Bitcoin is definitely a bubble, says Wikipedia founder

There were many models to choose from, and they were made essentially by four companies: Nokia, Palm, Motorola, and RIM. So bitcoin is definitely a bubble, says Wikipedia founder we’re at five years since the end of 2008. Palm is completely dead and gone.

84 million, then a quarter ago it was a billion, and in their most recent quarterly report? 12 billion — perhaps to prevent them from suing other Android phone makers over patents. Their latest phone, the Moto X, is flopping in the marketplace, and even after massive layoffs, they’re still bleeding maybe a billion dollars per year from Google. And Apple is building spectacular new headquarters — while not selling off their old ones. And Apple is distributing bigger dividends to its shareholders than any company in history — while its massive cash hoard continues to grow.

HTC barely has been eking out a profit, but more recently has reported losses. Some people think that it doesn’t matter if these companies hover on the edge of unprofitability. Phone’s only really strong competitor is Samsung. Samsung also faces serious, ongoing, legal problems as Apple sues them for patent violations and other IP issues.

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But never mind all that: Samsung’s biggest problem is simply that it was able to get to the position of a strong number two only by taking contract-violating advantage of its close, component-making relationship with Apple. Whether or not Apple ever gets significant remedy in the courts for that — how likely is Apple to put itself in a position where Samsung can do that again? How likely is Apple to believe a Samsung promise not to abuse information access next time? Which means that the Galaxy S3 wave of strong-number-two products represents the one and only time that Samsung gets to do that to Apple. Samsung’s future products — as hinted by the ho-hum S4 and the flopping Galaxy Gear smartwatch — will be sad also-rans compared to Apple’s. Apple’s future is about as bright as could be. None of this, of course, deterred Apple’s detractors these past several months, who talked as if Apple has already lost the game.

What Apple does not seem to understand, however, is the fate that almost all niche platform providers eventually succumb to — gradual loss of influence, power, and profitability, followed by irrelevance. Android now accounts for more than 80 percent of smartphone sales, while iOS is down in the mid-teens. Consumers tend to follow the herd and they will generally be drawn toward the largest pools of users and away from the smaller pools over time. Apple, over the long haul, stands very little chance against the Samsung behemoth. The modern tablet market — created by Apple — has most recently been taken over by Google’s Android platform. Android is doing to Apple what Microsoft did in PCs decades earlier. Where are these guys getting their data?

Bitcoin is definitely a bubble, says Wikipedia founder

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1980s and ’90s, when Microsoft’s close copy of Apple’s main product was beating the pants off of Apple. So, naturally, the same thing has to be happening to Apple again today. In today’s mobile market, the great bulk of the app ecosystem is on Apple’s devices. The virtuous cycle is working for Apple. 13 — So here we are, a little over two years later. OS, its main remnant, was sold to HP, who then sold it to LG. 10 billion less than they paid for it.

Bitcoin is definitely a bubble, says Wikipedia founder

300 million mobile device losses from Motorola. No sign of any hit products on the horizon. 4 billion loss, announced 7,800 layoffs, and shut down Nokia’s Salo, Finland phone plant, killing up to 2,300 jobs. Microsoft Lumia, continued to stagnate in ultra-sliver-of-the-market position, while fighting to maintain availability on major carriers. Its most interesting product, the Urbane smartwatch, had to be yanked from the market six days after release, due to hardware issues.

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Phone competitor, Samsung over the past two years has seen an ugly end to its financial good times. Samsung retroactively rescinded a hundred of its own executives’ bonuses to punish them for the poor results. Phone providing about two-thirds of those profits. But believe it or not: Even after two years of this kind of news, certain professional commentators are still finding ways to spin it as bad for Apple. And the blue arrow indicates that it if had grown at the same average rate that it did from its initial release in 2007 to its peak quarter of 2013, it still would be much lower than it is today.

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No matter how well Apple does, it seems it will always be possible to pluck a few facts out of the mix, present them in isolation, then say that Apple is in some kind of trouble. But to anyone with a clear view of the big picture, it should be pretty obvious by now: Apple’s handily winning, and the people who say it isn’t are just people who very much want to say that. LG — By early ’17, LG reported big losses, mainly due to its failing smartphone division. The phone’s cancellation reportedly resulted in 1,850 layoffs and a near-billion-dollar writedown. Google — Concluding more than six years of paltry sales, Google discontinued the Nexus phone. After announcing a host of Project Ara phone partners, and promising a developer release, a few months later Google cancelled Ara altogether. Soon after, Google announced the HTC-made Pixel phone and a slew of related products, all intended to replace various products from Apple and some other companies.

Android’s prickly fans, Essential phone endured a 5,000-unit launch week, and had sold only about 50,000 units at the half-year mark. Is this the phone that Blodget warned in 2013 would suffer gradual loss of influence, power, and profitability, followed by irrelevance? A Memory of Gateway — news chronology of Apple’s ascendancy to the top of the technology mountain. Embittered Anti-Apple Belligerents — general anger at Apple’s gi-normous success.

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OK, somebody made them rip out the music — try this instead. Celebrity Death Beeper — news you can use. My vote for best commercial ever. But this one’s a close second, and I love this one too. Pinball Arcade: Unbelievably accurate simulation of classic pinball machines from the late ’70s through the ’90s, with new ones added periodically.

Like MAME for pinball — maybe better. Favorite local pad thai: Pho Asian Noodle on Lane Ave. Use the lime, chopsticks, and sriracha. Um, could there something wrong with me if I like this? This entire site as a zip file — last updated 2018.

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These days the consensus view, looking out over the next few decades, seems to be we should expect more modest returns from stocks than we’ve enjoyed over the past few. They see factors forming that look to act as a drag on what we might otherwise historically expect. Indeed this is the opinion of my personal hero Vanguard founder and creator of index funds, Jack Bogle. As for me, I confess to having no idea, let alone the Time Machine tantalizingly mentioned in the title. But we can do a little thought experiment together. Let’s suppose we are all gathered together over beers or coffee way back in 1975. I pick this year as it was the year in which I first started to invest and the year Mr.

Bogle launched the first index fund. Plus it is a span of a full 40 years. I just read an article about this guy Bogle and it seems he just created this thing called an index fund. P 500 index and just track it with no effort to outperform.

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Wonder how that’s gonna work out over the next 40 years? Well, I might say, as it happens I just returned from 2015 in my new Time Machine. As you all know, Nixon took us off the Gold Standard and inflation has been increasing. Turns out, that got much worse.

Plus it combined with a stagnate economy and lead to someone coining a new term: Stagflation. But then, around 1982, the Stock Market turned up and began a rather amazing bull run. This ushered in a rather nasty recession that lasted well into the 1990s. But as you can see, that ended in tears.

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Afghanistan and Iraq — that were still going on when I climbed back into my Time Machine in 2015. 11 and the ensuing wars, the economy took a major hit. In response, interest rates were brought down even further and credit was made ever more available. It would take a book or 12 to tell you the story of what the financial industry did with this.

Suffice to say, it resulted in an incredible run up in housing prices and an even more breathtaking housing collapse. But it did and as I climbed back into the Time Machine in 2015 the market was again going up. P 500 Index fund didn’t work out all that well then. Now we know you’re just funnin’ us there JL. They can, and have, blossomed in the midst of turmoil, war, grief and economic collapse. Larry Swedroe provides some needed perspective on the Shiller CAPE 10 and the market’s current valuations. Jon on their podcast Choose FI.