Bitcoin Vs Banks Youtube Best Way To Put Litecoin On A Paper Wallet

What’s The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018? Are you looking for the best cryptocurrency bitcoin Vs Banks Youtube Best Way To Put Litecoin On A Paper Wallet invest in 2018?

The cryptocurrency market this year has been a little crazy, to say the least. And after years of trading stocks, I’ve never seen anything like it. This guide will run through my top 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018. Useful: Get 50 Ways To Make Money With Cryptocurrency. Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2018.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Why Is Litecoin A Top 10 Cryptocurrency? Is Litecoin The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018? Why Shouldn’t You Invest In Litecoin In 2018? Why Is IOTA A Top 10 Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin Vs Banks Youtube Best Way To Put Litecoin On A Paper Wallet

Is IOTA The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018? Why Shouldn’t You Invest In IOTA In 2018? Why Is Monero A Top 10 Cryptocurrency? Is Monero The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018? Why Shouldn’t You Invest In Monero In 2018?

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Why Is Bitcoin A Top 10 Cryptocurrency? Is Bitcoin The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018? Why Shouldn’t You Invest In Bitcoin In 2018? Why Is Stellar A Top 10 Cryptocurrency? Is Stellar The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018? Why Shouldn’t You Invest In Stellar In 2018? Why Is Cardano A Top 10 Cryptocurrency?

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Why Shouldn’t You Invest In Steem In 2018? How I Do Choose The Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In? Long Term Vs Short Term Cryptocurrency Investing. What’s The Best Cheap Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018?

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Which Is The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018? What’s The Best Small Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018? What’s The Best Cryptocurrency Stock To Invest In 2018? Wondering what’s the next big altcoin of 2018? Feel like you’ve missed the boat with Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency is still just getting started. Most investors are still intimidated by cryptocurrency.

So in reality, altcoins haven’t even hit the mainstream yet. And that’s why I’ve written this guide on the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. 2017, Litecoin had one hell of a year. Since launching in 2011, Litecoin is one of the world’s most traded cryptocurrencies.

And compared to Bitcoin, it offers much faster transaction times. When you scale up the fees across thousands of transactions, you can see how useful Litecoin could become. Litecoin was founded in 2011 by Charlie Lee, a former employee of Google. Compared to Bitcoin, not a lot of people have heard of Litecoin, unless they’re already familiar with cryptocurrencies. However, Litecoin is catching up quickly.

It’s faster, cheaper and more efficient compared to BTC. Plus Litecoin also has the scarcity factor. You see, cryptocurrency prices are all about supply and demand. Litecoin’s technology is quicker for payments than Bitcoin, making it more scalable and practical for businesses and customers. That’s a huge selling point because it’s so easy and accessible to buy compared to other alt coins. Litecoin doesn’t have much of a brand outside the cryptocurrency world. Litecoin’s owner actually sold all of his LTC tokens a day before the market crashed.

Bitcoin Vs Banks Youtube Best Way To Put Litecoin On A Paper Wallet

What Does Dogecoin Do?

IOTA is another highly anticipated cryptocurrency. But it’s main USP is their tangle technology. This is unique because most cryptocurrencies operate via the blockchain. Tangle could allow more scalability and security. Plus news is spreading of IOTA partnering with some of the world’s biggest technology firms. This includes rumours of partnerships with Microsoft, Volkswagen and Fujitsu. Subsequently, it’s become one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018.

These are basically everyday commodoties that connect to the internet. As you can imagine, that covers millions of devices including mobile phones, cars and traffic lights. These IoT devices are processing thousands of micro transactions every day. So with it’s scalability features, enhanced security and zero fee transactions, IOTA plans to become the token that’s exchanged via these micro transactions.

IOTA doesn’t operate via the blockchain. IOTA’s tangle technology is very unique. It’s a little more lightweight and scalable than Blockchain technology too. If you’re interested in the technical details, check out this guide to learn the differences in the blockchain vs Tangle. This is one of the biggest reasons why IOTA is just beginning to grow. Basically, their technology makes it tricky to integrate with cryptocurrency exchanges.

With no transaction fees, IOTA can be used for thousands of micro-transactions. With IOTA, payments can be sent extremely quickly. IOTA doesn’t operate via the blockchain – instead it uses a different system called Tangle which allows infinite scalability. Tangle’s technology means there are no transaction or miners on the network. The Tangle ecosystem requires a lot of users for it to be effective. Whilst in theory it sounds good, Tangle remains unproven.

One of the biggest differences between Bitcoin and Monero is that Monero is ASIC resistant. Simply put, it’s cheaper and easier to mine. Because Monero’s blockchain doesn’t have the high powered demands of Bitcoin, anyone can get involved in mining. Therefore it’s community and network will continue to grow. With Bitcoin, you need a lot of electricity and a high performance computer to mine it.

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Monero’s also highly untraceable, allowing more privacy for their users. If you want more technical info about Monero, this guide is a decent starting point. You can switch between public and private payments. Their mining algorithm is ASIC resistant – allowing CPU computers to mine it.

With innovative technology like stealth addresses, Ring Signatures and Ring CT, Monero has plenty of interesting features. With Bitcoin, if someone knows your wallet address then they can also see your entire payment history. So Monero gives users more control over their personal data. Monero is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies in the world right now. Ever noticed how the price of Bitcoin plunges every time there’s a new hack or attack? That’s because of a lack of trust. Monero’s privacy benefits allows more confidence because it’s more secure, private and resistant to cyberattacks.

The easier Monero is to mine, the more it’s community and adoption will grow. Monero project, this cryptocurrency has the support and resources it needs to become a successful project. The truth is, Monero’s privacy features lend itself to illegal activities on the web. The privacy coin market is very crowded. Critics have suggested that Monero isn’t quite as secure as we think. It’s like a dencentralized exchange combining both Fiat and cryptocurrency.

So what can OMG be used for? I’ll go into more detail on that below. OMG has already become popular across Asia. They’ve established offices across Thailand, Japan and Indonesia.

Their development team have pretty much all come from the Ethereum Foundation – another successful blockchain project. Members of their team have also helped on plenty of other cryptocurrency projects including Cosmos, Hydrachain and Golem. You don’t need a bank account or exchange account to use OMG tokens. Check out my OMG coin review for it’s pros, cons and use case. OMG have already landed partnerships with plenty of consumer facing companies. It’s a practical option for people without bank accounts. Whilst OMG has a promising roadmap, there are no actual release dates.

Bitcoin Vs Banks Youtube Best Way To Put Litecoin On A Paper Wallet

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Ethereum’s rise to fame has been meteoric. With it’s unique Ethereum Virtual Machine technology, developers don’t need to create their own blockchains from scratch. This makes it an ideal companion for developing decentralized apps. Ethereum really struggled with the demand.

Bitcoin Vs Banks Youtube Best Way To Put Litecoin On A Paper Wallet

How to Short-Sell Bitcoin: 3 Ways To Go About It

The market crashed and orders were backlogged. This is a sign that Ethereum isn’t quite ready to cope with high volume usage just yet. Pro Tip: Want to learn more about Ethereum? Discover everything you need to know here. Decentralized apps built on Ethereum have many use cases.

Ethereum is also the most popular ICO platform in the world. There are new ICOs being launched every single day. Some of them raise millions of dollars. Ethereum has a lot of confident investors.

It’s one of the most traded cryptocurrencies in the world and is seen as a worthy competitor to Bitcoin. Even for cryptocurrency standards, that is extremely high and signals the potential of this coin. Due to the EVM technology, it’s easier for developers to integrate this cryptocurrency with their own apps. Tron is a technology designed to decentralize content on the web. That means no ads, censorship or advertisement friendly content. It could create a more decentralized, secure and rewarding version of the internet.

Useful Link: To learn more about TRX, check out my answers to 30 of Tron’s top FAQs. Justin Sun launched Tron in 2017. Everything we consume on the internet is content – videos, blogs, social media etc. If Tron’s platform hosts most of the web’s content, it could completely change the internet as we know it. Content producers are tired of bowing down to third party censorship problems. Tron could solve the problem of web centralization. Facebook and Google have both faced criticism around privacy issues.

Tron could solve major net neutrality problems on the web. He has the experience and expertise to make Tron a success. Justin Sun actually sold off a lot of his TRX tokens. Is that a sign of his lack of confidence in the coin?

Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency to be created. BTC is like the cryptocurrency version of gold. Whilst it’s not practical yet for scalability – it’s still used as a measure of value across the cryptocurrency market. Useful: For more info on BTC, check out my full guide ‘What Is Bitcoin’ here. To this day, no-one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto actually is. It’s undeniable, Bitcoin is a giant. Whilst it’s value is far from stable, Bitcoin is still less volatile than the rest of the market.


Plus it has the largest brand recognition in the world. Bitcoin was actually the most Googled word in 2017. Despite being infamous in the media, Bitcoin is still the most recognised cryptocurrency around the world. Bitcoin still has the largest market cap in the cryptocurrency world.

Bitcoin Vs Banks Youtube Best Way To Put Litecoin On A Paper Wallet