Bev’s Baby Ripple Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

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Bev's Baby Ripple Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

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Bev’s Shell Baby Afghan – quick and easy! Kittens in a Row Afghan   An old time favorite -author unknown – It’s Bev’s adaptation of the original pattern. Follow the chart and make an adorable blanket for that new baby in your life. Made from granny squares in the shape of a teddy bear!

Lion Brands Ripple afghan – pretty! 2 hour Afghan from Lion Brand! Drop in the Pond Laprobe – such an amazing looking ghan! Scrappy Steps Afghan – looks like colored steps! THE Purple Blankie – lovely knitted squares pattern! Keep in mind that that sizes given are APPROXIMATE. All Bev’s Country Cottage pages Copyright 2010   Beverly A.

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Bev's Baby Ripple Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

Please consider knitting and crocheting some of these items to help your local elementary schools, pediatric wards in your hospitals, and shelters. Be sure to check with each place before making and donating to see what they need the most. Bev’s Marvelous Mitts with Matching scarf and hat   for preschoolers! Aunt Maggie made many pairs of these great slippers. BLANKETS and afghans for kids and find more HERE! Made from granny squares in the shape of a teddy bear! Kay’s 12-yr old mittens – at knitting-crochet.

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Kids Warmers hats, earwarmers, slippers, knit mittens, scarf, all on one page. Make one today for that special little girl. DON’T forget to look on Bev’s  Christmas at the Cottage pages for more toys and other gifts ideas to make! All content is copyrighted to original creators.

You may direct LINK to pages, but you may not post patterns anywhere in any media form. Beverly Qualheim may be sold, but please make one for charity too. Need a fun crochet project that works up quick and is portable? Need a small hostess or housewarming or wedding shower gift? As you can see from the picture above I’m on the border of my granny square blanket. A row of plum then four colours so far , think I’ll add two or three more then a plum edge. I love working the border .

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It’s so fast zooming along with no fiddeliness. Yes it’s a favourite part of mine . Edging groups of granny squares can have pitfalls and I thought you may like to see my method for avoiding a wavy edge. It’s a common problem and very frustrating if your lovely blanket ends up going wrong at the final stage .

Here is an example of just such a wavy edge on a very stunning blanket. It would be fine for a narrow border but if you are planning to make a wide border it will not lie flat and end up all frilly. I’m talking about the small spaces created by the chain 2 in the corner of the individual squares. The way I get around this is to treat the two corner spaces as one. In this blanket I’ve made 1 D. Then I’ve bridged the gap with a D.

Then I’ve finished the bridging cluster with a final D. Admittedly it looks a bit messy at this stage and I would recommend using a inconspicuous colour. Hope this is helpful to some of you lovelies. As always, please let me know if anything is unclear . Wow your blanket is really coming along and looking gorgeous Jacquie. That is so cool – my boarders are always frilly – ooh misses – will certainly give it a go on my next blanket.

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Perfect timing Mom is just about to finish the boys’ blanket and she asked me how to do the final row on the granny squares! Thanks for th einfo it was very helpful. Will bear this in mind for when I ever make such a border, thanks! Unlike you I really don’t like doing the edging because I have to lug about the whole blanket. It’s not as easy to pick up and put down as a granny square. It’s been a joy to watch the blanket ‘unfold’. Will make a note for future reference.

When will we see the finished blanket? In the past I have ignored those corners and just did a triple in the between them ie in the join. Thanks for the very useful tip Jacqui, I have added it to my Useful Page on Ravelry. I love your colourful blanket, beautifully made, as usual. Not that I am anywhere near the border stage at all but that is exactly the type of border I would love for my blanket and would have had no idea how to go about it, so thank you, will have to remeber your post if I ever get to that stage! DE nuevo precioso la combinación de colores mé encanta. Greatly looking forward to your ta-dah moment with this beauty, I just know it’s going to be knockout.

Hi, I use this method too and it certainly works and gives a nice flat border. I think they should put it in all the learn to crochet books as it just makes so much sense. Thanks so much for the tip – I have some squares to crochet up and sew, so this will be very useful. I’m still dreaming of the day I actually finish a blanket to the stage where I get to put an edge on it, so I’ll be storing this up till then! So much to make, so little time! This is so weird: I was just reading about this exact same technique last night on another blog: Compact UK.

It looks like a great method. Thanks for sharing with us all – can’t wait to see your finished blanket! Me thinks you are a genius! Loving the edging on this blanket – looking forward to seeing it finished! I quite like the crinkly edge too! Busy with a baby granny square blanket at the mo. Im trying to fall back in love with crochet.

I took a VERY long break after finishing a gigantic afghan think it was 220 cm x 220 cm in the end. Couldnt look at a ball of yarn for months lol! Will come in handy once my granny garden square blanket will be ready to get a border. Love your blanket, it will be looking so great! Ohohohohoh, I wish I’d seen this about a week ago! I love the way the granny edging looks and although I just can’t face unpicking this one, I’ll be doing this edging again I’m sure and I will DEFINITELY be using your tutorial next time. Looking forward to the big reveal!

One day, I will make a beautiful blanket, and then I shall be right back here to follow your clever tutorials. Just used your technique on a Valentine’s Day granny square scarf for my daughter and it worked brilliantly. I’m just at this stage on my baby blanket and was trying all sorts of things to stop it going wavy but didn’t come up with anything – this is great! They are so easy to follow and understand. Your blog is what inspired me to learn how to granny.

I am more of a knitter, but I needed something different after working on my daughter’s fuzzy blanket. I am still making my squares, but I am curious. When you did the flat border portion, did you just treat the blanket as one big granny? I knew I had seen this somewhere . Sat for a while yesterday experimenting with 2 dc clusters, one dc cluster, taking down in the edging You know what I mean Never thought of a decrease stitch.

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I will try this today for my upcoming Daisy Square Scarf. I’ll try that next time, thanks for sharing. Thank you so much for this idea! I’m so looking forward to making the border of my first granny square blanket! Hi Jacquie – just wanted to say thanks for sharing this brilliant decrease method – I used it and it worked a treat.

Bev's Baby Ripple Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

My only critisism would be that you don’t tend to write your crochet stitches in the english way. I see you have wrote it down using the US crochet yet you are from the UK. Thanks for this as I have made a blanket that has a that slight frilled affect which is really annoying after all the time, love and effort that goes into anything handmade. This handy little hint will help me avoid this on the blanket I am finishing tonight. I have used your advice several times but it really really showed this time on this very deep border with nary a wrinkle in sight! Hi – great tip – just wondering how to do this with SC stitch. Just what I needed as am about to start edging my first granny blanket!

Bev's Baby Ripple Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

What a beautiful beachy blanket . Thank you for the great tip. I only wish I reviewed this before I started putting my boarder on my first granny square blanket. Mine is similar in the basic color as yours. When I’m doing the boarder I feel like I’m crocheting so fast and moving along but it seems to take so long to get to the corners. Thanks for your help with creating a flat granny square blanket border! I forgot to add this the other day, but I’ve been using this technique on my Glastonbury Blanket – works a treat!

Thank you so much for sharing! Thank you so much for sharing this method. I am now using it with all of my blankets! I was going mad looking for something easy and pretty to finish a granny baby blanket. I have finished the base of the continuous join as you go blanket now for the border. I love the “join” decrease instructions.


But what do you do in the actual 4 corners of the blanket? I’ve used your methode before an now I’m using it again. Do you do the corner like a normal granny square with 3 DC 3 ch 3 DC? In the normal way, mine is 3 DC, chain 2, 3DC.

Hello I was so thrilled to find your granny tutorials. I have attempted to do these lovely little squares. They are now tucked away as I was finding the edging very frustrating. After reading your pattern, joinjng and edging. Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with so many. The very best of everything to you. I was having wavy problems with a border and had reworked it twice before I found and tried your method which helped a lot.

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I always love to hear from you , thank you for taking the time to leave a message. I’m Jacquie, a fifty something mum of three growing boys. I work part time and love many crafts, particularly crochet, sewing and drawing. I often blog about outings, walks and nature. I grew up in Yorkshire, but I’m currently enjoying life in the great East Midlands. I do hope you enjoy reading. Adorable Donut Pincushion To Help You Keep Your Pins Off The Floor!

I’m crazy in love with this afghan! It is stunningly gorgeous and much more sophisticated than the usual granny afghan. The color combination really sets the pattern off. Grannies and Ripples by Stephanie Blaisure has the nostalgic, it almost looks like a quilt and truly creates the comforting feel of a vintage quilt. Or should I really call it a lapghan? It is only made for one person to sit and cuddle up underneath.

I can’t imagine a bigger one! Thanks to Stephanie for this article inspiration and images. If you enjoyed this article please share and and Like our Facebook page. What kind of Yarn and What colors did you use? Hi Yvonne, this is Stephanie’s project. I just used Red Heart yarn. I cannot remember the exact colors of the solids.

I went to this link above but i can’t find the pattern for it. I wonder how much yarn it takes and how much it would cost? So I just saved the pattern. Has anyone ever heard of a confection flower? Kim Williams that would make a beautiful spread.