ASP.Net Web apps face risk of widespread crypto attack

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There are a few surprises in UBM’s 2018 State of the IoT report, including how many organizations are in search of a business use case. Hawaii, Idaho, North Carolina, and Rhode Island are among states now using gratis DDoS mitigation, firewall, and user access control service from Cloudflare. Malicious activity by trusted users can be very hard to catch, so look for these red flags. The retail race for digital transformation is being run without the safety of security measures.

Consider how cloud options have changed the way we think of data centers in just a few years. Unable to find the perfect candidate for data science job openings, companies are leaving full-time employee positions unfilled for months, bridging the gap with contractors. Acting on data analytics isn’t just about identifying areas to cut costs. Analytics also can drive new revenue opportunities.

Looking to make the move into one of the hottest jobs in technology today? Machine learning specialists are in high demand. Here are 5 of the top languages you may need in these careers. Trump administration’s initial lack of a unified front in the wake of Russian election-hacking indictments worries cybersecurity experts. Alarming, yes, but it’s actually an improvement over past years, a new Gartner survey of more than 3,000 CIOs reveals.

Innovation is entering a new stage of maturity as a range of academic and industry organizations ponder the impacts of autonomous and intelligent systems. There’s lots of talk about where blockchain will be used. One way to innovate today is to employ Paleofuturism, where you look to what futurists of the past got right and where they missed. The IT team at this provider of chassis for metal shipping containers has transformed its data infrastructure from spreadsheets and reports to a Hadoop data lake and dashboards.

ASP.Net Web apps face risk of widespread crypto attack

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GRU hackers used bitcoin to fund US computer network infrastructure supporting and hiding the operation. As companies begin to fully embrace the digital workplace, they should focus on the employee experience the same way they would on the customer experience. New developments in gateways, plugins, and more, offer far more value to users of object storage than ever before. IT decision makers need to understand the use cases and risks associated with software-defined datacenters and the role hyperconvergence plays in an SDDC. The workforce is changing as businesses become global and technology erodes geographical and physical barriers.

Cloud adoption is growing, but how are organizations taking advantage of it? In my opinion, the industry has been way too much focused on this first approach, which I see as overly naive and non-scalable to more complex systems. In this talk, based on my prior work as both offensive researcher in the past, as well as an engineer and architect on the defense side in the recent years, I will attempt to convince the audience that moving somehow towards the “security through distrusting” principle might be a good idea. Equally important though, the talk will discuss the trade-offs that this move requires and where can we find the sweet spot between the two approaches. However, many deployed Z-Wave devices do not support this new version.

Purchasing and the difficulty to use this type of equipment limit the threat to expert attackers. In this talk, we will show that using only an official and cheap mainstream device, taking over a full network is possible. As a result, all devices can be controlled. Therefore, securing these interface and assessing the infrastructure components and its configuration is very important. In our talk, we will explain not only how Diameter-based networks work and which messages and functions exit, but also which of them can be abused by attackers. Typical attacks are information leaks about the environment, but also attacks against the authentication and encryption of customers.

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To demonstrate such attacks, we developed a testing framework covering information gathering, mobile phone tracking, denial of service attacks, pay fraud, and interception of data. The framework will be released during our talk and will enable providers and security companies to assess a telco’s diameter network configuration and demonstrate what can happen if no proper security measures are applied. We also will give an outlook on how a provider can protect from such kind of attacks. These attacks arise from flaws in the specification, and we will discuss fixes that will improve security for next generation telecommunication networks. The presentation will include insights to the specification that are not yet public.

It will also include GSMA’s reaction to our findings. The presentation is based on research by Maxime Meyer, Elizabeth Quaglia and Ben Smyth, and it is supported by a detailed technical report, which will be released after the presentation. We will present our findings in Linux, and display a step-by-step exploitation process providing full control over any device running Linux, or any OS derived from it, which unfortunately, includes the majority of IoT devices. We will also explain how to create a generic exploit that can be adapted to operate on different devices and architectures. Our talk will emphasize that real threats in cyber security are hiding in plain sight. While researchers did tackle the protocol’s flaws, the potential of vulnerabilities in widespread Bluetooth stacks which affect devices directly has been overlooked for the past decade.

Some devices rely on proprietary hardware on licensed bands, which reduces the risk of interference from consumer connected devices, but doesn’t provide security as implied in marketing materials. There are many consumer items that fall under the umbrella of IoT and while it may be hard to understand the impact of hacking a toaster, we can all agree that manipulation of a medical device could lead to rather serious consequences. Apart from putting a patient’s life at risk, an attacker could compromise a healthcare device to steal patient data. This presentation will primarily focus on the latter with real-world examples and a case study. Despite this, the truth is that for an attacker, techniques like SSLStrip stopped being fully effective after HSTS and HPKP implementation. MITM over the LAN Network and obtain plain text credentials from sites that had set up their communication strictly over HTTPS.

DLL, gaining the knowledge to know how the invoked methods that resolve domains with HSTS works. We intend to explain that it is possible to design and put such backdoors. BEA-1, a block cipher algorithm which is similar to the AES and which contains a mathematical backdoor enabling an operational and effective cryptanalysis. Without the knowledge of our backdoor, BEA-1 has successfully passed all the statistical tests and cryptographic analyses that NIST and NSA officially consider for cryptographic validation. In the final part, we addressed other ideas which are worth considering to built more complex backdoors and we will outline the possible trends in this domain. CALDERA is a tool that can perform automated adversarial assessments against Windows enterprise networks, requiring zero prior knowledge about the environment to run. CALDERA works by leveraging its built in semantic model for how Windows enterprise domains are structured, an adversary model describing an attacker’s goals and actions, and an artificially intelligent planner that makes decisions about which actions to perform.

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As a fully automated tool, defenders can use CALDERA to verify their defenses are working appropriately and as a resource to test defensive tools and analytics. Additionally, CALDERA’s modular design allows users to customize each individual operation and provides a flexible logic so that users can incorporate their own techniques into CALDERA’s automated assessments. This talk describes CALDERA in depth, covering use cases for defenders and a demo. In this talk, we present the CLKSCREW attack, a new class of software-based fault attacks that exploit the security-obliviousness of energy management mechanisms to break security. A novel benefit for the attackers is that these fault attacks become more accessible since they can now be conducted without the need for physical access to the devices or fault injection equipment. Specifically, most of these bugs are in driver ioctl functions .

ASP.Net Web apps face risk of widespread crypto attack

Despite significant advances in automatic analysis of kernel code, current state-of-the-art tools like Syzkaller and trinity fail to find these bugs. This is because ioctls do not have a standard interface, and each ioctl for each driver expects different commands and data structures. The amount of manual effort required to bridge this “interface gap” for Syzkaller and trinity has hampered effort to find, pwn, and fix these issues. GPL-mandated headers of kernel drivers, and uses this information to effectively fuzz drivers on the target device.

We found 32 zero-days in seven modern android phones including the Google Pixel XL. We are certain that more bugs are lurking in more phones, so we are open-sourcing the end-to-end automated tool for the public good. DIFUZE is completely automated — just give it kernel. In Proceedings of the 13th Ottawa Linux Symposium, pages. IP such as secret formulas and nuclear blueprints.

Previous researchers have shown how to exfiltrate data from air-gapped networks using RF signals emitted from PCs, but persistent PC-based malware has a high probability of being detected. We’ll explain how to inject specially-crafted ladder logic code into a Siemens S7-1200 PLC. Finally, we’ll show a live demo and discuss various ways to defend against this type of attack. A differential fuzzing framework was created to detect dangerous and unusual behaviors in similar software implementations. After fuzzing the default libraries and built-in functions, several dangerous behaviors were automatically identified.

This paper reveals the most serious vulnerabilities found in each language. The vulnerabilities, methodology, and fuzzer will be made open source, and the accompanying talk will include live demonstrations. Fed Up Getting Shattered and Log Jammed? GDPR and Third Party JS – Can it be Done? As a result, companies that collect or store data are working to meet GDPR compliance. Those scripts are controlled by third-parties, who may not be GDPR-compliant themselves.

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We propose a system where the script’s actions could be isolated, and executed in an isolated environment before it is allowed to act on a “live” page. In this talk, we will present an automatic, blackbox, approach to heap layout optimisation. Our algorithm utilises pseudo-random search over the interactions with the allocator which may be triggered via a target application. Crucially, no modification or analysis of the allocator itself is required. We will also present a proof-of-concept implementation versus PHP which demonstrates that an existing fuzzer can be repurposed to perform this search.

The proof-of-concept takes as input a trigger for a known vulnerability. It figures out how to interact with the allocator via PHP’s API, as well as how to allocate ‘useful’ targets for corruption, e. As a consequence, malware authors developed new techniques, called anti-instrumentation, aimed at detecting if a sample is being instrumented. Such techniques look at the artifacts produced during the instrumentation process and leverage some intrinsic characteristics of a DBI tool. We propose a practical approach to make DBI tools stealthier and resilient against anti-instrumentation attacks. We studied the common techniques used by malware to detect the presence of a DBI tool, and we proposed a set of countermeasures to defeat them.

We implemented our approach in Arancino, on top of the Intel Pin framework. Arancino is able to hide Pin’s artifacts making hard for malware to spot its presence. Armed with Arancino, we then performed a large-scale measurement of the anti-instrumentation techniques employed by modern malware. We collected and analyzed 7,006 malware samples, monitoring the evasive behaviors that triggered our system, hence studying the common techniques adopted by modern malware authors to perform evasion of instrumentation systems. The main system can remain functional, so the user may not even suspect that his or her computer now has malware resistant to reinstalling of the OS and updating BIOS. In our presentation, we will tell how we detected and exploited the vulnerability, and bypassed built-in protection mechanisms. We attempt a different approach by actually taking the role of the Botmaster, to eventually anticipate his behavior.

How can you implement it in your app without it being trivially bypassable? Taking a perspective useful to both developers and penetration testers, this presentation covers multiple aspects of the system. Part one of this presentation will quickly recap the basics of root detection and tamper detection on Android applications. Part three discusses the different ways the system can be implemented in real world applications and how each method may achieve different level of risk reduction. Jailbreaking Apple Watch On April 24, 2015, Apple launched themselves into the wearables category with the introduction of Apple Watch. In the Apple ecosystem, in order to explore the internals and security aspects of an Apple iOS based device it’s necessary to use a jailbreak.

However, a jailbreak does not exist publicly for watchOS so we had to create the first ever public Apple Watch jailbreak. This talk will take us inside the mind of a researcher, showcasing the unique set of skills, determination and rationalization needed from someone in order to piece this jailbreak together from scratch. We show that our novel attack technique breaks several handshakes that are used in a WPA2-protected network. All protected Wi-Fi networks use the 4-way handshake to generate fresh session keys. The design of this handshake was proven secure, and over its 14-year lifetime no weaknesses have been found in it. However, contrary to this history, we show that the 4-way handshake is vulnerable to key reinstallation attacks.

In such an attack, the adversary tricks a victim into reinstalling an already in-use key. This is achieved by manipulating and replaying handshake messages. Finally, we confirmed our findings in practice, and found that every Wi-Fi device is vulnerable to some variant of our attacks. Notably, our attack is exceptionally devastating against Android and Linux: it forces the client into using a predictable all-zero encryption key.

Instead, we wanted to take advantage of the implementation of the Windows loader, and abuse it to load our code, while keeping it away from the prying eyes of security products. Moreover, the code will never be saved to any file on disk, making it invisible to most recording tools such as modern EDRs. Doppelgänging works by utilizing two key distinct features together to mask the loading of a modified executable. By using NTFS transactions, we make changes to an executable file that will never actually be committed to disk. We will then use undocumented implementation details of the process loading mechanism to load our modified executable, but not before rolling back the changes we made to the executable. Starting in 2016, we have observed a significant change in the targets and motivation of the groups. While the groups have a long history of conducting cybercrime and cyber espionage attacks, their operations have become more aggressive and more focused on the cybercrime attacks targeting financial institutions.

In February 2016, a series of attacks from Lazarus group – which leveraged the SWIFT banking network used to target Bangladesh banks – were revealed. In this talk, we will disclose five recent operations conducted by the groups. These operations targeted banks in Europe and South Korea, an ATM company and Bitcoin exchange service provider. We will introduce the malware, vulnerabilities, IOC and TTP discovered in these attacks. In addition, we will show how we revealed the black-market trading and Bitcoin transaction performed by the attackers. 2 is the second major version of the HTTP protocol.

2 connections from which we extracted fingerprints for over 40,000 unique user agents across hundreds of implementations. 2qWIqON – whitepaper published by Akamai’s Threat-Research Team. Windows Defender ATP and Microsoft ATA, as well as TTP used against mature organizations that may have additional controls in place such as Event Log Forwarding and Sysmon. We are working on an open-source project, called SVAuth, to provide every website with a safer SSO integration, supported by formal program verification.

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In this talk, we will first show and explain a number of SSO bugs that we discovered. They pinpoint the natural gaps between the perspectives of a protocol designer, an SDK provider and a regular website programmer. None of them can be called a “stupid bug”. Then, we explain how SVX performs code verification, as well as the architecture of the SVAuth code. Finally, we give demos about real-world web apps using SVAuth. The talk is based on two published papers, but contains many new contents reflecting our latest development.

Securing Multiparty Online Services via Certification of Symbolic Transactions. Our findings cover a range of anomalies and security issues with the security support provided by Apple for their EFI firmware. More worryingly, our analysis shows significant deviations in the real-world state of EFI firmware in Macs compared to the expected state, which causes us to suspect a more systemic issue causing the failure of new EFI firmware that is supposed to be automatically installed alongside an OS update. In addition to the data analysis discussed above, our research also aims to shine a light on the mechanisms used to update Apple’s EFI itself – discussing how Apple’s EFI updater tools operate and the controls they have in place. These insights come from the binary analysis of the tools themselves, we are confident that this has not been discussed in this great of detail anywhere else – until now. Alongside our findings in the form of a technical paper, we are also releasing the tools and APIs to enable admins and end users to have far greater visibility into the state of the EFI firmware on their Apple systems and to understand the security implications that it may contain. Looking at the advisories published by VMWare in the last few months, reveals that there are many surfaces, that are being targeted by security researchers.

.NETStandard 2.0

This talk will cover end to end RPC implementation in VMWare workstation. It will cover everything from VMWare Backdoor in guest OS to different RPC command handler in host OS. We will uncover some of these fixed bugs in VMWare RPC layer by performing binary diffing on VMWare Workstation binaries. VMWare’s EMF file handler is one of most popular attack surfaces, when it comes to guest to host escape. VMSA-2016-0014 fixed several security issues in EMF file handling mechanism. EMF format is composed of many EMR data structures.

In VMware, COM1 port is used by Guest to interact with Host printing proxy. EMF files are spool file format used in printing by windows. When a printing EMF file request comes from Guest, in host TPView. VMSA-2017-0006 resolved several security vulnerabilities in Workstation, Fusion graphics implementation which allows Guest to Host Escape.

These vulnerabilities were mostly present in VMWare SVGA implementation. VMware SVGA II Display Driver, vmx_svga. First, we use software like Wireshark to analyze the communications between the Siemens TIA Portal and PLC devices. Based on the research above, we present two security proposals at both code level and protocol level to improve the security of Siemens PLC devices.

This talk will present an in-depth security analysis of Wi-Fi Direct protocol including an architectural overview, description of the discovery process, description of the connection process and a description of the frame formats. Additionally, we will use Android, HP Printers, and Samsung Smart TVs among others as an example of vulnerable implementations. RAND obtained rare access to a dataset of information about more than 200 zero-day software vulnerabilities and their exploits – many of which are still publicly unknown. The RAND study is the first publicly available research to examine vulnerabilities and their fully-functional exploits that are still currently unknown to the public. The research establishes initial baseline metrics that can augment conventional proxy examples and expert opinion, inform ongoing policy discussions, and complement current efforts to related to retention and disclosure of zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits. This research can help inform software vendors, vulnerability researchers, and policymakers by illuminating the overlap between vulnerabilities found privately and publicly, highlighting the characteristics of these vulnerabilities, and providing a behind-the-scenes look at zero-day exploit development.

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