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The team runs from a large image of villain Ras al-Ghul in the background. The Teen Titans, also known as the New Teen Titans and the Titans, are a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, often in an eponymous monthly series. Over broad Ripple Tans decades, DC has cancelled and relaunched Teen Titans many times, and a variety of characters have been featured heroes in its pages. 30 plus issues numbered 0, 23.

Bob Haney and artist Bruno Premiani. The series’ original premise had the Teen Titans helping teenagers and answering calls. Comics historian Les Daniels noted that Haney “took some ribbing for the writing style that described the Teen Titans as ‘the Cool Quartet’ or ‘the Fab Foursome’. The series explored events such as inner-city racial tension and protests against the Vietnam War.

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Titans deal with the accidental death of a peace activist, leading them to reconsider their methods. Art by Ernie Chan and Vince Colletta. Art by George Pérez and Dick Giordano. Wolfman and Pérez’s working relationship quickly evolved to the point where they were plotting the series jointly. Wolfman recalled that “once George moved to the same town I lived in, only five blocks or so away, we usually got together for lunch and would work out a story over the next few hours. In many cases I would then go home and write up a plot based on it, or sometimes George would take the verbal plotting we did and take it from there. The team’s adversaries included Deathstroke the Terminator, a mercenary who takes a contract to kill the Titans to fulfill a job his son had been unable to complete.

This led to perhaps the most notable Titans storyline of the era. We Are Gathered Here Today”, telling the story of Wonder Girl’s wedding. The New Teen Titans along with Legion of Super-Heroes and Batman and the Outsiders were the first and only titles included in this program. 1 of New Teen Titans vol. 2 created controversy when Grayson and Starfire were depicted in bed together, although it had been established for some time that they were a couple.

50 told a new origin story for Wonder Girl, her link to Wonder Woman having been severed due to retcons created in the aftermath of Crisis on Infinite Earths. The brief return of Perez and the addition of Tom Grummett failed to move sales for the book, which were starting to decline. Believing Wolfman had grown stagnant, DC assigned Wolfman a new editor, Jonathan Peterson, and gave Peterson authority to override Wolfman over the direction of the book. With Peterson controlling the book’s direction, the series was rapidly overhauled. The Wildebeast, a villain who used proxies and surrogates to hide his true identity while vexing the Titans, was expanded to a full army of villains and revealed to be a front for the remaining members of the super-villain group HIVE.

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The group fell under the control of Titan Jericho, who in turn was being possessed by the corrupted souls of Azarath. Terra and Donna Troy, who was depowered in the Total Chaos crossover. Peterson left the book before Total Chaos concluded, leaving Wolfman to deal with the fallout from Peterson’s editorially mandated storylines, including the final break-up between Starfire and Nightwing as a couple, the return of Speedy as Arsenal, and the resurrection of Raven as a villain. Following Zero Hour, the series saw a revamp: Nightwing was removed from the series by Batman editorial and a roster of new young heroes such as Damage and Impulse were inserted into the team to try and renew interest, along with Team Titan survivors Mirage and Terra II.

New Green Lantern Kyle Rayner was also brought onto the title and given a prominent romance with Donna Troy, whose marriage with Terry Long had collapsed in the pages of Team Titans before the book’s cancellation. The New Teen Titans was widely thought of as DC’s answer to the increasingly popular Uncanny X-Men from Marvel Comics, as both series featured all-new members and depicted young heroes from disparate backgrounds whose internal conflicts were as integral to the series as was their combat against villains. The project was put on hold when it was decided instead to have Perez return to the main book as artist and for their first project back together to be “Who Is Wonder Girl? Over the course of 1989 and 1990, George Perez and Marv Wolfman continued to work on “Games” with over half the project being completed. But the ascension of Jonathan Peterson as editor of the series and Perez moving off of New Titans in order to work on Infinity Gauntlet for Marvel led to the book being shelved. In the early ’00s, Marv Wolfman and George Perez approached DC about completing the book as a stand-alone graphic novel.

The book was completed in 2010 and published in 2011. The plot had the New Titans be forced by King Faraday to go after a mysterious mastermind who forces his victims to play deadly “games” for his amusement. Titan book was launched in August 1986 called “Teen Titan Spotlight On”. The series was an anthology series and featured individual members of the Titans in solo stories, often spanning multiple issues.

Brotherhood of Evil, detailing the formation of the second version of the group. The series failed to catch on and was canceled in 1988 along with Tales of the Teen Titans. The Team Titans were one of 100 groups sent back through time to prevent the birth of Lord Chaos, the son of Donna Troy and Terry Long. Their mission was to kill the pregnant Troy before she could give birth. Teen Titans was written and penciled by Dan Jurgens. Pérez as inker for the first 15 issues. A contest was held in the letters pages to determine who would join the team.

Batman titles banned his appearance, forcing Jurgens to use Captain Marvel Jr. His inclusion failed to boost sales and the series was then canceled. Titans: The Technis Imperative, featuring nearly every Titan and showcased the return of Cyborg. This led into Titans, written by Devin K.

This team consisted of Nightwing, Troia, Arsenal, Tempest, Flash, Starfire, Cyborg, Changeling, Damage and Argent. One new member, Jesse Quick, joined. The West Coast branch of the team, Titans L. Between Teen Titans and Titans, a new generation of young heroes formed a team in Young Justice, consisting of Superboy, Robin, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Secret and Arrowette. 2002 Titans roster and the Young Justice team.

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Raven later returned to the team, reborn in a new teenage body while Jericho was brought back, having escaped death by possessing and laying dormant inside his father Deathstroke’s mind. The series renewed interest in the Titans, but drew sharp complaints due to shifts in the personalities of the various Young Justice characters. Most notably, the decision to have Impulse rebrand himself Kid Flash and the decision to jettison his happy-go-lucky person in favor of a more serious personality. Under Geoff Johns, the Teen Titans were front and center during the build-up and events of the Infinite Crisis crossover.

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During the lead-in of the crossover, Donna Troy was resurrected in a four-part crossover miniseries with The Outsiders called “The Return of Donna Troy” while Superboy and Cassie Sandsmark became a couple. During Infinite Crisis, Superboy was killed by his evil doppelganger Superboy Prime, Cyborg was severely damaged by cosmic forces unleashed by Alexander Luthor Jr. Following the events of Infinite Crisis, the Teen Titans fell into a state of chaos. Wonder Girl quit the group to join a cult she believed could resurrect Superboy, while Robin took a leave of absence to travel the globe with Batman and Nightwing. Changeling and Raven attempted to keep the Titans going, resulting in a massive open call membership drive that saw a large number of heroes come and join the roster, which was anchored by Beast Boy and Raven. During this period, Osiris was driven from the team due to a smear campaign launched by Amanda Waller after she manipulated him into killing a super-villain. The smear campaign against Osiris, along with the war between Black Adam and Intergang, led to Black Adam declaring war on the world.

In the ensuing series of battles against the super-hero community, the Titans fought and lost a bloody battle with the villain, culminating in the deaths of Terra II and Young Frankenstein. Bombshell’s plan to frame Miss Martian as Deathstroke’s latest mole in the team and allowed Raven to cleanse Jericho of the Azarathian corruption that had turned him evil. Geoff John’s final arc on the series would introduce a new villainous “Titans East” team, led by Deathstroke and Batgirl Cassandra Caine. Soon after, events related to the Countdown story arc impact the Titans. P storyline, Robin leaves and Wonder Girl leads the team. Red Devil loses his powers after Brother Blood absorbs them. Miss Martian returns with several teen heroes liberated from the Dark Side Club.

During the events of the Blackest Night crossover, some dead Titans are resurrected as members of the Black Lantern Corps. During this time, several back-up stories begin to run in the series: one called “The Coven”, starring Black Alice, Zachary Zatara and Traci 13 and later, one starring Ravager. Kid Devil is killed in battle, while Kid Eternity is revealed to have been beaten to death by the Calculator after being kidnapped by him. 88 and penciller Nicola Scott became the book’s artist. The issue’s teaser shows a line-up of Superboy, Wonder Girl, Raven, Beast Boy, Kid Flash and Ravager. 87, the final issue before Krul’s run.

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Following a mission to an alternate dimension to rescue Raven, the team splits. A series for Static was announced. In January 2011, new Titan Solstice debuted in the January 2011 Wonder Girl one-shot. The book concluded with a three-part storyline spanning issues 98 to 100, which saw Superboy-Prime return to destroy the team. A large group of former Titans arrived and the series ultimately ended with Prime trapped in the Source Wall, seemingly for eternity.

The remainder of the issue consisted of pieces of artwork showcasing the various Teen Titans who appeared in that incarnation of the title, contributed by various DC artists. A second ongoing Teen Titans series, titled Titans, launched in April 2008 with a cover date of June 2008, written by Judd Winick. In the series’ first story, Trigon makes a series of attacks on every member, former or current, of the Teen Titans and Trigon has “another child” that, unlike Raven, will assist him in his attack. After reclaiming Titans Island and establishing a headquarters on the East River, Cyborg sets out to create an East Coast Titans team. During a training session, the team was massacred by an unseen force. After rescuing several Titans and questioning Trigon himself, the Titans learn that Trigon’s three children have prepared his second invasion for him.

Raven’s three grown half brothers — Jacob, Jared and Jesse are responsible. Working as a team, the Titans thwart the Sons of Trigon and stop Trigon’s invasion plan. While Dick and Kory attempt to make a decision on where their relationship will lead, Raven and Beast Boy go out on a “not-a-date”. During this, Raven reveals that since she faced her brothers, she has begun to feel as if she is losing control and slipping back under her father’s influence. Following this, Jericho arrives, frantically asking for help to separate himself from Match’s body. Jericho has turned renegade again and fights the Titans.

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He is under the control of the numerous people that he has taken command of over the years. Nightwing resigns from the Titans due to his new responsibilities in Gotham. Promotional image for Titans: Villains for Hire Special, featuring the team. A Comic-Con announcement stated that Cyborg, Donna Troy and Starfire were leaving the team to pursue the JLA. One of the new members included Carla Monetti a. Cinder, a young redheaded woman with the ability to manipulate fire. Osiris, a member during the One Year Later gap, who had been brought back to life after the events of Blackest Night, was returned as a member.

The issue quickly became the subject of controversy due to Choi’s violent death. Following the one-shot, in the team’s inaugural storyline they were hired to assassinate Lex Luthor following the events of War of the Supermen. This is revealed to be a ruse set up by Luthor and Deathstroke to draw out the real assassin, a shape-shifter named “Facade”, who had apparently killed and impersonated a woman on Luthor’s security detail. Following several adventures, the Titans are confronted by Ray Palmer and the Justice League for their hand in Ryan’s murder.

The Titans are nearly defeated, but manage to escape thanks to an intervention from the newly resurrected Isis. Art by Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund. DC’s New 52 event, written by Scott Lobdell with former Justice League artist Brett Booth providing interiors. The new team is formed by Tim Drake, now rebranded as “Red Robin” in order to protect teenage heroes from a villain known as Harvest and his organization “N.

2014 series, was Harvest kidnapping young heroes for experimentation and enslavement, as part of the villainous scheme for world domination. 2014 series featured several crossovers, “The Culling”, which had the team meet the Legion of the Super-Heroes, as well as “The Death of the Family”, which focused upon a meeting of Batgirl, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and the Titans, as the Joker kidnapped Red Hood and Red Robin. 2014 series and Scott Lodbell’s writing drew negative reviews, though the Lodbell created character Bunker was positively received by fans. 1 with Will Pfeifer as writer. The series continued with the characteristics of the main characters, but ignored the events of the Ravagers spin-off, presenting Beast Boy both green and in line with his animated series characteristics. The series also added an African American version of the super-heroine Power Girl to the roster.

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DC launched a new mini-series called “Titans Hunt” which restored the original 1960s version of the Titans to canon. The series states that all memory of the original Titans was erased by Lilith, to protect the team from Mr Twister. Teen Titans, consisting of Damian Wayne as Robin, Wally West II as Kid Flash, Jackson Hyde as Aqualad, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven. The Silver Age Teen Titans Archives, Vol. Teen Titans: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol.

DC Universe Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol. DC Archives: The New Teen Titans, Vol. The New Teen Titans Omnibus, Vol. Backups stories from Teen Titans vol. The Rebirth era was preceded by the Titans Hunt miniseries which reintroduced the original Teen Titans to the post new 52 continuity. A potential live-action Titans project for TNT was announced in September 2014.

Aquaman Hour of Adventure, featuring Speedy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Aqualad. A Teen Titans animated series ran on Cartoon Network and The WB from July 19, 2003 to September 15, 2006. The show featured a 1980s-era lineup composed of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg as teenagers. In November 2010, the Young Justice animated television series was launched, featuring a team of teenaged superhero sidekicks who undertake covert operations under the authority of the Justice League. During the premiere of Green Lantern: The Animated Series on Cartoon Network, a new block of animation with the Green Lantern and Young Justice shows alongside the DC Nation Shorts was announced for 2012. After a test run with DC Nation’s New Teen Titans shorts, a new full-length series called Teen Titans Go! 2013 on Cartoon Network, with the voice actors from the original Teen Titans animated series reprising their roles.

An animated series loosely set in the DC Animated Universe was planned, but abandoned. In May 2007, it was revealed that Warner Bros. Teen Titans film in which Robin was the only confirmed member. Akiva Goldsman and Mark Verheiden were writing it. The Titans appear in a brief background cameo during the closing JFK speech in the 2008 animated film Justice League: The New Frontier. The Teen Titans appear in Justice League vs.

Teen Titans, which is the first appearance of the team in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line. At the San Diego Comic-Con International in 2006, a Teen Titans: The Judas Contract animated movie was announced. The name “Wonder Girl” itself had been regularly used for a variety of flashback tales of Wonder Woman’s childhood exploits. 75 Years of DC Comics The Art of Modern Mythmaking.

DC Comics Year By Year A Visual Chronicle. 115: “Writer Bob Haney and artist Nick Cardy added another member to the ranks of the newly formed Teen Titans: Wonder Girl. 116: “The Teen Titans earned their own series after successful tryouts in both The Brave and the Bold and Showcase. Scribe Bob Haney and artist Nick Cardy promptly dispatched Robin, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Kid Flashas the newest members of the Peace Corps. Teen Titans Assistants Earn a Promotion”. DC Comics: Sixty Years of the World’s Favorite Comic Book Heroes.

New York, New York: Bulfinch Press. Stepping Stones for a Giant Killer! And Other Comic Book Legends Revealed. 134: “Four years after the debut of Wonder Girl, writer Marv Wolfman and artist Gil Kane disclosed her origins.

139: “The inaugural adventure of the non-powered non-costumed Teen Titans introduced one of DC’s first African-American heroes, Mal Duncan. 138: “Tragedy initiated a new era for the Teen Titans as told by scribe Robert Kanigher and artist Nick Cardy. 171: “More than three years since Teen Titans was canceled, writers Paul Levitz and Bob Rozakis, with artist Pablo Marcos, revived the series. Go West, Young Heroes: The Teen Titans in La-La Land”. 176: “The team’s untold originwas vividly transcribed by writer Bob Rozakis and artist Juan Ortiz. 188: ” went on to become DC’s most popular comic team of its day.