OEKO – TEX Standard 100 Aquafil S. OEKO TEX Standard 100 Aquafil S. The definition of CERTIFICATIONS & COMPLIANCE is regulated by ISO 14025 that affirms it is a set of “quantified environmental data for a product with pre-set categories of parameters, based on the ISO 14040 series of standards”.

The EPD permits to communicate objective, comparable and credible information about all products and services, independently by their use or role in the supply chain. The vocations are listed below with a link to the Candidate Handbook for each. The Candidate Handbooks describe the vocation and how to qualify to take the test. This vocation deals with sewer maintenance and repair. This vocation deals with testing water in the laboratory. This vocation deals with inspection of industrial wastewater treatment facilities and monitoring of wastewater that empties into the sewer system. This is also known as “Source Control,” “Industrial Pretreatment Inspection,” “IPP,” and Industrial Waste Inspection.

This vocation deals with the maintenance and repair of wastewater treatment plants. Mechanical Technology deals with the maintenance and repair of mechanical systems in the plant such as pumps and motors. Instrumentation Technology deals with the maintenance and repair of wastewater treatment plant electrical and instrumentation systems. This vocation deals with the operation of wastewater treatment plants in private industrial facilities. Decide which grade level is best for you. Since Grade 1 is an entry level test, there are no qualifications and anybody can take the test. However, Grade 1 is designed for a person with about 1 year of experience in the vocation.

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If you do not have one year of experience, you will probably need to study before taking the test. Once you decide the vocation you’re most interested in. Review the KSAs of the vocation and identify your strengths and weaknesses by using this test preparation tool. This took can also help you determine when you’re ready to apply for the certification test.

Complete the Application for Technical Certification and include your signed copy of the certification program Code of Ethics. Send it in with the correct fees by the deadline given on the application. Tests are given quarterly with four test windows per year. The application deadline is two months before the test.

You must fill out the entire application to be approved to test. If your application is rejected you may appeal. You may want to consider attending a CWEA local sections study session in northern or southern California. Tests are given quarterly with four test windows per year in a number of sites offered by Pearson VUE throughout California, Hawaii, Michigan and Missouri. You may reschedule one buisness day before your scheduled exam by contacting Pearson VUE dierctly through the web or by phone. 40 rescheduling fee if you reschedule outside your approved test window.

You will recieve an unofficial test report instantly after completing the test. After you have passed the test you will be be mailed an official test report with your certificate and blue card. To keep your certification you must attend at least 12 hours of continuing education every two years and pay a renewal fee every year. If you do not pass, you will also be mailed an official test report. You may take the test again and will have to pay the full fee. A short application form is available to those who must re-take the test. You are required to skip a test window before retesting for the same test.

Fire Certifications Overview EMS Certificates to Practice In accordance with section 4765. 30 of the Ohio Revised Code individuals must be issued a certificate to practice by the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services to provide emergency medical services. Click HERE to learn more about the nature of EMS work. Click HERE to learn more about each EMS provider certificate. EMS Certificates to Teach In accordance with section 4765. 30 of the Ohio Revised Code individuals must be issued a certificate to teach by the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services to instruct EMS courses required for certification and to provide continuing education. Fire Service Certificates to Practice In accordance with section 4765.

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55 of the Ohio Revised Code individuals must possess the appropriate certificate issued by the executive director of the Division of Emergency Medical Services to provide firefighting or fire safety inspector services. Click HERE to learn more about the nature of Fire Service work. Click HERE to learn more about each Fire Service provider certificate. Fire Service Certificates to Teach In accordance with section 4765. 55 of the Ohio Revised Code individuals must possess the appropriate certificate issued by the executive director of the Division of Emergency Medical Services to instruct courses required for firefighting or fire safety inspector certification.

Get the latest news and updates directly in your inbox. Please turn javascript on to utilize the functionality of this website. Third-party certification of these products to the new lead-free requirements will be required in many jurisdictions. To identify NSF certified products that comply with low-lead requirements, reference our low-lead marks guide. NSF certification ensures your product meets these mandatory requirements as determined by the Safe Drinking Water Act for plumbing fixtures and fittings across North America. The NSF mark, well respected by public health officials and drinking water utilities, is recognized as a symbol of product quality and integrity. Our responsive, personalized service quickly guides your products through the certification process, ensuring that they get to market on time and on budget.

Your NSF project manager guides your project through our streamlined, efficient certification process from application to approval. Your company and suppliers provide formulation, design specifications and product end use information. We review formulation and engineering specifications. We perform a plant audit and sample collection.

We grant certification for compliant products. Our follow-up program includes unannounced inspections and annual testing. Our experts can help you reduce your overall costs and expedite your time to market by bundling services and reducing the number of contracted service providers and facility audits. ANSI Standard 61, which includes a leachate test to evaluate products for all contaminants of health effects concern, not just lead. ANSI Standard 14 covers potable and non-potable water products. Products are also tested to verify compliance with the performance standard.

All potable water products certified by NSF under this program are lead-free. G mark is optional for certified potable water products that are made of all plastic. 1The term lead-free is defined as having a weighted average lead content of the wetted surfaces not exceeding 0. 25 percent consistent with state and federal law.

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Products covered include: water filters, water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, distillers, UV disinfection, etc. Search tips: Products certified for lead content are denoted in the search results. 25 percent as required by the U. ANSI 372 and two additional states have regulations or legislation requiring certification or conformance to a 0. Get more information and see a comprehensive map of the U. Search Tips: If looking for specific product types, select a box with the desired product type at the link above.

Please select the topics you would like to receive. Sustainability Services Integrate sustainable practices into your business strategy. Webinar: Uniform Plumbing Code Certification – What Is It and Where Is It Accepted? ANSI Standard 61 only test for lead? No, NSF tests for other metallic contaminants as well as nonmetallic contaminants. Open How can I be sure that a faucet or plumbing device meets the NSF standard? Open Which parties helped develop the NSF standard?

The standard was developed using a voluntary consensus process. Open Is NSF the only organization that can test against the standard? NSF’s worldwide recognition is a key asset when choosing a certification body. The NSF team always provides an exceptional customer service. The level of accuracy of the NSF certification gives to our clients confidence and trust in our products.

Pablo Olalla López, Technical Manager, Pinturas Villada SKC S. All GIGAVAC relays are manufactured in ISO9001 certified facilities and conform to world class manufacturing standards. GIGAVAC is certified to the latest Automotive Industry standard, IATF 16949. The uncompromising requirements for this certification means that GIGAVAC has achieved the highest standards for quality design and manufacturing at their factory in Carpinteria, California.


In keeping with GIGAVAC’s commitment to improve environmental conditions and minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing on the world community our California headquarters and production facility has been certified to ISO14001 conformance. Many of GIGAVAC’s Power Products have undergone testing by outside independent testing laboratories such as Underwriters Laboratories. The status of GIGAVAC’s UL Certifications can be found at UL Online Certifications Directory. Please enter “GIGAVAC” for “Company Name” and hit “Search” to view our most current certificates.

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High Voltage Relays – Underwriters Laboratories does not provide general certification for the type of high voltage relays manufactured by GIGAVAC or other manufacturers of this same style of product. Certification in these cases is done at the circuit or system level where the relay is certified for use in the application. GIGAVAC contactors and battery disconnect products are CE approved and comply with essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislations. By affixing the CE Mark to our products GIGAVAC is demonstrating compliance with a common set of laws required by all of the countries in the EEA to allow free movement of trade within EEA countries. GIGAVAC’s shares our customers’ concern for the environment.

The vast pool of knowledge regarding substances that endanger our environment increases almost daily. GIGAVAC is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of its operations and services. Through the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, GIGAVAC shall strive to prevent pollution and operate in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which GIGAVAC subscribes. GIGAVAC supports the objectives of Section 1502 of the US Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and recognizes the disclosure requirements which this law imposes on SEC reporting companies in the US. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Supporting documents, material and links for Bobrick products. Motivations to plan and build Green include: operating cost reduction, tax advantages, social responsibility, positive public relations, and contributions to LEED Certification Program.

Robust fabrication stands up to heavy use, abuse and vandalism and reduces replacement cylces. Toilet Partition Systems For a summary of Bobrick Toilet Partition LEED information refer to Advisory Bulletin TB-95. Keeping your data and systems secure is a big enough challenge. But demonstrating to auditors that you comply with industry requirements can bring you to the breaking point. And the cost of non-compliance can ruin your business. The compliance validation phase of an audit involves collecting information about your business activities. This provides assurances that your implemented controls are designed and operating effectively, and aligned with the policies set by the security organization.

That’s why we offer comprehensive security and compliance services. Our security experts use leading technologies and best practices to support your efforts to comply with regulatory mandates — often at a lower TCO than internally-developed solutions. It is probably true to say that without the considerable amount of help from Rackspace we could not have passed the exceptionally stringent PCI audit. Rackspace certainly went above and beyond their remit to ensure that everything was perfect for us.

A Shared Responsibility Cloud security is a shared responsibility. While your cloud platform provider is responsible for securing their cloud services, you also need to ensure that your environment is configured with security in mind. This includes the way your customers’ sensitive data is handled. Sensitive data needs to be stored securely and remain accessible to authorized personnel only. And you must be able to demonstrate this to meet industry compliance requirements. How confident are you that in-house resources can properly secure, monitor and manage your systems? Our certified security experts can help configure your environment to meet your compliance requirements.

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So, you — and your customers — can feel confident that your environment is stable and secure, 24x7x365. We’ll proactively detect — and respond to — security threats in your environment 24x7x365. We’ll use the latest technology and best practices to address your governance, risk and compliance goals. We’ll encrypt and restrict access to sensitive data and help protect your data while it’s at rest.

AAHAM certification is an investment in your personal growth and your professional future. For over forty years, AAHAM’s elite certification program has set the standard of excellence in patient financial services and the revenue cycle. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the healthcare revenue cycle or are a seasoned veteran, our family of AAHAM certification examinations offer a complete career ladder beginning with the Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist and culminating with the Certified Revenue Cycle Executive. We have a certification that will help advance your career.

Plus the learning doesn’t stop once you have obtained certification. Our certifications are maintained through a continuous education process. This assures you stay abreast of the important changes and updates that continually occur in our rapidly changing healthcare environment. How does certification benefit an individual? Earning an AAHAM certification demonstrates a high level of achievement and distinguishes you as a leader and role model in the revenue cycle industry. The certification validates your proficiency and commitment to your profession and can play an integral role in your career strategy. In many instances certification may help you secure the promotion or the job you desire.

How does certification benefit an employer? Earning an AAHAM certification demonstrates an individual’s expertise. It shows they possess the knowledge to meet the industry’s highest standards and the capacity to pass a rigorous certification examination. It shows commitment to their profession and ongoing career development. It also represents professionalism in the individual’s pursuit of excellence to quality of service in their career and the healthcare industry.

Since making the specialist certification a requirement in Patient Accounts, I have seen a huge increase in self confidence in my staff. It’s amazing how that trickles down. Administration has more confidence in their knowledge and uses them as a trusted resource. They are able to handle more issues on their own without seeking assistance from others. AAHAM certification helps you achieve all of these goals.

Executive Certification is an extensive online proctored exam directed to all senior and executive leaders within the healthcare revenue cycle industry, to help equip them for strategic management of the business. This certification possesses the highest level of difficulty combining content knowledge of the business with critical thinking and communication skills. Professional Certification is an online proctored exam directed to supervisors and managers in the revenue cycle industry, to validate their knowledge and skills. Specialist certification is an online proctored exam that tests the proficiency of staff involved in the processing of patient accounts and to prepare them for the many details needed to perform their daily job duties. UPHS pays for any candidate to take the test up to three times.