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How”, a song by The Cranberries from the Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title How. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. The hack has attracted scrutiny for JPay, which charges inmates big fees for services like email. A security flaw allows hackers to gain access to data stored on Bluetooth-connected devices.

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Best Android apps for:

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This guide teaches you to perform common scenarios using the latest Apache Cordova Plugin for Azure Mobile Apps. If you are new to Azure Mobile Apps, first complete Azure Mobile Apps Quick Start to create a backend, create a table, and download a pre-built Apache Cordova project. Supported platforms This SDK supports Apache Cordova v6. 0 and later on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Setup and prerequisites This guide assumes that you have created a backend with a table. This guide assumes that the table has the same schema as the tables in those tutorials. This guide also assumes that you have added the Apache Cordova Plugin to your code.

For more information on creating your first Apache Cordova app, see their documentation. The Azure Mobile Apps Cordova plugin supports both Ionic v1 and v2 apps. Work with tables To access or update data, create a reference to the backend table. Queries are made in a “LINQ-like” language.

Best Android apps for:

Process the results that are received by a call to table. For more information on the Query syntax, see the . You can also use a function that filters the object. In this case, the this variable is assigned to the current object being filtered.

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Step 1 – get the total number of records table. Implement caching to speed access to records that have already been loaded. How to: Return sorted data Use the . For more information on the Query object, see the . On successful insertion, the inserted item is returned with the additional fields that are required for sync operations.

Update your own cache with this information for later updates. Dynamic Schema allows you to add columns to the table by specifying them in an insert or update operation. We recommend that you turn off dynamic schema before moving your application to production. How to: Modify data Similar to the . Update object and then call .

The update object must contain the ID of the record to be updated – the ID is obtained when reading the record or when calling . How to: Delete data To delete a record, call the . How to: Authenticate users Azure App Service supports authenticating and authorizing app users using various external identity providers: Facebook, Google, Microsoft Account, and Twitter. You can set permissions on tables to restrict access for specific operations to only authenticated users. The client flow allows for deeper integration with device-specific capabilities such as single-sign-on as it relies on provider-specific device-specific SDKs. To have Mobile Apps manage the authentication process in your app, you must register your app with your identity provider.

Then in your Azure App Service, you need to configure the application ID and secret provided by your provider. For more information, see the tutorial Add authentication to your app. Once you have registered your identity provider, call the . The valid values for the provider are ‘aad’, ‘facebook’, ‘google’, ‘microsoftaccount’, and ‘twitter’. To authenticate with Google, you must use a client-flow method. In this case, Azure App Service manages the OAuth 2.

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It displays the sign-in page of the selected provider and generates an App Service authentication token after successful sign-in with the identity provider. This token can be cached and reused until it expires. Your app can also independently contact the identity provider and then provide the returned token to your App Service for authentication. This client flow enables you to provide a single sign-in experience for users or to retrieve additional user data from the identity provider. This example assumes that the token provided by the respective provider SDK is stored in the token variable. This example gets a token from Live Connect, which is supplied to your App Service by calling the login function.

HTTP call with any AJAX library. Ensure you set the X-ZUMO-AUTH header to your authentication token. The authentication token is stored in client. How to: Configure your Mobile App Service for external redirect URLs. Several types of Apache Cordova applications use a loopback capability to handle OAuth UI flows. OAuth UI flows on localhost cause problems since the authentication service only knows how to utilize your service by default.

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Running the mobile backend in a different Azure App Service than the one providing authentication. Select All resources or App Services then click the name of your Mobile App. Click Resource explorer in the OBSERVE menu, then click Go. A new window or tab opens.

Expand the config, authsettings nodes for your site in the left-hand navigation. It may be set to null or an array of values. However, these URLs are examples – your situation, including for the services mentioned in the examples, may be different. Write button in the top-right corner of the screen. The settings are saved at this point. If it doesn’t, click All Settings. Click CORS under the API menu.


Enter the URL that you wish to add in the box provided and press Enter. Click Save to save the settings. It takes approximately 10-15 seconds for the new settings to take effect. How to: Register for push notifications Install the phonegap-plugin-push to handle push notifications. This plugin can be easily added using the cordova plugin add command on the command line, or via the Git plugin installer within Visual Studio. More information You can find detailed API details in our API documentation.

Read about this change in our blog post. We live by deadlines and responses, and Help Scout reporting helps us keep a pulse on what’s going on. Since ASAP Accounting and Payroll was founded 27 years ago, the aim has been to treat customers as if they’re neighbors or friends. The team started in Telluride, Colorado, where everyone knows everyone. Before the days of Help Scout, we were in a lovely shared inbox in Outlook,” says Diana.

Not that it ever was confusing to the customer, but there was no real organization: Duplication of efforts if someone didn’t flag an email with the right color code. When Diana’s team started looking into an email program, they came across Help Scout – and liked that it was scalable. Help Scout could service our immediate need — an email inbox — and all these other features that we could grow into. Most of the day-to-day work with clients and customers is via email base — online. To be consistent with that philosophy – we’re your friend, mentor and consultant – when you’re not face to face is a great challenge.

Help Scout has really helped us maintain that consistency and messaging, and still remain human and personable. We’re dealing with explaining very complex payroll packs, or wage requirements, or laws, and for us, the Saved Replies allows us to be consistent in our answers across the board. We use that extensively, and continually built upon and changed. We used Docs to create a Help Center where we store and update over 250 articles: from best practices articles, to a new client transition area, and, just industry standards, like how to build a business in Colorado. It’s really important to know how long items are taking to get resolved and who’s responding to most of them.