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Jane Asher sells lots of wonderful sugar craft tools and things. 00 US dollars for the Sugarcraft gun and shipping to the US? 16 disks can buy another set? The Foodcrafter’s Supply Catalog in the U. 2 holes built in automatically, for making bracelets, beads, etc. I had thought of using some of my old photos to make canes before, but never thought of cross stitch or mosaics, etc. The ones that folks like best have a handle that you rotate to push out the clay.

It takes more hand strength than I have to rotate the handle however. My personal favorite is the ratchet handle where you squeeze the handle and each time extrudes a little more. It looks like a long barrelled gun with a big squeeze “trigger”. These were made with aluminium bodies and disks back in the 50’s and 60’s and I find them in junk stores and antique malls for a dollar or three.

You have to use more clay to get it to extrude, but, it sure is simple to use. Wilton has an all metal cookie press? I have a new ratchet type cookie press. I bought it at a specialty cooking store during one of my Christmas shopping trips a couple of years ago. It’s a really sturdy cookie press and seems like it would convert to polymer clay. Atlas cookie press’ you will find plenty of online sellers.

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I haven’t had any problems with either the threaded handle screw-it-in kind or my ratchet handle one. I’m using Premo clay which is softer . If I want to extrude smaller amounts of clay than a whole barrelful, I put a “plug” of scrap clay nearest the plunger end, and the clay that I want to extrude nearest the extrusion plate–then I don’t have to fill up the whole gun with more clay than I want. I have taped individual Kemper clay gun disks onto larger-hole cookie press disks –works wonderfully well in the cookie press.

Just get a disk that has the right diameter hole. I learned this lesson at work when I was trying to treat a patient by clearing his IV. I used the same screw-on cap which holds the dies in place from the first dough extruder mentioned. It fit the diameter of the PVC pipe exactly.

The caulking gun was used just as with caulk except the disc could be removed and more clay inserted. But it was a little work to get the disc out until we discovered we could unscrew the bottom and it is right there! So far our experience has been that if one can get the clay soft and keep it warm, then this one would definitely be workable. Fun Factory may appear daunting, but you can place tools in freezer for 15-20 minutes. It had a strip of plastic that had all those dies cut into it, with space in between.

For example, the triangle shape just fits into the “sun burst star” shape that came with the cookie press, so it looks like I could tape the play-doh die to the aluminium sun burst die –centered in the sunburst, so the sunburst holes are all covered up. Suddenly you have the shape you want and can extrude it, too. Softener-Diluent, liquid clay, veg oil, etc. I could have several colors going at the same time. Metal icing tips work really well in a cookie press, too! The outside is a tube with a plunger and changable tips.

We could also extrude shapes from an icing tip out onto aluminum foil like stars, leaves, etc. Icing tips are also good for certain shapes or embellishments that might get squished while creating or adding to. Could some of the shapes be used as mosaic tiles? I’m afraid they may be too strong for that, but it would be a quick and dirty way to get some larger triangles especially.

Could we simply hold something small and stiff in front of the gun, and press down on the bellows . I bet liquid clay –or regular clay thinned with Softener-Diluent– can be used in frosting bags with tips. It’s perfect for light weight sculptures and landscapes. I have used for a design class, and as grout for some pc mosaics, is Liquitex. It is found in the same area as the Gel Medium and Gesso i.

I have done 3-d sculptures, etc on wood. It is just the right consistency to go thru the cake decorating tubes. Some people use it to extrude thick paints. You can reverse the flow of air and it acts like a vacuum to pick up small beads or other items so you can place them where you want them. All kinds of uses for this little beauty.

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It’s a nifty new tool we saw it at the HIA show. It has a little electric air pump- 6 cartidges and 6 interchangeable applicator tips and 6 cleaning plungers and 6 storage caps and plugs for each cartridge. You can fill the cartridge withliquid clay, paint, glue, or icing and apply precise lines of varied sizes. The air pen won’t be polluted by the liquid sculpey just the cartidge! So you could have seperate cartidges for frosting etc.

Anyway, a number of cuts need to be made around the flared base angled toward the tip. I have taken some frosting tips and cut off part of the metal cone with my dremel so that they fit into my claygun. Which cutting wheel did you use for the icing tips? I just used the flat round cutting disks that came with my dremel.

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They cut through the metal okay but it is sharp where you cut them so it helps to grind them down a bit after. How far down did you find was best to cut them? As far as how far down to cut you sort of have to guess at this. I usually cut around them and then put them into the clay gun to see how close I am to getting them fit.

Basically you just have to cut enough off so that you can still screw the end onto the clay gun. How did you hold them while cutting? They get really hot when you cut them. I would suggest holding on to them with a pair of pliers when cutting them down to size. I suppose you probably could use a pair of tin snips to cut them with also but it just seems like the dremel cuts them easy enough. I usually cut them outside so that I don’t have to worry about having metal filings all over inside the house. Once you get the tip so that it fits in the clay gun then you are good to go.

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What clay or softeners did you use in your icing tips? I didn’t use anything to soften up the clay and it seemed to work fine. You maybe can’t do exactly the same things that you could with icing but I’m had some great luck with it. Some icing tips work better than others, you just have to experiment. I think I tried decreasing rings stacked together, and various cone shapes.

I ended up with something that worked, but not well. Got to be some possibilities there though. DH made me something that had worked well, but it is crude since he never perfected it and used what we had around to work with. He used PVC pipe as the holder of clay and I used the dies from the first dough extruder mentioned with the stained glass windows.

He used the heavy duty caulking gun for the holder and mechanism to extrude. There are also guns with much larger barrels, usually made for extruding earth clay. 2″ diameter holeother two can be drilled to suit your needs. 632-0097 and is on page 447.

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Kemper at a local ceramic supply store including handle? 50 or so for each blank die. 65-70 for the gun plus 11 dies. 3 “dies” which extrude either a flat ribbon or two sizes of round rope . That flat one would be useful though in some situations. 3″ one will make hollow or solid forms up to 3″.

When cutting your own dies from these blanks, just draw your design on the die, drill a pilot hole in the center of the design, and cut it out with a carpenter’s coping saw. I love the idea of having multiple cuts in one die though –what a great idea! And cleaning might be much easier since it’s so wide. If a barrel does turn out to be 2-3″ wide, the other problem I can see would be the amount of clay necessary to extrude a small amount. Would most people want to put one package of clay in to get out only a small extrusion? That’s where one of the clay “pushers” come in. I think it puts way too much pressure on the thumb and index finger.