Bitcoin Value Indicator – July 2018

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Trump Fee-Fi-Foe-Fum Declares European Union America’s Enemy! While I don’t want to overplay the negative correlation between the USD and Gold the correlation has been quite strong for most of 2018. My first chart is a close up Daily showing Friday’s bearish reversal candle and close below the 10ma on day 9. Time for the USD to test the 200ma near 92 on my Daily chart. Day 9 is the earliest top we have seen in a short term Trading or Daily Cycle but we now need further confirmation, including a close next week below the 10wma on the Weekly. Yet, the recent upside price move was incredibly quick and the price of Bitcoin ran right up to our upper price channel. The price channels that are currently constraining the price of Bitcoin originate back in February and March of 2018.

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The low and high price rotation within these months start the points of interest for our research team. From these points, we have continued to identify key price levels that appear to contain breakouts. Precious metals investors have learned a difficult truth in recent years. The best way to control a market is to put Wall Street in charge of it. Bullish Golden Cross on the Hourly?

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21st June 2018, I called the high of the rally at 95. It traded marginally higher, 3 pips in fact, putting in a high of 95. It now appears as if it is all systems go for the mini crash of 2018. This should, in my opinion, be confirmed next week with follow through to the downside. Focus on the Greenback, Will USD Fall Below Euro 1. Although last week’s decline took the USD Index under the late June’s lows, currency bulls didn’t break down with this deterioration and responded to their rivals fairly in previous days.

Before, we analyze the current situation in our currency pairs, let’s examine the short-term picture of the USD Index. The move up seemed to be continuing and the first impression was that we were seeing a first period of appreciation in some time. If we take a closer look at what the current environment really is, the picture is far less pretty. Bitcoin has been around for close to a decade now.

Bitcoin Value Indicator - July 2018

Yet we haven’t seen much in the way of research on the Bitcoin network and the principles governing it. Sure, there have been studies analyzing the system from an economic point of view, but their number has been low relative to other topics covered by economic research. In other words, Bitcoin hasn’t been researched that much by people from academia. In a world that is looking for alternative forms of currency due to heavy regulations and red tape installed in the current transaction systems of the economy, cryptocurrency is presented as a formidable option to traditional forms of currency. Cryptocurrency began as a craze for digital currency that is unbound by many laws and regulations. With cryptocurrency, few questions are asked when making or receiving payments which makes it very attractive.

Lots of bullion investors wonder if the metal they hold might one day be needed for barter and trade. They bought gold and silver, at least in part, as a form of insurance. It just might come in handy in an extreme circumstance such as a currency crisis of the sort Venezuelans are grappling with right now. However, a hyper-inflationary collapse in the dollar isn’t the only dire scenario to insure against. It is now clear that the dollar, and the financial network it runs on, is a mechanism for controlling people who don’t toe the government line. Argentina and its peso are in trouble, again.

Bitcoin Value Indicator - July 2018

By officially replacing the peso with the U. But, in a country in which fiscal fiddlers know many tricks, some fiscal rules must also be added to the prescription. Dollarization should impose a hard budget constraint on Argentina. Under dollarization, which exists in 33 countries, hard budget constraints are imposed because dollarized countries must finance government spending by taxing or borrowing in either domestic or international bond markets. They cannot finance government expenditures by using a central bank, which issues a domestic currency. As a result, fiscal deficits, when they occur, tend to be relatively small. On July 9th, Argentina will celebrate its 202nd birthday.

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The biggest spoiler during the festivities will be the beleaguered peso. It’s not the first time the peso has been a spoiler. Since its founding, Argentina has been burdened with numerous economic crises. By the time its 100th birthday rolled around, Argentina had experienced only three major economic crises. Alas, the next 102 years have been much more eventful, with eight currency crises, not counting 2018. Not so long ago, Asian currencies anticipated depreciation pressures to increase, due to monetary normalization. Yet, it is the trade wars that are now penalizing all currencies, particularly in exporting economies.

In January, I gave a global economic briefing on the outlook of the Philippines in the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Manila. At the time, the peso was still about 50. Analyzing the medium-term charts of the euro and the British pound, we see that currency bulls fought fiercely with their rivals during recent weeks. Despite several attempts to push both currencies lower, they successfully defended their main strongholds in both cases and defeated fans of the greenback. What does this mean for the U. Elliott Wave Analysis: Is US Dollar About to Turn?

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The age of digital currencies, particularly cryptocurrencies, is here with us. It is barely a decade since the market for these digital currencies came into force. In fact, 2019 will mark exactly ten years since Bitcoin, blockchain and the ensuing platforms were launched. Cryptocurrencies have introduced so many different possibilities for both online and offline trade.

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While these currencies have been in the market for a considerable duration, the volatility is yet to settle. By Ryan Wilday: In last week’s article, my charts showed that I expected a corrective rally into the zones we are now pushing against. As always, I marked key resistance with a box and price has entered those areas. Because I don’t view the downside trend as complete, nor do we have price through resistance in, my primary remains that that we’ll see further downside. But any thesis regarding market direction must be held loosely.

Instead this is an opportunity for me to observe how the market reacts. Time to Jump in with Both Feet? On Friday, the British pound showed strength against the greenback, which resulted in an invalidation of the breakdown under the long-term support line. The closure of the week above this important line emphasized the advantage of currency bulls over their rivals. What a pity that they rested on their laurels. Because yesterday’s session erased most of the earlier rebound. The recent couple of days have turned the short-term outlook on its ear for some traders.

The last couple of months have seemed like sooth sailing, not something that could be said about the Bitcoin market too many times in the past. Now, we get a different reading and some might say that the tide has turned. But you need to go deeper than that. Bitcoin has gone up and the bulls are euphoric. This is a marked change from the recent weeks when there was little to nothing for Bitcoin aficionados to cheer to.

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Is there anything that could drive the profits on our hypothetical speculative positions? But I’ve never been able to quantify that concept using an indicator. I’ve tried various things over the years: inflation differentials, interest rate differentials, etc. All of these were commonly accepted theories but were disproven in the light of historical data. On a 12 month basis, the United States has been running widening trade deficits for decades. The trade deficit of the U. The sound money movement reemerged on the national political scene a decade ago.

In 2008, the financial crisis brought in a fresh wave of U. Ron Paul and the Tea Party advocated for limiting government and ending the Federal Reserve system. Sound money advocates made real inroads in recruiting Americans to their cause based on evidence that the nation is headed for bankruptcy. The implications of the most recent financial crisis went way beyond budget and finance. Market Oracle Ltd asserts copyright on all articles authored by our editorial team and all comments posted.

Any and all information provided within the web-site, is for general information purposes only and Market Oracle Ltd do not warrant the accuracy, timeliness or suitability of any information provided on this site. 8,000 for the first time in two months, data shows. DEX” is a hot buzzword in crypto trading, but the current models actually offer a spectrum of technologies with varying degrees of centralization. 7,800 is backed by a rise in its dominance rate. What can a blockchain startup do when it runs out of its own tokens?

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Bitcoin Value Indicator - July 2018

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