Clark when he was strung up in the cornfield and immobilized by kryptonite. His relationship with Lana Lang was one of Smallville’s central relationships. When Clark and Lana met in the cemetery, Clark realized that he had found someone who understood him, who he could talk to, even though it was not in as strong a way as he would have liked.


With Lana’s boyfriend gone by season two, the door opened for Clark, but Welling stated he understood why the producers continued to keep Clark and Lana apart, even after Whitney’s departure: “There’s the cliché that television shows with a main love interest fail once they get it together. Apart from Lana, Clark had a growing relationship with Lois. Season five saw the melting of the ice between the two characters, who continued to butt heads. Executive producer Darren Swimmer believed that the audience could finally start to see a growing attraction between the two, and the fact that both would be there for the other in a time of need.

In season nine, Clark began wearing a black costume while fighting crime in Metropolis. For most of the series, Clark did not wear any sort of costume when in his superhero persona. All-American colors of red, white, and blue. In the season ten premiere, the audience got its first glimpse of the traditional Superman costume, which was left for Clark by Martha in the season nine finale. Although the suit was briefly seen through a reflection in Clark’s eyes in the season nine finale, the suit that appeared in the season ten premiere was a different design. The producers, working alongside Warner Bros.

In 2002, Welling was nominated for his first Saturn Award for Best Actor in a Television series, for his portrayal of Clark Kent in Smallville. Following that, Welling was nominated another four consecutive years, 2003 to 2006, for the Saturn Award for Best Actor in a Television series. Bryan Byun, of DVD Verdict, believes that Welling was the perfect choice for Clark Kent: “I can’t imagine a more ideal actor to play this superpowered farm boy than Tom Welling, with his wholesome, honest face and heroic good looks—Welling not only resembles Christopher Reeve physically, but has all of the earnest charm that made Reeve the quintessential Superman. Ron Hedelt likened Welling’s performances as Clark Kent to that of Christopher Reeve’s performances in the Superman films, stating that Welling manages to portray a ” sweet, unassuming teenager ” while showing Clark struggle with the truth about himself. Clark Kent has also appeared in two series of young adult novels. October 2002 and ended in March 2004. In Aspect’s first novel, Smallville: Strange Visitors, written by Roger Stern, Clark attempted to stop two religious con-men from robbing the town with their kryptonite-enhanced spiritual seminars.

On November 1, 2002, Aspect published Alan Grant’s book, Smallville: Dragon, which had Clark being hypnotized into believing that he was a normal, human teenager, with no abilities. Little’s Flight featured Clark trying to lend emotional support to a young girl who has full-sized wings. Little published their next two books in April and June 2003. The first, Speed, had Clark fighting hate crimes in Smallville. The second, Buried Secrets, followed Clark and Lex as they both fell in love with a mind-reading, substitute Spanish teacher.

In the novel, Clark and Lex’s friendship was put in jeopardy as the two competed for the teacher’s love. Alan Grant returned for a second outing to write Curse, about a grave digger who unleashed a 150-year-old curse onto Smallville, and Clark’s attempt to put everything back the way it was. In Temptation, Clark used red kryptonite to try and impress Lana and Chloe after they become infatuated with a new, French foreign exchange student. In 2012, the series was continued in Smallville: Season 11, a comic book available both in digital and print formats. Every Friday for three weeks in a row, the stories which follow the primary story arcs, were released online and were referred to as episodes. The following week, the preceding three episodes were released as a print comic. During the season Clark continued his battles with Lex Luthor, who had lost his memory.

In the third issue, Clark confronted Lex, during which Clark inadvertently implied that he knew Lex before his amnesia. 31st century, where they found themselves caught in a war between New Krypton, led by Kara, and an army of xenophobes, during which Doomsday is reawakened, then defeated when all the belligerents form an alliance. DC Direct has released action figures for Clark Kent, along with other Smallville characters. The first set of action figures was released on October 2, 2002, and was modeled after Clark’s appearance in the first season. Smallville: The Official Companion Season 1. Smallville: The Official Companion Season 2.

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