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Her best-known book is the No. Eadie, who is part Native American, was born in Valentine, Nebraska and raised on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota. When she was four, Betty’s parents separated and she was placed in St. After her NDE, Betty began volunteering her time at a cancer research center comforting dying patients and their families.

She then studied hypnotherapy, graduating at the top of her class, and later opened her own clinic. After “Embraced” was published, Betty gave up her hypnotherapy practice and began traveling extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland, speaking on death and the afterlife. In her NDE account, Eadie reports many phenomena similar to other NDE accounts, such as going through a dark tunnel, seeing a bright light and experiencing a Life review, as well as other features unique to her story. In 1973, at age 31, Eadie was recovering from a surgical operation.

Exiting the tunnel, Eadie approached an intense white light and met in heaven the embrace of Jesus Christ. During this encounter, she reported a strong sense of love and a high-speed transfer of answers to her many questions. In addition to discussing traditional Christian subjects such as prayer, creation, and the Garden of Eden, Eadie reported visiting a library of the mind. Warned initially upon arrival that she had died prematurely, Eadie was at last told she must return in order to fulfill the personal mission allocated her.

Its specific character, like numerous other details, were removed from her memory, in order, she said she was told, to prevent difficulties in her fulfilling it. Upon protesting, she was made to understand the reason behind the necessity for her return and reluctantly agreed to do so. Eadie’s doctor reportedly verified her clinical death on a return visit to the hospital, attributing it to a hemorrhage during a nurses’ shift change, and took great interest in her recollections. Independent verification of the length of her death was not possible, but she speculated it could have lasted up to four hours based on her memory of certain details preceding and following it. Some elements of her account seem on their face inconsistent, such as the idea of an elaborately interdependent universal plan and the human ability to fail at it. This for example, she attributed to the permissible scope of free will within a larger divine control.

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Subsequent to her experience, she spoke of it very little and suffered a long-term depression. This, she attributed to the anticlimactic nature of returning to corporeality after experiencing the heaven of afterlife. She slowly became involved in near-death groups and studies and gave talks, subsequently going on to write her account in book form, which met with runaway success. While her account incorporated elements of traditional Christianity, it also met with a certain degree of resistance as well. In addition, unlike some other Near-Death Experiencers, Eadie claims that reincarnation, as it is typically thought of, does not truly exist. Eadie claims she was told that only a few return to this earth more than once, that some are sent back as teachers to help others.

Betty J. Eadie

She also stressed that her key lesson was that life’s purpose was to learn love and to grow through the exercise of free will, including making mistakes. Other teachings she recounted being given included the idea that there were few if any true accidents and that human lives and paths were chosen, agreed to, and prepared for in advance, with memory of such details suppressed and veiled. The Awakening Heart is Eadie’s second book and also became a NYT Bestseller in which she describes her challenges and experience that followed her NDE up through the time that Embraced By The Light was published, as well as giving additional details about her NDE that were not included in her first book. Because of their appeal to the innate human desire for an understanding of afterlife, her works led to a strong reader response which she initially attempted to answer in detail but became forced to limit. To meet some of this demand, she developed a website for general information and inspirational materials, as well as distribution of her books and related materials. During a 2004 interview on Coast to Coast AM radio with George Noory, she said she was disappointed, following her first book’s publication, that she was not permitted to return to the Celestial realm.

While she could not presently know the full scope of her earthly purpose, she understood a film based on Embraced would also follow. Her husband, Joe, worked in aerospace computing and died in 2011. Together they had eight children, and as of 2011, fifteen grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. We understood that memories would be contained in the cells of our new bodies. This was an idea that was completely new to me.

I learned that all thoughts and experiences in our lives are recorded in our subconscious minds. They are also recorded in our cells, so that, not only is each cell imprinted with a genetic coding, it is also imprinted with every experience we have ever had. Often, when I am asked what I understand about reincarnation, I think about this little girl. Life on earth is like going away to college. Our spirits stay here until we graduate, then we leave the campus and go on to further our development elsewhere.

Some graduating students can return if they have acquired enough knowledge to return as teachers. Eadie, The Awakening Heart: My Continuing Journey to Love, p. Open Library, Onjinjinkta Publishing, Publisher, openlibrary. Embraced By The Light by Betty J. A Special Report: What Is Betty Eadie Hiding? Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Sydney, Australia formed in December 1989. Clouds were one of Australia’s most promising acts in the late 1980s and early 1990s, along with other up-and-comers like Ratcat, Falling Joys, Tall Tales and True and The Hummingbirds. Clouds secured a recording contract with Red Eye Records in 1990 and began recording the Clouds EP in May which was released in October, including Cloud Factory.

The following April the Loot EP, featuring “Soul Eater” was released. Loot was Clouds highest charting release. It reached 22 and was in the top 50 for 9 weeks. The single “Say It”, was released in September 1992, from the upcoming Octopus eight track ‘mini’ album that was recorded from March to May, and released in October 1992. Octopus reached 24 on the Australian chart and was in the top 50 for 5 weeks.

In June 1993 recording began on the next album, Thunderhead, with the first single, “Bower of Bliss,” released in August and the album in October, which peaked at 30 on the Australian chart, but was only in the top 50 for one week. The second single, “Alchemy’s Dead,” was released in December. In 1994 Clouds took a six-month tour to Europe and the United States, securing an American record deal with Elektra Records. Whilst in London the EP Beetroot was recorded and released in Australia in October.

Despite this setback, recording of new songs continued and two EPs were released Aquamarine and Panel Van, August and November 1995, respectively. In May 1996, Red Eye Records released a remastered Penny Century which include a limited edition bonus CD of early songs called Pre-Raphaelite. In 1996, the band released their third album Futura which peaked at 50 in the Australian chart and was only there for one week. Although Phillis and Young were widely praised for their ability to harmonise their vocals, Clouds suffered from a lack of promotion and support within the industry and eventually disbanded in 1997. Although Phillis was living in a small town in Tasmania and Young was living in London, the two occasionally reunited over the years to perform a few shows.

In late 2005, Phillis and Young resurfaced under the name The Girls From The Clouds, launching a 5-track EP titled Lalalala. In April 2007, however, the duo announced they had disbanded again. On 14 June 2011, it was announced that The Clouds would reunite to tour with Jesus Jones and The Wonder Stuff in August 2011. In late 2011 and early 2012, the band toured Australia in The Clouds Reunion Tour. February, their first new music in 20 years. Penny Century tracks, and the demo track Pretty Head.

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Bonus CD of B-sides, included with 1996 re-issue of Penny Century album. 1996, included with the compilation album Favourites. The HP column displays the highest peak reached. The Girls From The Clouds News Archived 9 June 2007 at the Wayback Machine.

Wade, Andrew: The Clouds Announce Reunion Tour, The AU Review, 6 September 2011. MOVIE DUBBERS Compiled by Ray Hagen, Laura Wagner, Steven Tompkins et. When our paths crossed a few years ago we combined our lists together. Finding out who dubbed who since the beginning of sound movies in 1928 is a fairly daunting task since until relatively recently such information was kept secret by the movie studios who carefully guarded the reputations of their contract players. But in recent years the explosion of books and articles on every aspect of filmmaking has made the task somewhat easier, contradictory as different sources may be. Laura Wagner in particular has spoken to many of these dubbers.

Included are not only the singers but credits for “dancers” who couldn’t dance, “musicians” who couldn’t play, and even a few actors who couldn’t talk too good. What’s NOT here, obviously, is data on stars who did their own singing. But some stars sang for themselves in some movies but were dubbed in others. Barbara Stanwyck, for example, “sang” in seven movies but was only dubbed in three of them, so only those three are included here. Also, some stars were only partially dubbed in a film, doing their own singing for some of the songs but not all of them, or even singing parts of songs with only the more demanding passages dubbed.

And finally, there’s one legendary dubbing credit you won’t find here. The story has become something of an urban legend, but sorry folks, that was Bacall’s own voice. This project has always been, and remains, a lifetime work-in- progress. Paul Frees for many actors, U. Marni Nixon for one line for Shirley Jones in “You’re a Queer One, Julie Jordan.

Sacha Distel for Louis Jourdan, Marie-France for Leslie Caron, Jane Marken for Hermione Gingold. Hi Tide Harris for Roger E. Nat Adderley for Sammy Davis Jr. Buddy Rich for Elisha Cook Jr. Alan Davies, Charles Parlato, Robert Wacker, Gene Lanham, M.

Ric Ricardi for Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Hal Derwin for Carlyle Blackwell, Jr. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Carol Tevis, Betty Rome, Billy Bletcher, Pinto Colvig, J.

Betty J. Eadie

I have been blessed with a very Enlightened Group of Spirit Teachers whom have chosen to use me, along with my gift of automatic writing, to impart “What Spirit Wants Us to Know”. Each class has it’s own unique information that synergistically and often directly relates to the needs of the individuals in attendance at that time. If you are interested in fully accredited courses to develop your psychic ability, you may want to check out Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, VA. They offer on-line and in-house classes on just about every topic under the metaphysical and holistic healing umbrella! I have been a member of the A. If you like to listen to on-line seminars by some of the top spiritual teachers out there, check out www.

This is a very diverse website with live radio seminars going on hourly and also replays to listen at your convenience. I like the Wisdom Community section too! These are a few of my varied book recommendations. Again, I like to combine all sorts of information because we are all multi-faceted beings and it takes a lot of components to evolve to our full potential.