Brugge Brasserie

The Bauhaus lies in the heart of the historic Old Town of Bruges, surrounded brugge Brasserie medieval architecture and just minutes walk from the city’s main sights and the central market square. We are one of Bruges’ best authentic Belgian beer bars, popular with locals and tourists alike who come to enjoy a huge range of local beers amongst a lively atmosphere.

Our ever changing menu always has at least 50 beers on offer – and each night we offer a tasting experience at 10pm where you can sample a range of brews in the bar with our local experts. Upstairs, the Bauhaus offers a unique blend of modern hostel accommodation, new-age Pod Bed dormitories, bathrooms, private apartments and meeting facilities. Our charming building is a World Heritage listed Brugean step-gable house making it the perfect place to get a feel for the real Bruges experience. Come and discover Bruges in true Belgian style, at the Bauhaus.

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Rich in history located in the charming Bruges Old Town, this traditional Belgian pub is a meeting point for travellers so you’ll always find an international crowd and a mix of locals. The antique wooden furniture and warm lighting provides an authentic, lively place to meet people and sample a range of beers. Belgium began producing beer in the 13th century and today it still produces an unparalleled 500 different beers. In honour of our proud Belgian traditions, at the Bauhaus we stock over 50 types of beer at any one time. We have some of Belgium’s finest beers on tap as well as a long list of rotating bottled beers from across the country including rare Trappist brews and some local labels like Brugse Zot and Straffe Hendrik. Drop by for our Legends of Bruges beer tasting nightly experience.

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The Legends guides offer a tasting every night at 10pm with no early sign up required, so why not come and discover your new favourite beer? Make the most of 2 for 1 drink specials on house spirits running every day from 10am until 2am. We’re open every day of the year and have bar snacks late into the night, so pop in and see what’s happening. Our lively venue is perfect for groups whether you want to test some beers or watch live sports. At the Bauhaus you can watch live sports such as Rugby, Football, NFL and all the action for sporting events like the Six Nations, the Euros, World Cups, the English Premier League and more. With an international crowd in house every day the Bauhaus is one of the best sports bars in Bruges. The Bauhaus offers a purpose built and spacious activity hall with a capacity of up to 230 people.

The venue is perfect for both public and private functions, with a fully functional bar and sound system. For receptions, dinners, birthdays, after-parties, reunions and so much more – we’ll give you the best quote in Bruges, without compromising on the quality. Simply complete the form below to receive a tailored quote for your event or arrange to visit the venue. TXULETA BASQUE CIDER HOUSE NOW OPEN                                                             ON THE SECOND FLOOR ABOVE BRUGGE!

Belgian sandwich available in friteries and cafés. The type of meat available varies with the friterie. Any of a variety of sauces, including mayonnaise, ketchup, sauce andalouse, garlic sauce, bearnaise sauce and many others. Cheese and cabbage are also sometimes included.

Originally mitraillettes only contained a sausage or sliced meat. Often, dürüms are served instead in more multicultural areas. Belgium’s Dutch and French-speakers unite on fries”. Mowed down by the mitraillette sandwich at manneken frites”.

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The Early Word on The Airedale in Columbia Heights”. Visiter Bruxelles sous un autre angle” . There Are Bright Spots, but Inconsistency Dogs the Offerings at the Airedale”. Your Vacation in Lights: Belgium’s beer, chocolates and historical sites enliven Oakton couple’s vacation”.

The Airedale scores, if you’re a soccer fan or soft-serve aficionado”. Needs the Belgian “Submachine Gun” Sandwich”. Els horrors comestibles que vindran” . 12 Best Sandwiches from around the World”. La 1ère Mitraillette sur le Web!

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mitraillette. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, only to cover breweries whose beers are mentioned in my pub guide pages. Belgian breweries are well-enough documented elsewhere for me not to feel too guilty. A beer that happily avoids the sickly sweetness usually found in abbey blonds. Nicely hoppy over a solid malt base. Though dating back to the 17th century, the modern history of the monastery in Achel only really starts in 1846, when it was re-established after dissolution during the French Revolution.

Wild Honey Pie

Like many monasteries of the period, it possessed its own brewhouse. Brewing continued until 1914, when occupying German troops confiscating the brewing equipment to melt down for armaments. After the war, the brothers lacked the financial means to replace it and brewing ceased. Strong golden ale spiced with coriander. A classic beer, loved by almost everyone who tries it. OK, but not a patch on La Chouffe. Golden ale brewed from barley and wheat malt.

Golden ale brewed from malted barley, malted rye and malted wheat. Dark bock brewed from barley and wheat malt. An excellent strong beer that is well worth looking for. Will improve for at least a few years in the bottle.

Quite a contrast to normal Chouffe – hoppy rather than spicy. Not bad hop flavours and surpisingly light. A microbrewery, now in business for over 20 years, that thoroughly deserves its success. La Chouffe is an original and distinctive beer, that has gained great popularity.

Strangely, it is far easier to find on draught in Amsterdam than in Belgium. The bottled beers, with the exception of Kwel Chouffe, are only packaged in large champagne-style bottles. All the beers in this style are crap. Considerably less sweet than most beers in this style. Nothing like as bad as I had expected. Has the correct balance of sweet malt and hoppiness.

A beer I could actually drink for pleasure. Their beers are beginning to appear in Dutch cafes supplied by Heineken. It remains to be seen what Heineken do with them long term. Brewed from barley, wheat, oats, rye, coriander and orange peel. Guess what – another crappy pils.

The Belgian brewing industry’s number 2. They make an impressive array of crappy lagers. Pretty good, though there are some unusual notes in the aroma. Tastes like a good candidate for ageing to me.

A beer that is very different in all its phases – a very spicy aroma, intensely sweet in the mouth, hoppy in the finish. A bit odd, but quite pleasant. The beers have improved immeasurably since the brewery escaped from Riva’s ownership. The brewery tap in Mechelen is well worth a visit.

As well as their outstanding beers they also serve excellent food. A Belgian friend of mine says it is one of the best of its type left, because it at least retains a little hoppiness. A beer with no character whatsoever. Has a confusing mixture of hop and burnt caramel flavours.

Brugge Brasserie

It tastes more like a caramel-coloured münchner that a dubbel. I doubt very much that it’s truly top-fermented. Every beer in this style is crap. This one goes out of its way to be positively unpleasant. The worst Belgian beer I’ve tried by a long, long way.

But much better than most big-brewery abbey beers. Interbrew’s main Belgian beer factory, that takes up large parts of Leuven. I can’t say that I like any of the beers brewed there very much. I particularly dislike Leffe Blonde, a beer that is spreading like a cancer through Europe.

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Leffe Tripel – an excellent beer brewed in Hoegaarden – should not be confused with the rest of the Leffe range. I’m not sure how many are still brewed as there was plenty of the sort of “duplication” in the range that multinationals love to simplify for us. Bitterness: 12 EBU, colour : 5 EBC. A clean, lightly spicy witbier that is pleasant without being exceptional. No sourness but, happily, no sweetness either. Bitterness: 22 EBU, colour : 10.

Brugge Brasserie

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A well-distributed regional brewery from Wallonia. Their beers are very distinctive – there’s a certain taste they all seem to have – which helps when spotting their many label beers. They’ve never been my favourites, but that’s down to personal taste rather than any failings of the beers themselves. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that not all the beers listed above are really separate brews. A mux of young and old lambic with 240 grams of cherries per litre. A mix of young and old lambic with 240 grams of cherries per litre. A mux of young and old lambic with 250 grams of raspberries per litre.

A mix of lambic and stanard top-fermenting beer. Originally brewed by Vandr Linden in Halle, just outside Brussels. You have to admire anyone who starts, as Fank Boon did, a new lambic brewery. It’s not something you for money, but out of love. While his products may not be as sour as I would like, they are still traditionally made and characterful.

One of my favourite Belgian beers and one of the best new beers of the last 20 years. Lots of malt flavours plus a decent dash of hops. Still not a patch on Tripel Karmeliet, mind. A small independent brewery with one outstanding product. Has deteriorated considerably over the last 10 years.

Reasonably bitter and much better than the Red. One of the genuine Trappist breweries. Have sadly ruined their beers through the use of conical fermenters and cheap ingredients. An Alken-Maes subsidiary, bought in 1989. Produces a small amount of real geuze, mostly, it seems, for the Mort Subite café in Brussels.

A traditional Lambiek and Kriekenlambiek still survive on an unofficial basis, though the only place I’ve ever seen them is at the Opstal “Weekend der Spontane Gisting” festival. No doubt some pubs in the Payottenland still serve them, too. Has a nasty hop-extract smell, but pleasantly bittersweet on the tongue. Not a bad finish with bags of hops. First brewed when Antwerp was European Cultural Capital. The pride of Antwerp and the last brewer to mass-produce a good pale ale in Belgium. It was for many years a one-product brewery, but has diversified a little in the last 10 years.

Another Belgian beer that is much easier to find in Holland than its home country. It’s rarely makes an appearance on draught in Belgium outside Antwerp. It’s distributed by Heineken in Holland and there have been rumours that they had bought a stake in De Koninck. Belgium’s secretive company laws make this difficult to confirm. Delilcious spiciness complimented by a refreshing citrus sourness. A big beefy beer with some charm, but little subtlety.

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Used to be called Brugse Tripel. 1983, Gouden Boom is now a Palm subsidiary. It concentrates on the stronger beers of the groups range. Sadly, for such a sympatheic small brewery, a bit dull. A tiny family-run brewery in East Flanders. A very complex beer, where spicy hop flavours dominate, but are never one-dimensional or dull.

Quite buttery, which some may see as a fault. The history of the Dupont is somewhat odd. Considering its fame, the brewery is still very small, producing not much more than 10,000 hl a year. About a third of this is exported. Saison Dupont is their flagship product and is generally reckoned to be the best beer in this elusive style. It has been around since 1844 and was originally brewed in the winter, matured in wooden barrels for several months then served to quench the thirst of agricultural labourers in the summer.

A subtle burnt malt flavour in the finish is very pleasant, helping balance out the sweetness. A hoppy beer balanced by an underlying malt sweetness. A beautifully hopped and decptively strong beer. A little thin in the finish but it does have a tempting spicy aroma.

The Brouwerij van Eecke has been owned by members of the van Eecke family since 1865 and is best known for its Het Kapittel range of abbey beers. A brand taken over from what used to be the only brewery in the German-speaking part of Belgium. Pils brewed for the French market. It owns the Dutch Leeuw brewery, which gives its abbey ales a certain degree of distribution in Holland. Ingredients include unmalted wheat, coriander and curacao peel. The original witbier and still good, even if it has lost all its sourness. A cross between witbier and a pale ale.