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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. I buy Now Designs Basketweave Kitchen Towel, Set of 3, Lemon been on the hunt for a moist yellow scratch cake recipe since I started this site. It was a short search that began and ended with my friend’s mom.

She used to own a bakery and made the yummiest cakes. So, I thought I would ask the pro for help. And, I’m so glad I did. It was yellow and moist, but mostly delicious.

I guess I’ll have to come up with another reason to trade my gas oven in for an electric one. Using a mixer, cream butter until fluffy. Add sugar and continue to cream for about 7 minutes. Add eggs one at a time.

Beat well after each egg is added. Divide batter equally into three cake pans. Hold each layer about 3 inches above your counter and carefully drop the pans flat onto counter several times to ensure release of any air bubbles. This will help you have a more level cake. Remove and immediately wrap each layer in plastic wrap to seal in moisture.

Once cooled, you are ready to assemble your cake. Combine 1 cup of sugar and 2 cups of water. Bring to boil and boil for approximately 3 minutes. Pour liquid into a spray bottle or pouring bottle. Unwrap first layer and using a serrated knife, level off the top of your cake. Take a straw and poke holes into the layer. Add a layer of frosting to your bottom layer.

Repeat on second and third layers. Using a mixer, cream softened butter and vanilla until smooth. Add sugar gradually, allowing butter and sugar to cream together before adding more. If you want your frosting a little creamier, add a teaspoon of milk at a time and beat on high until you get the right texture.

This is usually just enough for a 2-layer cake, so I would recommend doubling this for a three-layer. But, I like a lot of frosting. Next Post Check out the cheese! I’m the first to comment, I never thought I’d see the day. I am soooo excited to try this sugar spray bottle trick!

I used The Magnolia Bakery cupcake recipe, which is essentially the same, with the exception of using all-purpose for half the flour. I wasn’t too impressed, as the cake wasn’t very moist. Now you’ve got me wanting to try it again. I love a good moist cake recipe! I’m learning all of these new techniques. Like dropping the pan on the counter. Sounds like you’ve found your perfect recipe.

Now, if I could only decorate the cake like you. The cake looks delicious, but what do you do with all these wonderful desserts you bake? Are they things you give away to people? Thanks for sharing the spray bottle idea, i’ll be trying it. This literally made my mouth water.

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That cake looks so moist and DELICIOUS! Thanks for the fabulous recipe and wonderful techniques! When I got married, the woman who made our cake put all the layers in the freezer, uncovered, for at least 24 hours. That was her secret to moist cake, and she used box mixes! I made a friends’ wedding cake, and did the same thing and it turned out fabulous!

We had tons of compliments on how moist it was! I’m going to have to try this one though! I can’t wait to try it! 3 decks of cake, naughty naughty! Thanks for sharing the sugar spray bottle secret! I have heard of using simple syrup to keep cake layers moist, but I like the spray bottle idea even better!

Buy Now Designs Basketweave Kitchen Towel, Set of 3, Lemon


I can’t wait to try this recipe! The spray bottle sounds great, just make sure your sugar fully dissolves so your nossel doesn’t become crystalized! Another great idea is just to brush the cake with the sugar water and even infuse it with other flavors to add to the cake. Another great recipe I’ve found for a yellow cake is in the Chocolate Obsession by Michael Recchiuti. It uses buttermilk which is another great way to ensure moistness in a cake. I myself have been trying to find a good basic moist yellow cake recipe. I’ll have to try it soon and let you know how it comes out!

Is the butter flavoring a must? Is there a sub for it? I always end up with tons of stuff for recipes which requires a small amount and I hardly use those stuff again. I’ll have to give this a try, I too am looking for a good cake recipe that isn’t dry. I’ve also learned to double frosting, to leave extras for piping and just frosting it thick.

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Oh my does this look good! I think I may just try this for thanksgiving! I like to brush my cakes with milk. I use chocolate milk for chocolate cakes, and white milk for lighter colored cakes. It always comes out deliciously moist.

Buy Now Designs Basketweave Kitchen Towel, Set of 3, Lemon

Buy Now Designs Basketweave Kitchen Towel, Set of 3, Lemon

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It’s something I always have on hand, and has been working for me for years. Ooooh I love layer cakes, they are so impressive. I love the excitement of cutting into them to see what it looks like. I totally put my sugar syrup in a spray bottle too.

BTW, I’m still making and loving your simple sprite cake. I’ve passed along the recipe to several people who are enjoying it as well! That cake is so beautiful, if’s making my mouth water! Looks wonderful, I love pink cakes, especially multi-layered ones. I also have the Cake Bible for at least 10 years, the recipe on pg 250 is to die for.

My friends call it the “candy bar” frosting! I have heard that if you use oil instead of butter, that it really makes a cake moist. The pink icing drew me in. I have heard that if you use oil instead of butter, that really goes a long way to make the cake moist.

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What on EARTH does Bakerella DO with all those pops and cakes she makes? Have you ever heard of the Cake Doctor book? It takes regular cake mixes and jazzes them up. I have been scouring the net and all our cookbooks for a good recipe, I will have to add this to my list, I am not sure about the spray bottle idea though, hmmm I think I will have to give that a whirl as well.

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8 of tsp of almond, might try that and see how it goes. I think I’ll make it today! I am going off of is the cupcake platter I bought a while back at Dillards. I wish I had a few of your PICTURES to frame for the walls. Believe it or not, I was just complaining about not having a moist enough yellow cake recipe too! I am going to try this recipe ASAP! Do you really wrap it in plastic right out of the PAN?

Buy Now Designs Basketweave Kitchen Towel, Set of 3, Lemon

I wonder if it’s too moist to hold up to a good carving for a sculpted cake? I will GLADLY exchange ovens with you. I had a gas oven all growing up. Your blog always makes me so hungry! I am gaining weight just reading this! Love the idea about the sugar bottle.

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I will have to try it out! I will definitely bookmark this for the next time I need to bake a birthday cake! I love the color of the frosting! Thank you my family’s favorite is yello cake wth chocolate frosing. I will have to give this reciped a try. Have a great day and TFS.

Yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting is my absolute favorite so THIS is genius! I have never made it from scratch but I shall attempt it. Here’s a tip so you don’t have to level your cakes unless you want cake to make more cake pops. When your cakes comes out of the oven, gently press them down with piece of parchement or waxed paper and a clean dish towel. This releases steam and makes them flat.

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Be careful not to get burned. You can also put a cookie sheet on top and use a couple of canned goods for weight. I like the paper between the cookie sheet as a barrier. Looks delicious, too bad i dont have time to whip one up on my lunch break. I will have to try this recipe. I love, love, love yellow cake and this sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing the results of your hunt.

I can’t wait to try it. OOO delicious que riiico thanxxs for sharing ! It looks delicious, I can’t wait to try it. That sugar water trick is very clever, kudos. I bet it helps seal the crumbs in too, for smoother icing.