Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

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No more missed important software updates! The database recognizes 1,746,000 software titles and delivers updates for your software including minor upgrades. Download the free trial version below to get started. Double-click the downloaded file to install the software. The Premium Edition adds important features such as complete software maintenance, security advisory, frequent minor upgrade versions, downloads, Pack exports and imports, 24×7 scheduling and more. Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. You can choose your language settings from within the program.

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Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

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It would be cool to get some feedback from you, especially from the German speaking readers as well. The first idea is about an German speaking . NET Developer Community Standup Since the beginning of the ASP. NET Community Standup, I watch this show more or less regularly. I think I missed only two or three shows. Because of the different time zone it is almost not possible to watch the live stream. I really like the format of that show.

Also since a few years the number of user group attendees decreases. In my user group sometimes only two or three attendees show up, even if we have a lot more registrations via meetup. This is the reason why I’m thinking laud about a . I’d like to find two more people to join the team to host the show. Would be cool to have a person from Austria as well as from Switzerland. In that case I would like to have another person from Germany. One host per country would be cool.

Three host is a nice number and it wouldn’t be necessary for the hosts to be available every time we do a live stream. Anyone interested in joining the team? To keep it simple I’d also use google hangouts to stream the show, and it is not necessary to have an high end steaming equipment. A good headset and a good internet connection should be enough. In the show I would like to go threw some interesting community and technology news. Talking about some random stuff and I’d also like to invite special guests, who can show us things they did or who would like to talk about special things.

This should be a lazy show about interesting stuff about technology and community. I’d also like to give community leads the chance to talk about their work and their events. What are you thinking about that? Live Coding via Live Stream on Google Hangouts Another idea is inspired by Jeff Fritz live stream on Twitch called “Fritz and Friends”.

I really like this live stream, even if it’s a completely different kind of video to watch. Almost done, but needs to be finalized. Working on the GraphQL middleware for ASP. Working on health checks for ASP. NET projects: Mainly as a single but extendable library and a optional UI to visualize the health of the connected services.

Working on a developer community platform like the portal Microsoft planned to release last year? It would make more sense anyway, if this project is built and hosted by the community itself. Maybe it makes also sense to invite a special guest to talk about specific topics while working on the project. Dominick Baier to implement authentication to the developer community platform.

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What if I do the same thing? What would be the best Language for that kind of life stream? Do you have any other idea? Der Einsatz von modernen Sprachmitteln wie der Funktion Object. Schleife ermöglicht aber das einfache und elegante Nachbauen einer solchen Schleife. Beginning with version 6, we can expose Angular Components as Web Components or to be more precise: As Custom Elements which is one of the standards behind the umbrella term Web Components.

They can be reused with each framework and even with VanillaJS. Here, I’m using this idea to build a dynamic dashboard. The source code can be found in my github repo. Step 1: Installing Angular Elements and Polyfills It is no surprise that Angular Elements can be installed via npm.

Custom Elements back to Internet Explorer 11. After this, reference the polyfill at the end of your polyfills. Another file of this package needs to be referenced in your angular. This command also downloads a polyfill and references it in your angular. It is a slimmer than the one I’m using here but does not support Internet Explorer 11. I’m not using a selector because the Custom Element gets one assigned when it is registered. This way, I’m preventing naming conflicts.

Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

If you want to make sure that your application also supports other environments — e. Renderer2 service which abstracts DOM manipulations. Einen ganz besonderen AHA Moment hatte ich kürzlich in einem Workshop bei Udi Dahan, CEO von Particular. In seinem Beispiel ging es um die klassische Entität eines Kunden. Jedes Silo muss dabei die Hohheit über die eigenen Daten besitzen, auf denen es die zugehörigen Geschäftsprozesse abbildet. Doch wie lässt sich dies im Falle eines Kunden bewerkstelligen, der klassischerweise wie im Screenshot zu sehen modelliert ist? Unterschiedliche Eigenschaften werden von unterschiedlichen Microservices benötigt bzw.

Wird die gleiche Entität in allen Silos verwendet, muss es eine entsprechende Synchronisierung zw. Das hat erhelbiche Auswirkungen auf Skalierbarkeit und Performance. Fragt die Fachabteilung, ob das Ändern einer Eigenschaft Auswirkung auf eine andere Eigenschaft hat. Würde das Ändern des Nachnamens einen Einfluss auf die Preiskalkulation haben?

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Oder auf die Art der Marketings? Nun gilt es noch das Problem der Aggregation zu lösen, sprich wenn ich in meiner Anzeige unterschiedliche Daten unterschiedlicher Microserivces anzeigen möchte. Die Tabelle muss immer erweitert werden, wenn ein neuer Microservices hinzugefügt wird. Sofern ein Microservices die gleiche Funktionalität in Form unterschiedlicher Daten abdeckt, müssten pro Microservices mehrere Spalten hinzugefügt und NULL Werte zugelassen werden. Ein Beispiel für Punkt 2 wäre ein Microservices, der das Thema Bezahlmethoden abdeckt. Anfangs gab es beispielsweise nur Kreditkarte und Kontoeinzug.

Und kurze Zeit später dann Bitcoin. Der Microservices hätte hierzu mehrere Tabellen, wo er die individuelle Daten für die jeweilige Bezahlmethode halten würde. In oben gezeigter Aggregationstabelle müsste aber für jede Bezahlmethode, die der Kunde nutzt, eine Spalte gefüllt werden. Ein anderer Ansatz ist da deutlich besser geeignet.

Da ‘async’-Funktionen vom Compiler aber in synchrone Funktionen, die Promises zurückgeben, umgewandelt werden, lässt sich ‘map’ mit ‘Promise. Jürgen Gutsch: Configuring HTTPS in ASP. It was there before back in 1. 1, but was kinda tricky to configure. 0 bit not configured by default.

Now it is part of the default configuration and pretty much visible and present to the developers who will create a new ASP. So the title of that blog post is pretty much misleading, because you don’t need to configure HTTPS. So let’s have a look how it is configured and how it can be customized. Did you already install the latest . Open a console and CD to your favorite location to play around with new projects. And you will see HTTPS the first time in the console output by running an newly created ASP.

If you go to the Configure method in the Startup. 2 feature to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks. If the certificate changes before the time range ends, something is wrong with the page. This makes sense if you want to enforce HTTPS. NET Core perspective all is done to run the web using HTTPS. For the production mode you need to buy a valid trusted certificate and to install it in the windows certificate store. For the Development mode, you are able to create a development certificate using Visual Studio 2017 or the .

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VS 2017 is creating a certificate for you automatically. NET CLI tool “dev-certs” you are able to manage your development certificates, like exporting them, cleaning all development certificates, trusting the current one and so on. This command trusts the development certificate, by adding it to the certificate store or to the keychain on Mac. On Windows you should use the certificate store to register HTTPS certificated. This is the most secured way on Windows machines.

This makes it pretty easy to deploy the application to different platforms, because Linux and Mac use different ways to store the certificated. Fortunately there is a way in ASP. To change the default handling, open the Program. This has a lot of stuff preconfigured, which is working great in the most scenarios. But it is possible to override all of the default settings here and to replace it with some custom configurations. Usually we would use the hardcoded values from a configuration file or environment variables, instead of hardcoding it.

Be sure the certificate is password protected using a long password or even better a pass-phrase. Be sure to not store the password or the pass-phrase into a configuration file. In development mode you should use the user secrets to store such secret date and in production mode the Azure Key Vault could be an option. Conclusion I hope this helps to get you a rough overview over the the usage of HTTPS in ASP. This is not really a deep dive, but tries to explain what are the new middlewares good for and how to configure HTTPS for different platforms.

BTW: I just saw in the blog post about HTTPS improvements, about HSTS in ASP. This is an easy way to pass in environment variables on startup to the application. The samples also shows to add the certificate password to this settings file. Manfred Steyer: Angular Elements without zone.

Since Version 6, we can very easily create Web Components with Angular. To be more precise, we should speak about Custom Elements — a standard behind the umbrella term Web Components that allows for creating own HTML-Elements. Change Tracking and in most cases we don’t want to force the customers of our widgets into using it. In this short article, I explain why excluding zone. The sample I use for this can be found in my github repo.

Make sure to use the branch noop-zone. Custom Elements In general, we want our custom Elements to be as small as possible in terms of bundle size. Another approach to shrink bundles is reusing Angular packages across several Angular Elements and the host application. After an enlightening discussion with Angular’s Rob Wormald, I’ve created ngx-build-plus — a simple CLI extension that helps to implement this idea. However, in both cases we cannot get rid of zone.

Angular since it first days for change tracking. However, dealing with the consequences of removing zone. It also provides a more method that updates those values. For the sake of simplicity, I use random numbers here. Angular is automatically performing change detection after the click event and hence updating the bound values. Angular is not aware of the click event. This means, we have to trigger change detection by hand.

As this is a very explicit approach, one can easily forget about calling the method at the right moment. Therefore I present an alternative in the next section. Push-Pipe A more declarative way for triggering change detection is using Observables. Every time prove a new value, a pipe can tell Angular to check for changes. While Angular comes with the async pipe for such cases, it also demands on zone.

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What we need is a tuned async pipe. Fabian Wiles who is an active community member. To use it, we need to introduce an Observable. In my simple, I put it directly into the component. In an more advanced case, it should be provided by a service instead.

In the template, we can subscribe to the Observable with the new push pipe. The as clause writes the received object into the stats template variable. Zu Super Mario Kata mit Fokus auf Defensivem Design geht es hier. Zur Prüfsummen Kata mit fokus auf Separation of Concerns gelangt ihr hier. In the article The wonders of ANY, Jakob Sagatowski shows how the data type ANY can be effectively used. In the example described, a function compares two variables to determine whether the data type, data length and content are exactly the same.

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Some time ago, I had a similar task. A method should be developed that accepts any number of parameters. Both the data type and the number of parameters were random. During my first attempt to find solution, I tried to use a variable-length array of type ARRAY OF ANY. As an alternative to data type ANY, structure T_Arg is also available. T_Arg is declared in the TwinCAT library Tc2_Utilities and, in contrast to ANY, is also available at TwinCAT 2. The following function adds any amount of numbers whose data type can also be random.

The result is returned as LREAL. The array passed to the function must be initialized first. An advantage of ANY is the fact that the data type is defined by the IEC 61131-3 standard. These can now be designed in such a way that the same function can be used for different data types and data structures. Jahr wieder die Developer Week 2018 in Nürnberg statt.

An vier Tagen öffnete das NCC Ost des Messezentrums Nürnberg die Pforten um tausenden wissenshungrigen Entwicklern zu empfangen, die sich in Sessions und Workshops rund um das Thema Softwareentwicklung schlau machen konnten. Session: Architektur für die Praxis 2. Session: Metriken – wie gut ist Ihre Software? Workshop: Architektur für die Praxis 2. Im Zusammenhang mit meinem Vortrag zum Thema “Smarthome” am Montagabend, wurde ich im Vorfeld von diversen Medien wie BR, ARD, Nürnberger Nachrichten und Radio Gong zu dem Thema befragt. Der Beitrag des BR dazu ist noch immer in deren Mediathek abrufbar. Wie mit den Teilnehmern in meinen Sessions vorab besprochen, stelle ich hier nun alle relevanten Materialien meiner Sessions zur Verfügung.

Das Passwort für beide Bereiche, wurde auf der Konferenz bekannt gegeben und kann alternativ bei mir per Email erfragt werden. Auch im nächsten Jahr wird die Developer Week wieder Ihre Pforten öffnen und ich freue mich schon jetzt darauf! Ich möchte auf diesem Wege nochmal allen Teilnehmern meiner Sessions für die tolle Atmosphäre und interessanten Diskussionen danken, es hat mal wieder super viel Spaß gemacht und es war mir wie immer eine Ehre. Die Shorthand-Syntax von ES2015 ermöglicht das vereinfachte Definieren von Objekten, deren Werte gleichnamigen Variablen entsprechen.

Diese Syntax kann man sich bei Ausgaben auf die Konsole zu Nutze machen, um besser lesbare und nachvollziehbare Ausgaben zu erhalten. One year later, it is the July 1st and I got the email from the Global MVP Administrator. I’m pretty proud and honored about that and I’m really happy to be part of the great MVP community one year more. I’m also looking forward to the Global MVP Summit next year to meet all the other MVPs from around the world. I’m also proud of being a MVP, because I never called myself a Microsoft fan-boy. But I like most of the development tools built by Microsoft and I like to use the tools, and frameworks and I really like the new and open Microsoft.

Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

The way how Microsoft now supports more than its own technologies and platforms. There are much more possibilities, much more platforms, much more customers to reach, using the current Microsoft development stack. And it is really fun to play with it, to use it in real project, to write about it in . NET magazines, in this blog and to talk about it in the user groups and on conferences. In the last year being an MVP, I also learned that it is kinda fun to contribute to Microsoft’s open source projects, being a part of that project and to see my own work in that projects. If you like open source as well, contribute to the the open source projects.

Make the projects better, make the documentations better. I also need to say Thanks But I wouldn’t get honored again without such a great development community. I wouldn’t continue to contribute to the community without that positive feedback and without that great people. Holger Schwichtenberg: Microsoft verkündet Pläne für ASP.