Broad Ripple Trails

This is no ordinary bike map. While most bike maps are simply a compilation broad Ripple Trails bike lanes and greenways, the INDY RIDE GUIDE goes further to evaluate the best streets to ride a bike.

The INDY RIDE GUIDE will be available for FREE at Indy bike shops, boutiques, breweries and hotels. Throughout the process, volunteers reviewed the rankings to ensure a certain level of subjective verification. We are grateful to all the volunteers, members, and sponsors that made this map possible – we appreciate your commitment to making Indy a more bikeable city! The INDY RIDE GUIDE Volume 1. The skyline of downtown Indianapolis from the canal with the Medal of Honor Memorial and Indiana State Museum on the sides. A bridge over the canal at Butler University.

The Indiana Central Canal was a canal intended to connect the Wabash and Erie Canal to the Ohio River. Prior to its construction, the canal path was surveyed by Jesse Williams, the canal engineer of Indiana. The state of Indiana already owned most of the land required for the canal. The canal was six feet deep and sixty feet wide. The northern section was from Peru to Broad Ripple, Indiana.

Broad Ripple Trails

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It was surveyed primarily by William Goody. The eight fully completed miles were entirely within the Indianapolis section, continuing to parallel the White River. Waverly, Indiana, to Broad Ripple, where the construction began. It was primarily surveyed by Francis Cleveland. It runs from Broad Ripple to 30th Street near Riverside Park and goes by Butler University and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Six different species of turtle populate the Indianapolis section, and are studied to see how urban environments affect wildlife.

Broad Ripple Trails

In 1971 the canal was designated by the American Water Works Association as an American Water Landmark. Indianapolis: A Circle City History, p. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Indianapolis Canal Walk. Pass Bagger is a term for those that cross mountain passes to experience the best scenery and curvy roads. Every year since we moved to Colorado in 1984 I’ve kept track of mountain passes that we’ve bagged traveling by car, 4WD vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or on foot as a way to judge whether or not we really toured the mountains like we want to. Click on thumbnails to see larger images. These count toward the BMWMCC Pass Bagger awards.

These DO NOT COUNT toward the BMWMCC Pass Bagger awards. April 2015 issue of Colorado Life Magazine. June 2018 issue of Colorado Life Magazine. US-50, part of the Lincoln Highway. From “The Passes of Colorado” by Ed and Gloria Helmuth: “We have chosen to define a pass as the point used to cross a ridge that divides two watersheds.

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Divide” and “saddle” are other descriptive words sometimes used to identify passes. Some passes are named “gap”, yet meet the criteria of a pass as given here. From “Hiking the Highest Passes of Colorado” by Bob Martin: “Besides the passes with official names, there are many passes in Colorado that are known by unofficial names. Such names are not shown on the United States Geological Survey topographic maps and have not been approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names. However, such unofficial names often are used in reference books and may be common in local usage. From “Mountain Passes” by Clyde and Chloe Edmundson: “what is a pass?

Passes are sometimes called divides, gaps or notches but the basic characteristic of a pass is that it divides two major watersheds. The cars are traveling an average of 25,000 miles a day. The new service will allow you to move data from one platform to another. George Sax is joining a Bitcoin wallet startup as its global head of security. Want to Name the Next European Mars Rover?

Citizens of ESA member states are invited to submit name suggestions online. Sign Up for Our Newsletters Sign up now to receive FORTUNE’s best content, special offers, and much more. Fortune may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Quotes delayed at least 15 minutes. Market data provided by Interactive Data.

ETF and Mutual Fund data provided by Morningstar, Inc. P Index data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions. In Northwest Indiana, the trail is only 4. Lake County from Munster to Hammond.

In the Indianapolis area, the trail consists of 18. The first portions of the trail were created in the late 1990s, but it has been consistently extended in both of its segments since then. Today, the trail is a shared use path complete with trailheads, park amenities and local attractions near it. Northwest Indiana’s portion of the Monon covers 4.

Pennsy Greenway near the Illinois-Indiana border in Munster, and running north to the Erie Lackawanna Trailhead in downtown Hammond. In 2014, the trail was significantly extended, with a segment opening between Munster and Hammond. The segment connected a previously existing portion of the Monon Trail located entirely within Munster. The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District, which operates the South Shore commuter rail service, is planning to reestablish a rail route along the old Monon right-of-way.

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Remnants of the abandoned railroad tracks and switch near the trailhead in Munster. The Monon Trailhead in downtown Munster was built in 2012. The 1909 railroad bridge over the Little Calumet River was rebuilt in 2014 as a trail bridge. View of the Monon Trail looking south from the bridge over 165th St.

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The trail was extended into Westfield starting in the fall of 2008, and since then has been extended north over the abandoned Monon right of way toward Sheridan, Indiana for a total of 2. In the Indianapolis area, the Monon Trail is used by more than 1. The longest continuous stretch begins in Indianapolis at 10th street, and runs North, terminating in Grand Park of Westfield at 191st street. After reaching Grand Park, bikers can take country roads to reconnect with the trail at 216th street, where the trail picks back up and goes another 3. 1 miles and ending in Sheridan. The final connection from 191st Street to 216th Street is scheduled to be completed in 2019. An original Monon Railroad bridge was repurposed as a trail overpass in Indianapolis.

A mixed-use development in downtown Carmel surrounds the Monon Greenway. North of Carmel, the greenway passes under U. An overpass was created in Carmel’s section of the greenway, spanning 146th St. Track in Indianapolis is being dismantled but effort continues to save other sections”. New bike trail leg bridges Munster, Hammond”. South Shore officials give residents view of West Lake extension”. Residents want Monon corridor to be bought by city, made into recreational area-bicycling, hiking, running, etc”.

In The Park: The Monon Rail-Trail”. San Diego, California: Thunder Bay Press. Touring the trail: Monon Trail advocate, Alyn Bernell, takes ride through a portion of the Monon named after him”. City of Indianapolis and Marion County. Neighborhood conditions impact quality of life”.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Monon Railroad. The Race to Replace Bitcoin An epic battle between two bitcoin 2. There’s an epic battle for the future of money, and the outcome is murky. But one thing is crystal clear: The most exciting battle in this long war is taking place in San Francisco, and the town isn’t big enough for both Ripple Labs and Stellar, two of the contenders hoping to replace not just Bitcoin but the almighty dollar.

On one side are governments, fiat currencies and the world banking industry. On the other side are hundreds of young companies backed by brilliant cryptographers, complex programming and security protocols and varying degrees of anti-establishment fervor. The United States government, European Union and other currency-creating governments will use every means to keep control of money. Likewise, banking giants such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo are strongly invested in the status quo. Bitcoin has a massive head start and has already developed significant brand equity. But among aficionados, there is wide consensus that the weaknesses in Bitcoin are fatal and unfixable. We’ve already seen two major breaches: Mt.

This article focuses on two of those cryptocurrencies, Ripple and Stellar. Ripple, founded in 2011, is a relative veteran in this business. The interpersonal story of Stellar and Ripple Labs is emblematic of the turmoil roiling the entire industry. It has everything: Sex, huge money, fraud, genius, betrayal, international intrigue and government raids. The story starts in a Williamsburg apartment in 2008 with a positive pregnancy test.

Burzlaff gave birth to a daughter and, 14 months later, a son. He was also a pretty damn good coder. 30 million to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits by the RIAA. Burzlaff started a family, the cryptographers behind the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin. Once coins are minted, they can be transferred based on an open-source Internet protocol. In July 2010, he created Mt.

His idea and implementation was the first major turning point in the Cryptocurrency Era—even bigger than the invention of Bitcoin itself. Gox was handling more than 70 percent of Bitcoin transactions. Netscape took a decades-old technology nobody was using and put a familiar face on it. Gox popularized Bitcoin, and then nearly destroyed it.


Gox suspended trading, filed for bankruptcy and is in the process of liquidating. Then in 2011, he had his greatest inspiration. He uniquely understood Bitcoin’s flaws and decided to create a cryptocurrency immune to those flaws. The mining process is a bizarre abstraction to most people, but Bitcoin needed it to create and limit the BTCs.

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People love hot dogs, but don’t want to see inside the slaughterhouse. To create a new and better cryptocurrency, Mr. He met with David Schwartz and the two discussed how a consensus network could work. David joined as CTO and later became Chief Cryptographer. 100,000 into what was then known as Opencoin Inc. Soon after, they brought aboard legendary futurist Arthur Britto, who became the venture’s chief strategist.

Broad Ripple Trails

Despite IQs that look like professional bowling scores, no one in the trio could actually operate a company. Chris Larsen completed the all-star team as CEO of what became Ripple Labs. Larsen had already taken a pair of complicated start-ups and built them into thriving businesses: E-Loan, one of the first online mortgage companies, which IPO’d and is now part of publicly held financial services company Popular, Inc. Prosper, one of the first peer-to-peer lending marketplaces. Larsen presenting a suit-wearing, responsible front to the bankers and Mr.

It had brilliant technologists, backed by banking relationships and wise management. It was clear to the fintech world that Ripple could match and potentially overtake Bitcoin in shaping the future of cryptocurrency. To paraphrase Leo Tolstoy, every unhappy family—and every unhappy company—is unhappy in its own way. Burzlaff worked raising their kids and creating a start-up of her own, Bravo Your City.

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You need to work like every other single mother. This was around the time that Mr. Burzlaff and their kids foreshadowed an identical end between Mr. Sterling, two other law jobs, founder or CEO at two start-ups and now a venture capitalist. Kim’s mentors, who is today one of her most fervent supporters. I actually introduced her to Jed because she was raising money for her company.