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If you’re interested in homes for sale in Muncie, don’t hesitate to speak with our Muncie realtors. They can help you find the best real estate listings, especially if you have something specific in mind. Muncie is a truly special place with plenty to enjoy. Let our Muncie realtors know what you’re interested in. They would love to help you find what you’re looking for.

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Homes in the Muncie Area Muncie has been in existence for well over a hundred years, so the real estate makeup varies widely. You have many options available, many houses have been built throughout the twentieth century, which offers a wide selection of both luxurious and more affordable options. Muncie is situated conveniently on top of State Road 32 which cuts directly through the center of the community. Other major roads, like South Macedonia Avenue, North Wheeling Avenue, West Westview Boulevard and East Memorial Drive, will take you around the four sections of town, making Muncie a very simple place to navigate through. Residents also have convenient access to State Road 3 which runs to the east side of the community and connects to US-35 at the southeast city limits. Shopping and Dining The bustling downtown district is an exciting location filled with many diverse businesses and frequently hosts community events.

They even have their own website, which has news updates about the latest happenings. The downtown district has a wide variety of businesses, like floral shops, jewelry stores, and gift stores. There are also many restaurants in the area to satisfy your appetite, including pizzerias, bistros, and numerous steakhouses and diners. There are venues offering Indian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Mexican food styles. Most of these venues offer affordable prices, too.

Muncie also has no shortage of popular franchises throughout the area. If you’d rather make your own food though, there are numerous food markets, several of them fully organic, offering fresh, locally-grown produce. Culture and Entertainment Muncie is the home of popular musical acts, like the band Brazil as well as Everything, Now! For people interested in visual arts, there are numerous galleries and framing stores in Muncie, especially in the downtown district. As a college town associated with Ball State University, residents can enjoy numerous art exhibits and special events hosted by the University. Because the community serves Ball State University, sports are another huge attraction for residents in Muncie. They can enjoy the Ball State Cardinals’ competitive programs in football, baseball, and basketball.

The community also has an entertaining high school sports program, where various schools have enjoyed top statewide titles in sports like basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. Careers and Industry Muncie contains a huge variety of businesses and even corporate offices. For those that prefer to work in a major city, Indianapolis is only about 60 miles away, with I-69 conveniently located just outside the city limits. Other major roads, like State Road 32 and various other state roads, are easily accessible through Muncie’s convenient layout.

Schools Muncie is certainly a college town, including the largest Ball State University, which is located just north of West Jackson Street at the center of the community. There is also the Ivy Tech Community College, located in the southwest corner off of South Cowan Road. Get Pre-Approved Use our online application to get pre-approved today. Tucker Blog Stay up to date on what is happening in the real estate market. Read the latest Market Watch on our blog. Sheridan, Indiana Homes for Sale Sheridan is a small town filled with some beautiful homes and a rich local history.

Sheridan, Indiana is a great option for anyone seeking the comforts of a quiet place to live in a welcoming atmosphere. There are great homes for sale in Sheridan, so don’t hesitate to speak with a Sheridan realtor if you are interested in a home for sale in Sheridan. Our realtors are knowledgeable and friendly, and they can help guide you to the best deals available. It is not always easy to find the right Sheridan home for you, so let our realtors guide you through the process. We can get you set up in no time with your exciting new home in Indiana’s beautiful small town. Sheridan Area Homes There are so many great options available if you are thinking of buying a home in Sheridan. The prices are typically very reasonable here compared to the surrounding area, and houses vary widely in their qualities, locations, and offerings in terms of bedrooms, bathrooms, and utilities.

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The styles are also diverse as well, so whatever type of home you are interested in, our Sheridan realtors can help you find it. This makes Sheridan a wonderful place to live for commuters that work in the Indianapolis area, which is a mere 25 miles away. State Roads 38 and 47 run directly through Sheridan, making the morning commute that much simpler and faster. Main Street runs concurrent with State Road 38 for a way, and many of Sheridan’s businesses can easily be found on this road. Plus, Sheridan offers a humble respite from the pressures and frantic stresses of the big city. Shopping and Dining Even though Sheridan is certainly one of the smaller towns in Indiana, there’s plenty to do and many businesses to frequent. The town has boutiques, sports stores, a grocer, pharmacy, veterinary clinic, pet shop, and much more.

Sheridan is also an area full of thriving development. With a fully-operating major data center and properties in development, Sheridan is a place that is growing. It is not the kind of town where the community stagnates. This is a town where its future is just as exciting as its past.

Culture and Entertainment If you have any interest in history, Sheridan’s past is very interesting. Sheridan is the home of the George Boxley Cabin, a famous refuge for abolitionists and runaway slaves during the pre-Civil War Era. The hilltop of Sheridan’s Veteran Park stands the historic, rustic log cabin, where people from all over the country have come to visit. If you are a music fan, you might be interested in Sheridan’s annual summer music festival, where musicians gather to play bluegrass music and enjoy the warm weather. With tall, shady trees, cool drinks, and good food, this bluegrass festival takes pride in celebrating the history and music of Americana, the legacy of George Boxley, and his message of freedom.

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This two-day festival of fun and relaxation have people camping out in Sheridan’s beautiful nature venue, the White River Campground. Careers and Industry Sheridan is one of the most conveniently-located towns nearby Indianapolis. Just 25 miles away, residents can quickly commute to the big city. The improved US 31 is just five miles from town, and I-65 is only 15 miles away as well. Besides Indianapolis, other major markets, like Kokomo and Lebanon, are within 25 miles away, too.

Besides commuter convenience, Sheridan is also a town full of opportunity and thriving business development. Schools Sheridan’s elementary, middle, and high schools are great academic institutions found in the northern part of town. These schools aren’t just wonderful places for kids to build their knowledge. The town’s high school has a notable athletic history of state championships in football and marching band as well as revered programs in track and winter guard.

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Get Pre-Approved Use our online application to get pre-approved today. Tucker Blog Stay up to date on what is happening in the real estate market. Read the latest Market Watch on our blog. When I was in grade school, my older sisters always raved about the Tee Pee. By the time I was a teenager, though, it was gone.

Can you give me a little history of the establishment? You didn’t indicate the time frame in which you grew up, or the part of town in which you lived, so I don’t know which Tee Pee your sisters might have frequented. I will therefore provide a little information on all of the Tee Pee Restaurants. There were three Tee Pee Restaurant locations over its years of operation, which spanned more than half-a-century. Terre Haute native who moved to Indianapolis when he was in his late Thirties.

A July 1932 newspaper clipping reported that the business was incorporated in July of that year, which would seem to support an opening in 1932 or later. The incorporators of Tee Pee, Inc. 1932 Indianapolis Star article courtesy of newspapers. He envisioned an automobile-friendly restaurant at which diners could get the same meals delivered to them in their cars as they could if they went inside and sat at a table. A customer could also get everything on the menu as a carry-out order. The Tee Pee was open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, seven days a week. The restaurant prided itself on using only choice meats, as well as fresh vegetables and fresh fruit.

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Tee Pee’s seafood, special salad dressing, and freshly baked pies were legendary. Indianapolis News clipping courtesy of newspapers. After World War II, the drive-in restaurant craze really caught on among high school students. It became a destination, a place teenagers could go with their friends after school and on weekends.

The original Tee Pee was especially popular with Shortridge, Broad Ripple, Arlington, Tudor Hall, Park, Cathedral, and St. In 1954, he opened another Tee Pee at 2830 Madison Avenue. It was a mile south of Emmerich Manual High School and a couple of miles north of Southport High School. The third location of the Tee Pee was at 1365 East 86th Street in Nora. The Nora Tee Pee only operated from 1964 to 1968. The building had housed the Nora Cafe prior to the Tee Pee and became Curt’s Restaurant after the Tee Pee left that spot.

By the 1970s, the drive-in craze with carhops providing curbside service was on its way out. Many new dining options were opening in Indianapolis, and teenagers had more spending money than earlier generations had. Within days, the Tee Pee was demolished, and within weeks, a golden arch beckoned its first customers. In 1979, here heirs then sold the remaining Tee Pee to Richard P. Turner had planned to pump new life into the landmark, but his hopes were dashed when the Indiana State Fair Board revoked his 5-year lease. On February 12, 1982, the board voted to tear down the Tee Pee and create more parking for the fairgrounds. In May of 2007, the Indianapolis Business Journal reported that Richard Turner was hoping to revive the Tee Pee.

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He had kept all of the items he’d acquired when he bought rights to the Tee Pee trademark back in 1979. One of the locations discussed for a reinvented Tee Pee was on Madison Avenue, as part of the revitalization of the Miracle Mile. It never got off the ground. The Tee Pee is mentioned in other Historic Indianapolis articles that you may wish to read. If readers have memories of any of the three Tee Pee Restaurants, please share them with other HI readers in the comments section below. Sharon Butsch Freeland Sharon Butsch Freeland is a freelance researcher, writer, proofreader, and editor.

As an Arlington student from ’63-’65, I was often a passenger in a car driven by a friend and crammed with us girls, making the circuit of the north side Tee Pee, and flirting with boys. I guess we grabbed a snack, too, but it’s the circling the parking lot and the flirting I remember. My family moved away from Indiana in my junior year, before I got my license, so I never got to drive the car myself. But Tee Pee left indelible memories, all good. I enjoyed reading about the Tee-Pee! Worked with a great crew, but it was an eye-opening experience for a kid from the cornfields of Illinois. I remember both the 38th Street and south side Tee Pees.

Cruising first with girl friends, then with my now husband. We were in the parking lot the night the explosion took place at the Indiana Coliseum during Holiday on Ice. Then the night after our wedding, as we headed out of town toward Brown County, we stopped and had a great salad at the Madison Avenue Tee Pee. The hamburgers at the Fall Creek Tee Pee were delicious — better than any I tasted in NYC or anywhere else. Tee Pee burgers had an unusual creamy white sauce. We had nothing to compare in the suburban south side area, so we had to settle for the Southern Circle — mostly visited for girl or boy cruising. It’s a shame their recipe wasn’t sold to a major fast food chain.

I remember visiting the Fall Creek Tee Pee many times in high school. Then I worked as an inside waitress at the southside Tee Pee in the summers of 1967 and 1968. Your memories offer an insider’s view of the establishment that customers wouldn’t have experienced. Thank you HI and Sharon for another great article! I remember the Tee Pee and also the Parkmoor drive-in restaurants on 38th Street in Indianapolis, from the 1940’s and 50’s. The Tee Pee was our favorite for those wonderful breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches, which I have passed on to my family. We went to the Parkmoor for burgers and chocolate malts.

And cruised the parking lot for boys. And the low lighting and juke box inside made it a nice place for a date. Who remembers the Riviera Club and their snack bar’s frozen chocolate malts? We would eat them with a flat wooden spoon as they melted in the sun. I’d pay good money for that recipe and have looked all over for it. The taste resembled chocolate cake batter. Some of us were lucky to be blessed with that beautiful time to grow up.