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I may have the wrong driver installed, what should I do? 1GB or more, do I really need all the files? What is a hashcat mask file? What exactly is a weak hash?

How can I identify the hash type? Hashcat reports “Status: Cracked”, but did not print the hash value, and the outfile is empty. Why should I use a mask attack? I just want to “brute” these hashes! I do not know the password length, how can I increment the length of the password candidates? I want to optimize my Brute-Force attack by ordering letters by frequency in a custom charset.

I want to use rules, but there are three different parameters. When do I use -r, -j and -k? How does one use several rules at once? OK, there is a hybrid attack for append mask and prepend mask, but what if I want to use both at the same time? When I use –increment in hybrid attack how does that work? When I run an attack with -a 3 and I do not specifying a mask, I see it working but what is it doing?

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How does one use the new prince attack mode with hashcat legacy? I know the first 4 letters, can hashcat get the rest of the password? Why are there two different hash-modes for Vbulletin? How much faster is cracking on Linux compared to a Windows operating system? How can I perform a benchmark? My desktop lags too much, anything I can do to avoid it? Is the 64 bit version faster than the 32 bit version?

What is it that you call “GPU power”? How to create more work for full speed? Is piping a wordlist slower than reading from file? Why is my attack so slow?

How is it possible that hashcat does not utilize all GPUs? Why does hashcat sometimes get very slow at the end of an attack? Why is hashcat taking so long to report progress? Can I restore a hashcat session? Can I restart hashcat on a different PC or is it possible to add a new GPU to my system? I read somewhere to use VCL for distributed cracking, is this still a thing?

Can hashcat send an email once a hash has been found? I got a hash cracked on a different computer, can I tell hashcat about that while it is running? How do I extract the hashes from PDF documents? How can I crack passwords from htpasswd? How can I crack multiple WPA handshakes at once? What means “rejected” in the status view? What is the maximum supported password length?

What is the maximum supported salt length? What is the maximum supported password length for optimized kernels? What is the maximum supported salt length for optimized kernels? I do not want hashcat to reject words from my wordlist if they are too long, can it truncate them instead? Can I load multiple hashlists at once?

I want to skip password candidates that have repeating characters. LM consists of two hashes but are split for use with hashcat. How to get them back into one piece? How can I make sure that my GPU is supported? What is the best GPU for hashcat for “total speed”, “speed by watt” and “speed by price”?

Is there a general benchmark table for all GPU? Does the PCI-Express speed have any influence on cracking speed? Can hashcat automatically pause in case of overheating or with a script? Why does the temperature reported on the status screen not match the temperature in Afterburner?

How many GPU can hashcat handle? I was doing bitcoin and litecoin mining, can I use my FPGA or ASIC for hashcat? Can I use Intel GPUs, they support OpenCL? Why does hashcat show the wrong GPU memory when I start it? Why does hashcat not work with my Kali operating system? Can I use JtR rules with hashcat?

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Which wordlist are recommended for WPA cracking? I want to request some new algorithms or features, how can I accomplish this? Where can I download the source code? Is it worth renting Amazon GPUs rather than buying GPUs? The reason for this is that the hashcat tools are command line tools only. See the wiki page Help for ubernoobs to troubleshoot this problem. The best way to get started with software from hashcat.

There are also some tutorials listed under Howtos, videos, papers, articles etc in the wild to learn the very basics. For our example, we’re going to use wget to download version 3. Signature made Sat 30 Jun 2016 02:15:42 PM MSK using RSA key ID 8A16544F gpg: Good signature from “Hashcat signing key ” gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature! There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner. You want the top download, which will give you a graphical front-end named Kleopatra. Click on Settings, then Configure Kleopatra. Click Apply and close that window.

Download hashcat and the corresponding signature. Open up Windows Explorer and navigate to your downloads directory. A new window will pop up. Verify that the input file is the . Once the scare warning and focus on the Key ID. There are third-party graphical and web-based user interfaces available. We neither develop nor maintain these tools, so we can not offer support for them.

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Please ask the authors of the software for support or post questions on the forums you got the software from. The main reason why there is no GUI developed by hashcat. You only need to extract the archive you have downloaded. If your operating system or linux distribution does have some pre-build installation package for hashcat, you may be able to install it using those facilities. In case something isn’t working with the packages you download via your package manager, we encourage you to just download the hashcat archive directly, enter the folder, and run hashcat.

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Always make sure you have downloaded and extracted the newest version of hashcat first. I may have the wrong driver installed. At this time you need to install the proprietary drivers for hashcat from nvidia. Do not use the version from your package manager or the pre-installed one on your system. You should prefer to use this specific operating system and driver version because it is always thoroughly tested and proven to work.

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If you prefer to use a different operating system or distribution, you may encounter some problems with driver installation, etc. In these instances, you may not be able to receive support. Please, always double-check if AMD or NVidia do officially support the specific operating system you want to use. You may be surprised to learn that your favorite Linux distribution is not officially supported by the driver, and often for good reasons. Install the drivers directly from nvidia.

Make sure to stick exactly to the version noted on the hashcat page. Development tools like CUDA-SDK or AMD-APP-SDK conflict with the drivers. Do not install them unless you know what you are doing! If you already have a conflicting driver installed, see I may have the wrong driver installed.

Linux you have to configure xorg. It is recommended to generate an xorg. For Windows only: manually delete remaining OpenCL. You should find at least 2.

For AMD GPUs, see ROCm instructions here. However, it can also be worse than just that. This sometimes happens with new GPUs that are not yet supported by hashcat. Solution: Open an issue on github.