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Make training a fun learning experience for you, your family, and your dog! Fill broad Ripple Animal Clinic our New Student Profile to make your enrollment quick and convenient!

Group evening classes begin at 6:30pm or 7:45pm. Class schedules vary, please call for available class dates and times. Have been training our puppy there for almost a year. It has been worth every penny. They do a fantastic job and I have recommended them to friends of mine. My dog just seems to do what the trainer wants.

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Our goldendoodle, Dug, went to Bark Tutor for puppy pre-school and we couldn’t be happier. 2014 Bark Tutor School for Dogs. We are confident that you will feel the BRAC Difference after just one visit. Get to know your veterinarian We have found that the key to quality veterinary care is a combination of medical competence, empathy for pet owners and compassion for our animal companions. Our veterinarians will listen to your concerns, diagnose any medical conditions, help you understand your options and work with you to make the right decisions for you and your pet. At the Broad Ripple Animal Clinic our team is made up of a diverse group of veterinarians and support staff professionals who bring their love for animals to work with them every day. Our veterinary team comes from all backgrounds, and has joined the Broad Ripple Animal Clinic because of their desire to make a difference in the lives of animals, as well as the people who love those animals.

Broad Ripple Animal Clinic

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To learn more about our dedicated veterinary team, please click here. Our animal hospital offers cutting edge, affordable care The Broad Ripple Animal Clinic is an animal care facility equipped to handle all medical and surgical needs. From preventive health care services to advanced diagnostic and surgical services, our doctors and staff are trained to manage all of your pet’s needs. We are continually updating our equipment and educating our team to the latest medical information. Sara Rudwell gave my 7 week kitten her first check up. Rudwell and all the staff were absolutely wonderful! Rice, she was very thorough which I appreciated.

Emergency vet care We understand that you have a busy schedule and your pet’s health care needs may not always fit into a 9-5 timeframe. This is why we keep extended hours Monday through Thursday from 8am to 8pm, Friday and Saturday from 8am-6pm, and Sunday from 10am-2pm. After hours, we work closely with a local 24-hour emergency care facility. For current clients, we offer a technician on call line which is available Monday through Friday from the time we close until 10:00pm.

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This allows you to discuss with a technician if it would be beneficial for your pet to be seen at an emergency clinic that night or if an exam could be scheduled next day with one of our doctors. To reach our technician, call our regular phone number and select this option from the menu. Schedule an appointment at our veterinary clinic We try to make scheduling a veterinary clinic appointment as convenient as possible for you. Stop into our veterinary clinic to schedule an appointment in person. Why Do Dogs Like to Give Kisses? How to Train Your Cat to Like the Cat Carrier – It IS Possible! Enter the terms you wish to search for.

Do You Hear What I Hear? Why Choose the College of Education? Butler University is authorized by name by the State of Indiana: student complaints may be filed with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. This app, built here in Nepal by Nepali developers, can be the template. We can hand it off to the next government right at the beginning, so they can record where people live, where they come from, everything else, and store all of that information both on-premises and in the cloud. 8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal and affected the lives of approximately 8 million people.

Nearly 9,000 people died, and some 600,000 homes and buildings were destroyed or severely damaged. With many of the survivors living in tents, there was tremendous urgency to begin reconstruction before the brutal winter set in. In the past, such records were maintained on paper, which can be difficult or impossible to obtain following a disaster of this magnitude. It offered a flexible, cost-effective solution for overseeing a complicated recovery and rebuilding operation in a remote area that otherwise would have required far more time, resources, and money. The app also was used to manage daily cash payments to thousands of local workers, many of whom were clearing debris. That helped restart the country’s economy and infused money into communities that needed it most. The app from UNDP and Microsoft has the potential to revolutionize how the world responds to disasters.

Storing records securely in the cloud can help rebuild census data, property records, and land tenure rights—critical for recovery efforts in developing nations with rudimentary record-keeping systems. The app also can enable relief agencies to share valuable records created during early phases of a disaster to jumpstart reconstruction. We can revolutionize the entire global response to disasters. With a cell phone, we can change the world. For them, everyday tasks such as identifying products in a grocery store, reading restaurant menus, and seeing who’s around them when they walk down the street can be challenging.

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He lost his eyesight at age 7 and began using talking computers at a school for the blind. Seeing the positive impact technology can have, he envisioned using computers to improve life for the low-vision community. The free app can identify a product by its barcode and call out the name. It can read documents, including headings, paragraphs, and lists, allowing users to skim through to find the text they need. It can also recognize people based on their face and provide a description of their appearance, including their gender and facial expression. I see two faces: 40-year-old man with a beard looking surprised and a 20-year-old woman looking happy.

Broad Ripple Animal Clinic

I think it’s a young girl throwing an orange Frisbee. Microsoft’s goal is to get Seeing AI technology into the hands of as many blind and low-vision people as possible. Artificial intelligence is improving at an ever faster rate, and I’m really excited to see where we can take this. I think this is just the beginning. We’ve helped thousands of people in Pakistan and elsewhere speak to a doctor for the first time in their lives. We’re working in many areas that are conflict-stricken and in poverty. Based on the number of people we’ve helped, we’re bigger than many hospital groups, and yet we’re helping governments deliver healthcare at a tenth of the cost through digital solutions.

India, for example, has less than one doctor per 1,000 individuals, according to the World Health Organization. For people in rural areas, traveling to and from the nearest hospital by bus can take half a day or longer. Inspired, Fulcher founded RingMD, using cloud technology to help fill the gaps he perceived in the global healthcare ecosystem while increasing access and affordability for people in need. The platform is hosted by Microsoft Cloud, allowing it to scale much more quickly and cost-effectively than traditional health systems, which are reliant on physical infrastructure and on-site personnel. RingMD also employs machine learning, AI, and complex algorithms that enable it to provide patients with customized health recommendations. It brings together healthcare professionals and patients across great distances at a fraction of the cost of conventional health services.

And it has been a boon for practitioners like Dr. Vidya Neelkant, as well as the patients she treats virtually. She’s encouraged by the medical advice she’s able to provide using RingMD, particularly to women. It’s so good that I can help them have healthier pregnancies now and advise them on things like diet, hygiene, and how much to work. A mother’s health is very important for her baby, yet not everyone is getting this care, especially in the rural areas. Just one unscheduled delay and its ripple effect on the fleet and passengers can add up to a million dollars a day. Similarly, fuel costs generally account for a whopping 40 percent of airlines’ operating expenses.

Even a 1 percent optimization of fuel consumption can save a carrier millions of dollars annually. To reduce costs and improve their margins, airlines constantly search for ways to improve operational efficiency. With modern airplane engines equipped with thousands of sensors generating terabytes of data, advanced cloud technology offers new opportunities to do just that. To improve customer service and streamline operations, the company employs advanced analytics, combining sensor data and other information to maximize aircraft availability and fuel efficiency for more than 13,000 commercial aircraft engines in service. Using Microsoft’s Azure platform, Azure IoT Suite, and the Cortana Intelligence Suite, Rolls-Royce is collecting, aggregating, and analyzing data from disparate sources at unprecedented scale. In doing so, the company is helping its customers pinpoint operational anomalies and optimize aircraft performance. By comparing information from specific aircraft components with data models and other components in the fleet, for example, Rolls-Royce can alert flight crews when a piece of equipment is underperforming or due for replacement.

Rolls-Royce also can analyze fuel data to help airlines understand exactly which factors—including flight plans, equipment maintenance, weather, and discretionary fuel—have the most impact on fuel performance. Nick Farrant, senior vice president at Rolls-Royce. If we can do that and link new digital capabilities into our services, we can collaborate more deeply with our customers and solve many more of their problems. They say your eyes are the window to your soul. I suppose this means technology allows me to bare my soul. The undersized player made it as a safety with the New Orleans Saints. And he became a local icon after making a remarkable play that helped unite the city following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Broad Ripple Animal Clinic

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Today, facing even longer odds, Gleason continues to unite and galvanize others. He was diagnosed in 2011 with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, and has been stripped of his ability to speak, move, or even breathe unassisted. The disease ravages nerves in the brain and spine, and there is no known cure. But despite his diagnosis, Gleason is determined to lead a full life, be an active husband and father, and help others with ALS.

He engaged the technology industry to help make a tangible difference in the lives of those with the disease. Recognizing an opportunity to empower people through AI, innovators at Microsoft were eager to participate. Gleason issued a challenge: Develop technology that helps people with ALS communicate and move more easily. That challenge inspired Eye Control for Windows 10, enabling people with limited mobility and speech to move their wheelchairs and communicate through an AI-assisted user interface and keyboard operated by eye movement. He wanted the ability to play with his young son, talk more easily with his wife, move his wheelchair on his own, and independently power his Microsoft Surface on and off. Now, using Eye Control and a Surface Pro 3 tablet, Gleason can input sentences, communicate with friends and family, and interact with his son from his wheelchair—just as he envisioned. Moreover, eye-tracking support has been built into Windows 10 to help countless others use their machines to stay active and connected.

And with 60 percent to 75 percent of emerging infectious diseases originating in animals, it’s difficult to identify how and when a new disease occurs—or where it’s spreading. What if humans could prevent diseases such as the Ebola virus and bird flu before they become epidemics? By analyzing their DNA, researchers can identify both the animals that carry infectious diseases and the viruses they’re carrying. The problem is that mosquito populations change with the weather, so finding where they hide can be difficult. To identify emerging infectious diseases before they turn into outbreaks, Microsoft Research has launched Project Premonition. It uses Microsoft drones to find mosquito breeding grounds, robotic traps to gather specimens, and cloud-scale genomics powered by machine learning to search the DNA for pathogens.

And with technologies such as AI, machine learning, and cloud computing, they can rapidly analyze hundreds of gigabytes of gene sequencing data. Thanks to Project Premonition, accurately detecting pathogens in a sample now takes less than 12 hours—versus the 30 days previously required. If we can detect viruses before they spread, we may someday stop outbreaks before they begin. Children who have this extremely rare congenital defect are essentially born with just half a heart—their survival requires at least two major surgeries six months apart. The period between the two operations is stressful and dangerous.

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The infants require constant monitoring and typically, up to 25 percent of children born with HLHS die from complications before having the second surgery. Now, instead of asking parents to keep detailed records of every aspect of their infant’s condition in a three-ring binder and provide a weekly update over the phone, doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, are using a cloud-based app called CHAMP to view constantly updated information on every child under their care. The information is automatically analyzed in the cloud as soon as it is entered, and Children’s Mercy doctors are notified if there are any signs of abnormality. So far, the care team at Children’s Mercy Hospital has used CHAMP with 78 patients. The results have been dramatic: parents are less stressed and overwhelmed, the ability to monitor young patients in real time and adjust treatment has reduced the number of costly hospital readmissions, and most important, not one baby with HLHS under the care of Children’s Mercy Hospital doctors has died since the hospital began using the CHAMP system. As a result, hospitals around the country that treat infants with HLHS have expressed strong interest in using the CHAMP app for their patients. And the cardiac specialists and medical technologists at Children’s Mercy Hospital who developed the app are exploring how it can be adapted for patients with other heart conditions who require long-term home monitoring.

If cloud computing is the fundamental enabler of the next great technology revolution, then internet access is the essential prerequisite for reaping the benefits and opportunities that the cloud will unleash. For 4 billion people around the world, this is not an issue. But fairness and equity depend on ensuring that the 3. 5 billion people who remain on the wrong side of the digital divide get access, too. Nanyuki, Kenya—a town 125 miles north of Nairobi, where sending an email used to require a five-hour walk to the nearest wireless hot spot—offers hope that affordable access to the internet for all is achievable.

TV white spaces to provide low-cost internet access to residents of Nanyuki and the surrounding countryside. In its first three years, Mawingu has had a dramatic impact. By connecting county government offices, the county library, a Red Cross office, and a medical clinic to the outside world via the internet, Mawingu has improved access to public services and healthcare. At Gakawa Secondary School, one of five schools now connected to the internet, students have seen their scores improve on every single subject on the Kenya National Exam. Mawingu also provides the infrastructure for new businesses such as Solar Cyber, an internet café that offers unlimited internet access for 3 U. Run out of an old 20-foot shipping container, Solar Cyber is used by farmers who check market prices for their crops, students who do homework, and young entrepreneurs who connect with customers around the world. The success of Mawingu has attracted international funding to take the technology to a national scale.

Mawingu provide affordable, solar-powered wireless internet to communities throughout rural Kenya. Research conducted by the World Bank a few years ago suggested that a 10 percent increase in internet access in Kenya would translate to a 1. As cloud computing drives a new generation of technology-driven innovations, the potential for growth could be even greater. This means the impact of TV white spaces in Nanyuki and other places like it where internet access has remained out of reach will truly be transformative. One of the most pressing unanswered questions we face today is how to increase agricultural output sufficiently to meet the demand of a world that will need at least 60 percent more food by 2050 than we consume today. One answer is widespread deforestation to greatly expand available agricultural land for large-scale industrial farming operations.

But there are significant tradeoffs, including loss of habitat and biodiversity, further disappearance of forests needed to mitigate climate change, and increased dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Eddie Rodriguez von der Becke thinks there’s a better way—help the world’s 500 million small family farms in developing countries become more efficient and more sustainable. With this aim, he founded a software company in Argentina called Tambero that uses a cloud-based platform to connect tens of thousands of farmers in 150 countries to the information and analysis they need to optimize operations and increase production. Designed for dairy farms, beef-cattle operations, and more, Tambero enables farmers to track everything from feed rations and milk production to animal weight, health, and reproductive cycles.


And it delivers automatic alerts that help farmers manage their animals and their land, know what dietary changes will improve output, and decide when to plant feed crops, wean calves, and inseminate cows. Free for small farmers and available as a paid version for larger dairy operations and agricultural cooperatives, the platform is offered in 20 languages and includes information not just for cows but for goats, buffalo, sheep, alpacas, llamas, camels, and other animals that farmers around the world depend on for their livelihood. According to Rodriguez von der Becke, small family farmers who use Tambero have increased milk production by an average of 200 percent. About a dozen years ago, Taylor Shellfish, a Washington-based company and one of the largest oyster producers in the United States, began seeing a significant increase in the mortality rates for the seed oysters it transplanted to beds in bays and estuaries in the Puget Sound. But it wasn’t until 2007 that the company learned the likely source of the problem: ocean acidification caused by the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. As mass die-offs began to occur on a regular basis in the years that followed, it soon became clear that the state’s 200 million U.

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Because high acidity prevents newly hatched oysters from forming their first shell, the ability to track acidity levels is helping oyster growers decide when to hatch oyster larvae and where to plant them so they have the best chance of growing to a harvestable size. Most people think of dyslexia as a reading problem caused by a tendency to invert the order of letters in words. But it is actually a neurodevelopmental disorder that encompasses a wide range of language problems related to word recognition, spelling, speech, writing, and comprehension. And it affects a lot of people. Between 10 and 15 percent of school-age children are thought to be dyslexic. Worldwide, 1 billion people may have the disorder. While there is no cure, those with dyslexia can learn strategies to help them cope.

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The earlier that children are diagnosed, the better they do in school. But assessment is difficult and inexact. It can take years to determine that someone has dyslexia and many people are missed. It is estimated that only 5 percent of students in the United States with the disorder are diagnosed and receive assistance. This may be about to change. Recognizing that unusual eye movement patterns when people read are an indicator of dyslexia, researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, developed a cloud-based screening tool that tracks a person’s eyes when they read text on the screen of a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. To test the tool in the real world, Karolinska Institute encouraged the researchers to launch a company called Optolexia.

In 2015, Optolexia began a two-year pilot program in Jarfalla, Sweden, to assess 1,000 students. The goal is to evaluate the effectiveness of the approach and determine whether Optolexia can commercialize the tool so it can be used more broadly. More important, researchers and educators hope to identify students as young as 8 who have dyslexia. Today in Sweden, where screening is common, it’s more typical for students to be diagnosed when they are between ages 13 and 15. The company is also exploring how to adapt the tool to help identify people who might have other conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, ADHD, autism, and schizophrenia. In a world where two-thirds of a billion people lack access to a reliable source of water and almost 1,000 children under the age of 5 die every day from diarrheal disease caused by poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water, it’s no exaggeration to say that water insecurity is one of humankind’s most pressing challenges. To help address these issues, REACH—an Oxford University research program that is working to improve water security for the poor—has developed a cloud-based technology that utilizes inexpensive sensors that can be attached to pumps handles in remote villages to provide critical information about the health of the local water supply.

The sensors use accelerometers and gyroscope sensors like those found in smart phones to detect small changes in the way a pump performs. Mobile communications components then transmit the data to be processed using machine learning algorithms that can predict if a pump is likely to fail so that repairs can be made quickly. Pump handle movements and vibrations can also reveal the level of water in shallow aquifers. The ability to assess groundwater depth will help planners understand when water supplies are low and how they fluctuate. And it will enable local and regional governments to make smarter decisions about investments in projects to develop new water sources and expand access to existing aquifers. REACH has piloted the pump handle sensor in Kwale County, Kenya, where it has helped improve water security for more than 30,000 people. The organization is now working with UNICEF to develop a prototype for a low-cost predictive maintenance system that will help provide reliable access to safe water for millions of people across Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Digital technologies, powered by the cloud, have made us smarter and more productive, transforming how we communicate, learn, shop and play. But these rapid technology changes also raise complex questions about the impact they will have on other aspects of society: jobs, privacy, safety, inclusiveness and fairness. AI for Earth is a Microsoft program aimed at empowering people and organizations to solve global environmental challenges by increasing access to AI tools and educational opportunities, while accelerating innovation. Broadband has become a vital part of 21st century infrastructure, yet 34 million Americans, and many more around the world still lack broadband internet access. At Microsoft, we’re prepared to invest our own resources to help serve as a catalyst for broader market adoption of a new rural broadband model, using a mixture of technologies. Microsoft web site: Microsoft calls for U. Governments continue to invest in greater offensive capabilities in cyberspace, and nation-state attacks on civilians are on the rise.